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Here's where you'll find important messages. make sure you check on this thread from time to time

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Requesting existing charries Note that there is only ONE spot remaining for the prince of the WHite Knights. There will be no exceptions, as in no, I will not allow there to be 4 princes.

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Surnames Every member in a specific family has the same surname. Married women ma use a widow name, but otherwise keep it logic. Surnames are denoted by the first person to create a charrie for that family. Thus so far it goes like this:

Guildenstar Royals Include the 3 princes, princess Elizabeth, the king and queen
Surname: DAIN

The Lord's family of Guildenstar Includes the palace Lord, his son, and if you wish to make one, his wife.

The Royal Family of The WHite Knights Include the 3 princes, 3 princesses, king and queen

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ok so its Ithuriel Smith Blackwood

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please note that your character can not be in two places than once!

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This is important!People who have requested their charries please make them soon and quickly so they can be approved and can move the storyline forwards.

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The requested Charrie slots for the Princes and Princesses of the White Knights are FULL! There will be no exceptions.

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Someone in this group asked me a really good question via message. It was, who are the bad guys in the conflict?

I answered:

Ok, so for the bad guys..
Well, it depends. Elizabeth, who is directly the min character, would view the Knights as the bad guys. They are technically the stronger force, with more power, andare a larger community. They side with the demons, though, who are expert torturers, and are crueler than most people. SO the White Knights are technically the bad guys.
Guildenstar is the good side, but theres a twist coz Lord Cliffton wants to marry Elizabeth off to remain in power.
The Elves dwarves and other races can pick a side or be neutral, meaning they fight for both sides at the same time, or they don't get involved.

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So what you're saying is the WHITE Knights are BLACK-hearted...

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well that explains the plot fully now cuz I was thinking Lord Clifton is the bad guy

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So was I actually...

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Sassy Sarah ;) wrote: "So what you're saying is the WHITE Knights are BLACK-hearted..."

don't worry you can make yourself good if you wants

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Yay! I don't want mine to be bad. And then she could be the exception. Hehe ;)

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Yep, yep. Exactly. But they're good to their own people, but are just crueler than the rest of the world to others, partly because they are more powerful.

As they say- With POWER comes WEALTH, with POWER comes RANK, But with POWER there also comes GREED.

Does that satisfy your questions, guys?

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hehe mine is also the exception btw what's your character sassy

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It does for me :)

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BTW thanks Sarah for inviting people to such a intresting group even if it doesn't started yet it's so fun and on this site its my first rp group

thanks again :*

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Way to go Sarah! Tanz, you still got some work to do. -.- <-- NOT a duck face!

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welcome Tanzeel and thanks, Sarah

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SOmeone asked me another important question:
Sarah, may I ask for more information about this RP? I really have no time to navigate around it and I am a bit lost and confused now. What is the story of the White Knights and I will work with that.

Ok, no problem. TheWHite Knights are humans, they are a kingdom that inhabit the country next to Guildenstar. Essentially they are the more powerful and stronger, wealthier part of the two lands. They have a monarchy, which works co-operatively with Lord Cliffton (Guildenstar's palace Lord) and his son, who is ELizabeth's to be wed. Unfortunately an arranged war has been planned between the tow countries, so to maintain his rank as the 'highest' in Guildenstar, Lord Cliffton is planning to marry Guildenstar's only princess off to his son.
Essentially the White Knights consist also of Demons, which the humans hire as torturers and prison guards. Also, the Land of the White Knights is the so called 'bad guys' of this rp.

I hope that answers your question.

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Please guys,


SOrry. That was a very angry message. :)

But, please, guys, please. They're important characters to the plot and very fun to rp with too.

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I would if I could have a second charrie, but I have to wait... :(

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Yeah, sorry. soon, you can.

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me too I can get Clifton son but I can't

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Someone asked me this question:

I don't know how to roleplay. Can you teach me?

For those of you who don't, here's the answer:

Sure! There;s a couple of steps involved.

STEP 1- Make your Charrie
Basically this is the main idea. You create a fictional character. Characters are also known as Charries. THAT IS IMPORTANT FOR YOU TO KNOW. In the case of my group you'll find the area where to make your character depending on who it is. You put them under the appropriate race (Elf, human, dwarf) and depending on whose side they are (Guildenstar, White Knights, or Neutral). Then you need to post a comment at the bottom of the page. What you put in there is the outline/template for your character/charrie. In there you include Names (First and last), Personality, their history/background, their physical appearance...
You must follow the guidelines or else your charrie will not be approved. Once you're satisfied, you click 'post' and wait for your character to be approved.

STEP 2- Getting in
Once your character is approved, you can now roleplay (RP). This basically means picking a thread (bar, castle courtyard, forest.. etc..) and agree on it with another person via messaging or the 'roleplay' thread. Once that is settled, you post comments on the thread/location you chose to meet up with the other person's charrie. You post, and wait for an answer. You post back once you get it.. And so on and so forth. In doing so, you create a better knowledge of the other person's character, and every time you RP,you get better at it. Be sure to be creative! You can also go to a different location with the person, but MAKE IT CLEAR to the both of you, and then you have ot make sure you post a comment on the previous thread saying that your charrie has left the thread, so as to not confuse others when they choose to post there. It's a lot of fun. You cna create conflict, hate, love, all kinds of different things amongst the charries.

Threads are posts put up by the moderator.
No spamming on Roleplay threads- like having a chat out of your character and not properly Rping, the CHAT/Introduce yourselves thread is there for that
You can request for housing if you want your charrie to have a home/bedroom to stay in
When you're getting a message across to the other person, like this example:

_Sarah posted_
Lila flew into the graveyard at full speed, mourning the death of her parents.

_Matther posted_
Allec put a hand on her shoulder, "It's okay," he said, "let's go somewhere else to cheer you up."
((to the castle courtyard?))

_Sarah posted_
Lila looked up. "Okay", she said.
((on it, you post first.))

That's an example. You use double brackets to inform each other about things.
And then after the other person has agreed, you post first and wait for them to answer.. and the cycle starts all over again.

You DO NOT have to make a billion charries. Coz ur new to this, I suggest u stick with one for the moment.

I hope that answers your question,

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HEY everyone, so, new update!!

If you wish to have a rank as a werewolf, ask!

White Knights
-Alpha Male
-Alpha Female
-Alpha daughter (limited to 3)
-Alpha son (limited to 3)
-Warrior (infinite)
-Hunter (limited to 13)

-Alpha Male
-Alpha Female
-Alpha daughter (limited to 3)
-Alpha son (limited to 3)
-Warrior (infinite)
-Hunter (limited to 13)

-Alpha Male
-Alpha Female
-Alpha daughter (limited to 3)
-Alpha son (limited to 3)
-Warrior (infinite)
-Hunter (limited to 13)

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Weapons that can be used are:
Bows and arrows
Powers depending what race your charrie is
Swords (no rapiers, which were musketeers swords, those came later.)
There are probably quite a couple more, but remember,
NO EXPLOSIVE STUFF like dynamite, bombs, rifles, pistols

Knights are expected to wear armour. So are the royals. You might also want to put on some chain mail.
Peasants generally can't afford much more than the traditional rags
Magical races, you choose what the charrie wears

The actual battle is on the battlefield, but it's also a siege. So the castles can be disturbed, as well as the villages.


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Richard | 22 comments Can Remus be a neutral alpha son? (:

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The Phantom (zerosummations) | 605 comments Sarah wrote: "OK! IT'S TIME TO FIGHT!!

Weapons that can be used are:
Bows and arrows
Powers depending what race your charrie is
Swords (no rapiers, which were musketeers swords, those cam..."

Rapiers were used by musketeers but had been around in forms before then. However, not this far back, but I just wanted to point that out.

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haha thanks ;) im so lame :)

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The Phantom (zerosummations) | 605 comments Whoa! I'm not trying to make other people look lame; just me awesome.

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i know that ;) i hardly ever take anything i tell myselfseriously anyways :)

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The Phantom (zerosummations) | 605 comments Good, good.

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Sage of Souls (sageofsouls) | 1203 comments Mod
Sarah wrote: "OK! IT'S TIME TO FIGHT!!

Weapons that can be used are:
Bows and arrows
Powers depending what race your charrie is
Swords (no rapiers, which were musketeers swords, those cam..."

The primary swords for this timeline can be found under the Albion classification.

Long swords, Short swords, Daggers, Great Swords, Broadswords, Falchions, Gladiuses (or Gladii--I'm not sure what the plural is), Hand Swords, and a few others are all from Medieval European times.

However, Scythes were NOT around in this time. Halberds were, but only in their simplest of forms. One was a spear with a spike coming off to the side and the other was a large blade at the top of a pole, which was primarily used for executions.

Along with the Longbows and Short Bows, the Crossbow also started to come into play around this point in time, but such is debatable.

As for Maces, the primary maces you had were the basic Mace with the blunt, almost cylinder-type shaped head and the Morningstar, which was a spherical iron head with spikes, or studs, coming off of it. The fancier, more durable and powerful ones didn't come into play until later. Flails came toward the very end of this time frame, but may not be used in this RP. Flails had heads that were similar to that of a Morning Star's but were on the end of a chain, which was connected to either a wooden or metal handle.

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The Phantom (zerosummations) | 605 comments Umm... Are you sure about scythes? It's not that far off sickle blades, just with a longer handle, and a slightly different blade. It seems logical that there would've been scythes, but if your sure...

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Sage of Souls (sageofsouls) | 1203 comments Mod
Not during the true Medieval European era. At least, not what you'd think scythes were. Like I said, the closest thing to a scythe would've been the basic halberd, which was a pole-arm weapon. Tools such as hoes may have been considered pole-arm weapons, as well; though, the pitchfork would've been considered more of a spear.

Spears were also around, as well, but were more or less replaced by the standard halberd, so the basic spear wouldn't have been in use much at that time.

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The Phantom (zerosummations) | 605 comments No, though pikes remained highly effective as a counter to cavalry... And there would still, then be sickles, even if the jump to scythe had not yet been made. In either case, scythes are comparatively ineffective vis a vis warfare.

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Sage of Souls (sageofsouls) | 1203 comments Mod
Pikes are the sister of halberds and are considered a member of the pole-arm family, so, yes, they were still in use, but were not the basic spear. In fact, some people believe pikes were halberds, in themselves, solely because of the fact that both used a bladed edge and a spear-like tip in the same region of the weapon and were located on the edge of a large pole. While there were slight differences, they still differed from the basic spear, which was nothing more than a metal tip on a wooden pole. Either way, though, scythes were not created by this point.

Sickles actually did not come around until later when the Russians developed them as a weapon to catch and cleave at people's throats. Also, by this period, the Scimitar was outdated; the Falchion replaced it. The sickle you're thinking of was a farming tool that was not yet established professionally for combat.

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The Phantom (zerosummations) | 605 comments Peasants fought often with farming tools, and many weapons, such as the highly useful billhook, originated in agriculture. So no, the noble class would not use a sickle, but it is feasible a peasant would...

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Sage of Souls (sageofsouls) | 1203 comments Mod
Then that sickle would not have been the weaponized sickle, but more of the adaption of a sharp farming tool into a weapon. As for the billhook, such is the same as with the hoe; they were both the first type of pole-arm that differentiated from the spear and lead to the development of the weaponized versions: the halberd and the pike.

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The Phantom (zerosummations) | 605 comments Billhooks are quite different to halberds, and used for differing purposes, even when wielded only by militiamen. A billhook had, surprise, a hook on it, used to dismount knights, the pointed end was then thrust into weak armour joints, sealing the kill. Billmen were still highly utilised and efficient long after pikes and halberds were fabricated. I defer to you on the scythe matter, but I am certain of this.

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sᴀʀᴀʜ | 633 comments Mod

We have a new country/kingdom being introduced! Across the Narrow Sea, where the Outlands, the Land of the White Knights and Guildenstar border each other is the bountiful trade kingdom of Eostregon.
Its trade specialises in spice, slavery (armies for selling), olives, wine and fishing along its coastal areas. The climate is hot and dusty, and there are a lot of rocky or grassy plains.

In the heart of the flat country blooms the great and rich city of Esterfort, or, in their language, Ddis Oestachs. Their army is one of the most well-known armies in the world, known to be virtually undefeatable.

Their royal family's last name is e Ddis, and comprises of a rather large number. They are rich beyond imagining, and the people of their land are a tribal sort of folk, but who live well. The King is well fed, a strict ruler and not one of the most kind rulers either. He has six sons who live with him, two of whom are bastards, and he has at least fifty or so other bastards in the region somewhere. He is also married to the queen of what was once the country bordering Eostregon. Now, all that remains is barren wasteland, where a battle was fought. The armies of Eostregon burnt cities to the ground and eradicated their foes. But none can now live there.
The King seeks to marry one of his sons off to the daughter of either country across the Narrow Sea, to expand borders. At the moment, he trades with both countries. Because Guildenstar's army is defeated in the last war, their King seeks to arrange and this time enforce yet another marriage.

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Sage of Souls (sageofsouls) | 1203 comments Mod
This is not a story update.

In order to properly get images to load, please use this command:

<[]img src="[Enter Link Here] "/[]>

(Erase the brackets.)

The space does need to be between the end of the link and the second quotations, but there does not need to be one between the first and the beginning. I've noticed that the command outlines given in some of the topics don't work correctly, so please use this one.

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