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The Unwinding: An Inner History of the New America
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Ryan (rlnj83) | 140 comments Mod
This will be discussed in August, no date set yet.

Get a preview from this NPR interview with the author, or this Daily Show segment.

Ryan (rlnj83) | 140 comments Mod
I'm not quite half way; so far so good. This book seems to be a collection of micro-histories. Some of the people spotlighted are famous (Oprah, Sam Walton, Joe Biden) while others are just normal people (the factory worker, the alcoholic writer, the business major). I'm sure at some point these independent histories will interact or collide, I'm just not sure how. I feel I'm learning a lot of history in these stories. They are entertaining and you really start to connect with the individuals, but along the way you learn of the 80's stock market crash, the birth of the Rust Belt, globalization, etc.

Ryan (rlnj83) | 140 comments Mod
just read that article, interesting and frustrating.

The stories in the "Unwinding" are sort of like the anti-Outliers in a way. Packer argues that some people do everything right, and the world still bones them. While others do plenty wrong and still turn out to be million/billionaires.


message 5: by Lisa (new) - added it

Lisa (lisak924) | 13 comments I haven't started to read "Unwinding" yet. This article is infuriating. Well, Greg Mankiw is infuriating and it frustrates me to know that many people believe the same as him.

message 6: by Natalie (new) - added it

Natalie Robien | 48 comments Lisa...the book will make you more mad.

Ryan (rlnj83) | 140 comments Mod

Ryan (rlnj83) | 140 comments Mod
thanks debbie downer

message 10: by Natalie (new) - added it

Natalie Robien | 48 comments I thought it was a relevant article to the book. SORRY!

message 11: by LuAnn (new) - added it

LuAnn | 61 comments Just. can't. keep. reading. this. To say that getting to the halfway point of this one was a c-h-o-r-e, is a gross understatement. I look forward to the debut of Charles leading our book club discussion this month and the promise of garden-fresh salsa and home-made pickles courtesy of the Johnson garden! Kudos to those of you who finished this one!

message 12: by Ryan (new) - rated it 2 stars

Ryan (rlnj83) | 140 comments Mod
at least you own your failings, lol

message 13: by Lisa (new) - added it

Lisa (lisak924) | 13 comments I am struggling through the audio version myself LuAnn.

Susan I must admit it was quite different from my regular reads! I was glad that the stories were broken up into small parts at a time. I don't think I could have made it through as easily otherwise!

message 15: by Ryan (new) - rated it 2 stars

Ryan (rlnj83) | 140 comments Mod
Author was on the Colbert Report last night discussing the book. Apparently it just won an award.

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