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The Feast of San Sebastian

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Jonathan Marcantoni | 2 comments I am a Puerto Rican author and Editor in Chief of Aignos Publishing. We are an independent publisher of experimental and innovative literature. But thats not why I'm writing, I mean, you'd have no need for a small time publisher. I am writing because I am taking a risk and reaching out so that, maybe, I could convince you to read my book.

The Feast of San Sebastian is a crime drama set on Puerto Rico's black market. It focuses on a pair of Haitian immigrants who are smuggled onto the island and forced into slave labor at an American factory. Their situation continues to worsen until one day, Ilan, a middleman for illicit transactions, approaches them with a proposition: their freedom in exchange for assassinating Puerto Rico's corrupt Superintendent of Police.

The book is based on real criminal practices on the island and many of the political figures and the Superintendent of Police are based on real people as well. My goal is to educate people about the struggles on our island that is so often overlooked or misunderstood by the international and American press. The book is being published by Aignos and the Spanish version is being released by Arana Editorial next month.

I would be honored if you would be willing to read it and give me feedback or a blurb I could use. I understand you are incredibly busy, but I felt it was worth reaching out. We writers are one community, right? You can contact me at

The book is available for purchase at:

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Ebby Tollinchi (ebbyreads) | 2 comments Hello Jonathan,

I'd like to read it. Will it be out as an eBook as well?

Ebony Tollinchi

message 3: by Jonathan (new)

Jonathan Marcantoni | 2 comments Ebony, the book is not available as an ebook just yet. The English version was just released today and is available at:

The Spanish version of the book will be released as an ebook in a couple of months. I can send you a pdf version of the book that is compatible with e-book readers, if you'd like. Email me at if interested.

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