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An inn in the territory of the White Knights. People of all ranks assemble here to get drunk, talk about politics, or to entertain...

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déithe landed near the inn wrapped the overcoat around her and walked in.

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Elizabeth arrived with her bother, the hood of her cape shadowing her face from any people who might recognize her.. what with all the rumors going about...

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Elizabeth saw her brother's enchanting eyes devour all the white knight 'ladies'. She punched him in the arm, and said, "Stop it! You can't do it with them! They're our enemies!" she hissed, pulling her hood further over her head.

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Elizabeth's temper was rising, quickly and in seconds she was unable to restrain herself. SMACK! The sound rang sharp and clear in the inn as she slapped her elder brother across the face. "WILL you gather your feelings and senses?" SHe snapped at him. "It's already six in the evening, the sun is etting, and you want to stay here, awake, all through the night? Are you mental? They're our enemies! Even I wouldn't do it, should I be slightly older than you are now. I wouldn't do it with the ENEMY!" She hissed the last word.

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Leaving her drink untouched, she stalked out of the bar behind her brother. "Thank you," she said, satisfied.
((to the village))

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Pj knew that drinking was a bad idea. That's why he was flat on his face in the street now. And he had only had a sip. Literally. Silly human beverage. He struggled upright. Now... What way was 'home'.

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Elizabeth entered the in again. She was sort of scared to revisit the Golden Pony becasue of the stable boy... He gave her stomach butterflies. She politely declined the barman's offer for food and sat down. pulling the hood over her head so people couldn't recognize her.

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Pj's eyes wondered and the were immediately drawn to a hooded figure. He sniffed. It was a she and she was... lost, in a sense. But then his grin faltered. He no longer felt the need to drown young ones any more. So he sighed and sat next to her. "So, young miss, want to tell me why my hunting instincts are ringing?"

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Elizabeth was taken aback by a sudden voice. Turning to face 'him', she presumed, she spoke. "Hunting instincts?" she asked, not removing the hood.

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"Why yes, darling. You do not recognize me? Perhaps not, as you do not look dead. Someone would have asked me to hunt you a long time ago. Even if I accepted or not, My mental radar would keep scanning for you until I had found you. So, who are you and why does someone want you dead?" He turned his head nearly upside down to get a look under the hood.

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Elizabeth was shocked. "What?" she cried out, lowering the hood so he couldn't see her, "Someone wants me dead? Who? Where? Why?" she asked. "And, no, I don't recall seeing you anywhere. All I remember of death threats are nightmares of pixies and demons."

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Pj smiled, revealing sharp canines. "Ooohhh darling, you have a secret. Let me see your face and I will tell you Who, Where, why... Show me the face to match a voice."
He ducked his head, again trying to see who she was.

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She kept her hood drawn on her face she was lost in thought oblivious to the world around her.

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Elizabeth was uncomfortable, but she heeded his words and pulled the hood down with a dramatic sweep of her hand. Her large green eyes reflected a newly awakened fear as her red hair cascaded down her shoulders like a fiery waterfall.

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She took a chance and glanced up looking at the people around her then ducked her head back down.

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Pj almost hissed. As it was he just recoiled and growled a tiny bit. This thing was the reason he was now... This. This humanoid thing instead of his lovely shadow trickster form. "Time of Hunting awareness: Sunset exactly 10 years and 3 weeks from this day. Hunted by: Witch Wakanda- status: deceased." He gasped at the end. Pj sniffed and realized there was indeed two hunted ones in this place. One was still wearing a hood in the corner. What was it with hunteds wearing hoods!?!

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"Why? Why would someone want me dead?" She asked. "I've done nothing wrong, have I?"

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She looked back again and she noticed the person recoil and growl at Elizabeth "I know that any where." She thought to herself and she walked over to him.

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Pj was about to ask her if she knew who she was, or if she had memory loss, when he saw a figure moving intentionally toward them. He gulped "Well, I'm off, darling. See you around, eh?" He got up to leave.

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"Wait," she said and stood up. 'Let me go with you, wander around the village for an hour or two. Tell me. I need to know."

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She saw him leaving she ran after him gripped his shoulder "no you don't I remember you." She whispered in his ear.

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Pj looked at the two woman. He smiled a half-smile. "Well, you are both wonderful, but I couldn't possibly..." He trailed off seeing the looks that only an angry female could give. His shoulders slumped slightly. "Right then, let's find us a bit of a quiet spot, eh?"

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"Thank you," said ELizabeth, not particularily looking forwards to the chat but she followed the two others.

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"Do you not remember me any more I wouldn't be surprised you hypocritical, toady, inebriate." She spat at him.

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"Woah woah woah," Elizabeth said, holding up her hands. "You two know each other?"

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She pulled back her hood "he was in league with the man who killed me." She said rather angry.

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"Wait a minute.." ELizabeth pointed at the girl and then the boy. "You're dead?"

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Pj looked déithe up and down. "Darling, I've slept with to many humans. What one might you be?" He was avoiding her accusation . He turned to Elizabeth. "As for you, My lady, you have a bounty on you pretty. Little. Head." He poked her forehead to back up his words. "You ruined my LIFE" He added under his breath.

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Elizabeth angrily slapped his hand away. "My lady? Pretty? Are you kidding me? The name is ELizabeth Isabel Marie Anne Dain. Or just elizabeth." She narrowed her eyes. "Please explain to me how I ruined your pretty. little. life. And why I have a bounty on my head- I did NOTHING WRONG!" SHe added.

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"You had nothing to do with my personal life you just so happened to know my boyfriend at the time and when he came to kill me you help you slit my throat." She said and pulled down a little cloth around her neck to show the white out line of a scar along here neck.

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"Forgive me," said Elizabeth, covering her eyes, "But that is sick and wrong." She shivered.

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"Your forgiven" he grinned at Elizabeth
"Oh that, Darling. Nothing personal, but you should see what your ex gave me in return." He grinned wickedly.

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"So they stabbed you an additionally 57 times and hung you from a cross till death." She said her wings fluttering slightly.

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"Will someone please tell me what is going on?!" ELizabeth exclaimed.

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"Darling, You have stepped over the threshold of what you know,no in a new world that was there all along. No more bounties on your head, for now, but because of you I lost who I was." He stared at her. "DO you know what it's like to loose everything you are! Everything you would have been! I don't care what people called me, it was almost my duty to drown the young, to misguide the travelers. I can't return to my HOME"

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"This man was a person who helped my boyfriend kill me when I turned to the church and stopped visiting him he thought it just to kill me so they did."

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"I do." She replied to him.

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"Please don't drown me," Elizabeth squeaked, now beginning to get very frightened. "It's not MY fault that you lost your life." She was aggravating him and she knew it, but still she pressed on, her temper rising. "And, thank you very much, I do know what it feels like to lose everything. Since Cliffton's been putting restrictions on me..."

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Deith had his attention. "You should know more than anyone that I am no Man. I am certainly no person." He snarled. "I remember you now. I think. You were the one who... You are the strange one." He growled at her.

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John wrote: ""This man was a person who helped my boyfriend kill me when I turned to the church and stopped visiting him he thought it just to kill me so they did.""

"Murderer," Elizabeth whispered. "No, sorry, doesn't ring a bell."

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"You had no right to kill me no motive what reason and how am I the strange one?"

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"You are still alive, are you not? Strange" He spat. "I am not built for human form. This life... is nothing but Women and drink. Give me something to fight for and I will. Find my name and I am yours. But no. Nothing as a Human."

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Elizabeth looked at them blankly. "Remind me again, why am I involved in this?"

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"I'm not alive I am spirt of my former a mere husk."

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His gaze flickered to Elizabeth. "I do not usually tell people this but, I used to be a piskie, a malevolent being of the woods. Killing left right and center, all was right with the world. Until a witch comes along and asks me to hunt someone. I have been known to be a huntsman, once given a piece of something related to a person their spirit is imprinted in my mind until I 'get' them. The witch Wakanda gave me a bit of hair. You hair. I refused to hunt you, don't ask why, and in return I was cursed. Cursed to this form with none of my abilities, and no forest to go back to. I have nothing except my assassination skills" He sighed wearily.
"You, Deith, may kill me. I have tried so I know you will not succeed. There is almost no way you can punish me, for death would be a blessing. And no, I will not tell you the other few ways you can hurt me."

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"I won't kill you being banished to hell again wouldn't be that great."

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Pj flicked his tongue out at her. "Then what do you suppose you will do with me? Figure out my name? Poison me with dead holy mans blood?" His nostrils flared. An angry woman was an attractive woman, apparently.

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"No I can't and won't do anything I hope to do with you. Without going back to hell" she said snippily.

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"'back to hell'" He quoted her, raising an eyebrow. There is ways I can get you to tell me your story, so you might just want to tell me now. Believe you me, I don't like what I would have to do either." He took a step closer to her.

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