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paperback and hardcover?

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message 1: by Jessica (new)

Jessica Greene is there a difference because on the one i read this is the list:
1.lose virginty
2.jam with shakes the clown
3.PARTY with shakes the clown
4.get back at Billy Rifkin
5.rob a bank
6.do something crazy like bungee jumping off the GW bridge
7.do something heroic like saving a cat from a tree
8.actually visit one of those third world countries like nigeria and help in some way
9.create your own religion
and something else i can't remember but the lists i see people type is completely DIFFERENT so did i read like the wrong book or something? even though, it has the same cover page and author? this one was paperback though. and i saw it said the hardcover edition for one of the others. so is it, like, a difference?

message 2: by Ilze (new)

Ilze Usually the only difference between paperback and hardcover is in the material used for the covers ... should there be any other diferences, this should be indicated by a different ISBN number.

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