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The History of Love
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2013 Book Discussions > The History of Love - Alma Singer, Spoilers Allowed (June 2013)

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Thing Two (thingtwo) Alma describes her brother Bird in part 2 as not normal, but Alma herself doesn't seem very 'normal' to me. Perhaps it's the self-familiarity she sees in Bird that disturbs her.

Terry Pearce Alma's oddness is less publicly played out, I feel. She has a sense of what plays well. Note that she doesn't focus so much on him 'being' normal inside, just appearing so to others.

I love Alma's voice. It's so strong and clear and idiosyncratic. The mini chapter titles are outstanding.

LindaJ^ (lindajs) | 2318 comments Yeah, I liked Alma a lot. She was the backbone of the family.

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