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Julia Griffis - The Romance Bibliophile (theromancebibliophile) | 116 comments Mod
What did you like or dislike about his character?

message 2: by Elena (new)

Elena Carpenter | 44 comments I liked he was strong and he was sincere with Bella and loved her. Yet I think he had more of a slight problem controlling his anger at times. Maybe because he wanted Bella so bad.

message 3: by Inda (new)

Inda (indaherwood) | 166 comments Mod
I still think it's weird that he ends up with her daughter....ugh.

message 4: by Elena (new)

Elena Carpenter | 44 comments Oh I know! that really didn't fit to the story line. I think he should've been with his kind,Leah did like him.

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