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Fine 7 star dinning

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Wren entered the restaurant with a smile on his face. He had reserved a place on the balcony earlier and he led his date for the night to the moonlit table.

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"this is perfect " she said when she saw the setting "i din know you were this romantic " she murmurs looking at the moon looking

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He smiled at her a little as he held her seat for her. "I am this romantic for you only."

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she blushed sitting on the seat "thank you " she said for both

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He laughed as he went to his seat. The waiter waiting quietly laid menus on their table and he smiled at the beautiful across him, "What do you want to eat?"

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she looked over at Wren "you order "she requests with a smile

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Wren nodded as the waiter took out a pad of paper and pen, "We'll have the special course tonight." He smiled at his date and he wished that time should have stopped.

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she smiled and when the waiter left she blushed bitting her lips

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He smiled at Leena, "You look beautiful tonight." He told her in a besotted tone.

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she chuckled "thank you but what has happened to your voice she teased leaning forward a bit

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Wren cleared his throat, "Nothing." He pulled on his collar because it was getting stuffy.

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she laughed "why don't you loosen your tie a bit ok so your turn tell me something about you know " she asked

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He loosened his tie just as she said, "Well to get things started I really like you and for some time now I really like eating ramen noodles."

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she blushed pink "really what about um what kind of art do you like " she asked playing with a fingers as she was nervous

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"I'm not that much interested in art and I can only a doodle," he said with a slight blush on his cheeks.

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"aww cute"she chuckled teasingly "um what about music and dancing "he asked looking in his eyes

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He thought for a moment, "Well I would not boast but I know lots. Waltz, hiphop, ramba, and many more."

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her eyes went wide "re-really " she asked excited

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He nodded and he asked her in a curious tone, "Why? Are we going to dance?"

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she chock her head "I can not dance but i love it "

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"When we get home to your place, I will teach you," he smiled.

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"you will "she said happy "well i dont know i did take few classes but they say i am just so stiff that i cant dance "she tells him the truth not shy about it

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He winked at her, "When I'm done with you, your're going to feel anything but stiff." He hope that his innuendo was not that extreme but right now his lust for her body was getting out of control.

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she skipped a heart beat on the sentence scared and happy at the same time but smiled looking back in his eyes she loved him so much that it hurts

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The waiter arrived with their food and he sighed in relief as he saw it. The fish was cooked beautifully and the salad was the best.

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she took a breath and looked away from his face for a moment to hid her blush then back to their date

*after the dinner *

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Wren finished his dinner with a satisfied smile. The food was good but the company was better. The backdrop of the stars behind her made him think that someone like a goddess is seating across from him, "Ready to go?" He asked as he laid his spoon down.

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she smiled and nodded slightly this was the best night ever she thought

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Lucas stood up and went to assist her as he pulled her chair away from her. He innocently caressed her shoulders as he did so.

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((u mean Wren :P LOL))

she smiled as her body shivered at his touch making her blush again

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((waiting n m waiting n waiting *sighs* *smile n m waiting....))

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((so sorry :]] ALice))

Wren nodded and he took his hands away before he was tempted in doing something more, "But first I need you to look at something," he whispered in her ear.

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((aww its ok :) ))

She smiled and turned around so that she could see his face "and whats that?" she asked a hint of smiling on her lips.

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Wren say the look of expectations in her eyes and he shook his head, "You'll see it later back in your cabin." He smiled mysteriously as he led her out of the restaurant.

((to the cabin))

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((cabin ? or her house ?))

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