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Jasmine (jasminethetallirishflower) 2013.

In the sweet town you live in – filled with picket fences, trees, and the loveliest people – there is one house in the centre of this village. It belonged to Mr. Ellsworth, a man who has tragically died of a heart-attack a day ago. The old house stands, no one occupying it.
One night, seven teenagers enter this house for a dare. They must stay in it for a whole day, and they can’t come out no matter what. As they enter, the door suddenly shut and locked itself, the windows won’t budge. There is no escape. And little do they know, there is still a gruesome presence lurking in the houses shadows... a monster that was only tamed by the mysterious Mr. Ellsworth... a creature with black skin, red glowing eyes, and sharp claws and teeth.
And this creature is hungry...
Can you survive the day?


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Sammy (sammy5428) | 232 comments Mod
As soon as Waverly approached the mansion, a dreary atmosphere had enveloped the house. The sky seemed darker and morbid around it. Curious, Waverly parked her Honda CR-V a safe distance from the house, locked the door, and casually ambled towards the house.

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Each step Elora takes toward the house is as quiet as a mouse. Her ballet flats enable her to move more sly and quicklike. Her mother had given her these pair of slippers when she was a small girl and she had told her "Wear these to be as delicate as a flower but as stricken as a wolf." Elora slowly makes her way to Waverly's car to bid her hello.

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Sammy (sammy5428) | 232 comments Mod
Waverly took a quick wave at her best friend. "Hey," she stated as the stood about a foot apart. "You going to the house too?" she inquired.

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Sabrine (themadbrine) | 103 comments Mod
Elora gave her head a slow nod. She could feel her hair begin to fall from their place so she quickly shifted her hair back to it's regular position in covering her ears.

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Jasmine (jasminethetallirishflower) Philip walked to old Ellsworth’s house, taking long strides as he did. His heart began to quicken as he saw it’s peeling paint and rotting wood. The air became heavy, the scent of decomposing leaves entering his nostrils. Everyone got an eerie sensation whenever they pasted the mansion. But it intensified tenfold since its owner’s passing.
Waverly and Elora caught his line of sight, so he wandered up to them. “Hello ladies,” he said, casually.

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Sammy (sammy5428) | 232 comments Mod
"Hey," Waverly replied with a wave. Although Philip was a pretty cute guy, he was too quiet and shy for her. "What brings you to Ellsworth?" she inquired as Philip fell into pace with the two girls.

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jenny (sungkew) ((Hope you guys don't mind, but I'm just going to jump in with Wesley.))

Wesley walked along the cracked sidewalk, her long brown hair swaying side to side. She shoved her hands deep into the pockets of her maroon jacket, the wind nipping at her fingers. The weather was not kind today: a harsh wind whipped around and a blackening sky looked down at the people of the usually sunny town. Wesley shivered a little at the wind and attempted to bury herself in her jacket as she walked along. This was her usual way home, walking to her house after school, but today seemed a little different. As she came to the Ellsworth house, she couldn't help but pause and gaze at the group of teenagers. She wondered if they were really going in. She shook her head: no one ever went in that house. But there they were, getting closer with every step.

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Jasmine (jasminethetallirishflower) “The dare,” Philip told her miserably. “I have to stay in there for a whole twenty-four hours. Yippy. You two?” He asked just as they stopped at the pathway to the house.
The mansion stood, the one imperfection in the most perfect town in the world.

((Oh and guys, don't forget to sign up in Classic Sign Up so I can keep track on who's where.))

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((Sorry for the huge delay, I just fell asleep for twelve hours...))

Sakura strode down the concrete pathway trying not to let the fear she could hardly contain show. She should have chosen 'truth'...why in the world did she choose 'dare'? Whispering self-encouragement to herself, Sakura reached the torn-down fence of Mr. Ellsworth's house. Poor him, she thought, how miserable it must have been to die from heart-attack... Sucking in a breath, she gathered her courage and approached four other teenagers. "Hi..." she whispered in a trembling voice, "my name is Sakura Hillita. I'm here because of a guys too?"

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Jasmine (jasminethetallirishflower) Philip turned to the new girl the showed up behind them. "Yep," he answered. Then: "Well, I am."

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jenny (sungkew) ((Hey, would it be okay if Wesley tagged along even though she didn't get dared to? I mean, could she just go with them for her own reasons?))

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Jasmine (jasminethetallirishflower) ((Yeah, I see why not.))

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jenny (sungkew) ((Okay, thank you!))

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jenny (sungkew) Pondering what could possibly posses them to enter that house, Wesley stood back watching. She wondered then what it would be like to do something like that. To delve into a place undiscovered and explore it, uncovering all its secrets and mysteries. Maybe she should... No. She shouldn't. But, then, she wouldn't ever get to experience this again. And wasn't that a part of life? Experiencing new things? I must be out of my mind... Wesley sighed and walked up the sidewalk of the Ellsworth house, anxiety and fear warring inside her chest.

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Sammy (sammy5428) | 232 comments Mod
((I'm sorry I haven't been on in a while. Im on vacation, and the internet here is pretty limited!))

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Sammy (sammy5428) | 232 comments Mod
Waverly led the group of adolescents towards the entryway of the house. Step by step, the students proceeded closer and closer towards Ellsworth. She turned back when they were halfway up the walk.

"Anyone wanna back down?" she inquired. "I don't want any wimps walking behind me."

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Jasmine (jasminethetallirishflower) Philip shook his head. He wasn't a wimp. And besides, he wanted to impress these girls with his... manliness. (If that's what you could call it.)

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Sabrine (themadbrine) | 103 comments Mod
Elora thought about the question Waverly had just asked Philip. She needed to do this. Elora had realized that she had needed this. It was time for her to begin to break through her shell. It was finally time for her to take a new stepping stone in life. Taking a deep breath, she gradually nodded her head in approval and slowly smiled.

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jenny (sungkew) Wesley jogged up to the groups of kids and smiled, hoping they'd let her go with them. "Hi..." She said, her voice quiet. "Um, I'm Wesley..." Clearing her voice to make it sound more presentable, she said, "Would you mind if I tagged along?" I am crazy. She told herself, Why am I asking to go into a haunted house with them? I should just go home. Wesley squashed the depressive voice in her head, trying to gain confidence in herself, No, I can do this. We're not going to die... I hope.

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Jasmine (jasminethetallirishflower) Philip turned to the girl who had just joined them. “You want to come with us into a haunted house?” he asked. He had no idea why the girl felt the need to come – but then she shook his head. He should be polite. “You can come if you like.”

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jenny (sungkew) Wesley bit her lip - a nervous habit - and then nodded, "Yes, thank you." She smiled at the boy. She recognized him from school. She'd never talked to him before now and he probably had no clue who she was, but she knew him. His name was Phillip and he had quite the reputation of being the quote on quote 'funny kid' at school. He was pretty much the complete opposite of Wesley: funny and witty while she was shy and quiet.

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"Erm, alrighty then, now that we all know each other," Waverly's voice trailed off when she heard a loud screeching sound. "DUCK!" she yelled to the group.

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Jasmine (jasminethetallirishflower) Philip watched Waverly, who was on the ground, her hands behind her head. He rolled his eyes. "Oh come now," he said. "It was just a screech."

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A large tree branch swept over the top of their heads. Then, everything was still. "Just a screech?" Waverly felt proud of her instincts. "C'mon, the sooner we get inside the house, the better."

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Elora nodded slowly and began to walk up the steps. Opening the door she lifted her right foot. "What time is it" She asked no one in particular.

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Sammy (sammy5428) | 232 comments Mod
"Dunno. Time seems a bit different here," Waverly replied, unsure as to who was speaking. The door slowly creeked open.

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jenny (sungkew) Wesley stood back, watching as the door slowly creaked open. She could just barely see some of the interior of the house and it was as creepy as she imagined. "W-well..." She said, trying to be encouraging, "I guess we should go in." Smiling, she waited to see what everyone else would do. She did not want to be the first to go in.

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Waverly shrugged, and cautiously stepped into the house. To her surprise, it looked quite tidy, as if someone...or something was living inside of it.

"This is haunted?" she inquired as she took a glance around the tidy house.

((This is how the house looks in the inside))

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jenny (sungkew) Wesley followed Waverly into the house. It may not have been horribly terrifying, but it still had a bit of a creepy aura to it. She gazed at the old fashioned furniture and wondered just how old this home was. She'd heard rumors: some said it was only fifty years old, some said it was over one hundred years old. Wesley didn't think it was the later - houses normally didn't stay up that long and definitely not in this good of condition - but who was she to say how old it was? She certainly wasn't skilled in architecture or anything like that.

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Jasmine (jasminethetallirishflower) In the darkness of the cellar, a creature raised it’s terrible head and sniffed the air. Someone had entered...

Philip came after the girl – Wesley, he believed her name was – and looked around him. The place was covered with dust, and the chandelier above them was decorated with spider webs. He went over to the thick, heavy curtains that were pulled over the window and tried to push them back. Sunlight stung at his eyes, and a explosion of dust emanated from the curtains. “Jeez,” he said, coughing and waving the dust away, “had the guy ever heard of spring cleaning?”

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((OHhh, nice twist!))

Waverly looked at Philip, then back at the group.

"Alright, let's rummage through the items on this floor. Any keys in drawers, maps, passageways...that would really help get this adventure into gear."

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"Or maybe we should split up. Waverly you go with Philip, Sakura you go with Wesley, and I will go by myself." Elora said. She felt proud for her sudden leadership.

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jenny (sungkew) Wesley turned to the girl, "Are you sure you want to go by yourself?" She really hoped the girl would reconsider; she thought it would be awful for her to get lost or hurt and be all alone. "You could always go with Sakura and me." She smiled encouragingly.

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Elora thought about her suggestion. She could easily go with Wesley and Sakura but if she did then she wouldn't be able to have a thorough look around. "Nope, I am A-ok. We will meet with each other at this same place in one hour."

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jenny (sungkew) Wesley nodded in understanding, "Okay." She paused, "Um, be careful everyone." She didn't know why they'd have to be careful or what could possibly cause them harm in this old abandoned house, but it seemed like the right thing to say. Turning to Sakura, she smiled, "I guess we should go have a look around."

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Jasmine (jasminethetallirishflower) Philip turned to Waverly. He rolled out his hand and gestured to a certain hallway like he was a servant. "My lady," he said dramatically.

Albath clicked his tough against the roof of his mouth. "Albath smell something," he muttered, circling around. "Humans, humans, huamans."

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Elora looked at everyone departing their ways. She decided that she would start upstairs considering there were a numerous amount of rooms, they may take longer than an hour.

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"Woah, woah woah," Waverly told the group. "Since when did she start making the calls here. I'm the one giving the shots around here!" Waverly suddenly felt angry at Elora.

She pointed at Elora. "No one is going by themselves." Waverly paused. "Unless you want to be the first one to die."

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Jasmine (jasminethetallirishflower) Philip felt like he'd been punched in the face. Thank you, he thought, for completely ignoring me. He straightened up and crossed his arms over his chest. He walked towards Wesley and stood beside her, watching the two girls.

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jenny (sungkew) Wesley stayed back, watching. She thought about saying something, maybe tell them to stop fighting, but she didn't think it'd help any. Plus, if they really wanted to deck out who was the leader right here and now, why should she stop them? Maybe it'd be better just to get it out of the way.

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Jasmine (jasminethetallirishflower) Philip leaned towards Wesley, whispering, "Should we intervene before things become out of hand?"
Suddenly, the front door closed. It's creek and slam echoed off of the old house's walls, creating an even more eerier atmosphere.

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Waverly sighed. She didn't want everyone to hate her...but she didn't want Elora to be the leader. She could tell the Philip got mad at her. She sighed again.

"Alright," she concluded. Philip, you can come with me. But Elora is not going alone. We can't be worried about a person."

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jenny (sungkew) "I don't know..." Wesley said quietly. She didn't want them to fight, but she also didn't want to interrupt and get needlessly yelled at. But she hardly had anytime to even carry out what she wanted to do before the door shut behind them. Wesley let out a shriek, spooked beyond belief, "Did... Did that just...?" She turned to Phillip, wondering if she was completely sane.

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Jasmine (jasminethetallirishflower) Philip's mouth hung open. He went over to tap the nearest girl's shoulder - Waverly's. "Uh, guys," he said, still staring at the door. "It closed. On it's own."
He walked forward to the door and tried to open it, but the doors was shut tight and locked. "Uh, guys," he repeated, "It's locked."

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"It can't be locked." Waverly began to get a bit worried. She fast walked towards the door and began to pull on it, but to no avail.

"It won't budge," she concluded, as she continued to pull. She turned back towards the group. "A little help here?"

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jenny (sungkew) Wesley walked forward, "Oh, yes. Sorry." She tried to help Waverly pull open the door, but as hard as she pulled, it still wouldn't budge. After a few minutes, she sighed, "I don't think it's going to open." She turned to Philip, "Like you said: locked."

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Avari heard voices and made himself into the main entrance. Five individuals stood in the center of the room, looking terrified. One of them was separated from the others, trying to reassure the group. Presumably, the leader. Perfect, he thought to himself. More human victims...

She sighed as she let go of the door. Waverly looked at her hands; they were filled with grime and dust. She turned back towards the group.

"Alright, well, I guess the only way out is in," she concluded. "Someone, or something, wants us here. Wants us to find something for them." She paused and turned towards the group, who were terrified. "But we can't leave this house until we figure out what."

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((Sorry guys, I'm caught up in other groups and I didn't even notice this was continuing...I'm really sorry. So, where are you guys now? Met the monster yet?))

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((No, not yet. They were going to split up, and look around, but then the door shut, and it won't open...that's basically it.))

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