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Marialyce (absltmom, yaya) To discuss these chapters

message 2: by Marialyce (absltmom, yaya) (last edited Jul 02, 2013 11:00AM) (new)

Marialyce (absltmom, yaya) Did not finish this section yet but have to say (view spoiler)

Marialyce (absltmom, yaya) Finished this section and was sad to see that David's monetary condition has gone downhill. He does seem determined to provide for his aunt and Mr Dick also seems to want to do the same. I am pretty sure that once Dora hears of David's situation the end of that romance will be coming. Traddles has been given and IOU by that "slick" Mr Micawber. He is really quite something that Micawber.

message 4: by Sara (new)

Sara Weather (saraweather) I was hoping so much that my prediction would not be right. Streethforth ran off with Emily. The meeting of Ms. Streetforth and Peggoty was not a tea party. The part were Ms. Rose Streetforths cousin, goes crazy was weird.

I feel that Dora and Davids relationship will not last. It feels like puppy love.
The Trotwoods are poor now. Uriah Heep is still slimy and he will probably ruin the already ruined Micawbers. I'm pretty much done with the Micawbers at this point too.

message 5: by Denise (new)

Denise (dulcinea3) | 401 comments I like Micawber. He doesn't mean harm; he's just a childish optimist. He really does think things will get better.

I got the impression that Steerforth had toyed with Rose Dartle's affections, which seems right in character for him.

Marialyce (absltmom, yaya) Steerforth is only out for what Steerforth wants. I hate when he calls David "Daisy."

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Caroline (carolinecarnivorous) | 22 comments I don't remember what happens in which chapters, but I guess it's around here I felt a little lost and confused about how old David is know, and lots of smaller things happening and such.
I guess the main things are Emily and James and David's relationship with Agnes?

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