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Marialyce (absltmom, yaya) To discuss these chapters

Marialyce (absltmom, yaya) What an interesting array of characters this section has produced!. I do find Steerforth a most unusual character. He seems to have many sides to his personality many of which I do not like. David seems to be enthralled with him and turns a somewhat blind eye to his selfcentedness. I loved that Emily and Ham are to be married. Dickens certainly possessed that keen ability to read people and makes his characters vivid and real. Interesting end to chapter 22 with Martha appearing and Emily seeming to fall apart at their meeting and talking. Makes me wonder what Emily has done to feel the way she does.

message 3: by Julie (new)

Julie (readerjules) My reading has slowed because these last few chapters are less interesting to me. I hope it gets better soon!

Marialyce (absltmom, yaya) I did enjoy the next section, Julie.

message 5: by Julie (new)

Julie (readerjules) Good to know! I am just starting chapter 22.

message 6: by Sara (new)

Sara Weather (saraweather) David falls in love every five minutes which is pretty funny. Ms. Rosa Dartle when she is first introduced seems like a annoying person to be around. I like that she breaks up the pedestal that other people put Streetforth on.I saw early on how Streetforth got one of the teachers dismissed because he adressed Streetforth bullying him. That moment really gives us a glimpse into Streetforths character. I found it weird that Streetforth called David Daisy too but thought it was a historical thing or something. Now that I know it is not it is really questionable.

message 7: by Brian (new)

Brian (regulator) | 12 comments Sara,

"Daisy" was a historical slang term. It's meaning was, "Best in class." It was apparently not used much after 1890, but was in popular use during the time of the writing of "David Copperfield."

I was reminded of the slang use of "Daisy" because of its use in the 1993 movie "Tombstone" where it is used a couple of times. That movie was acclaimed for its historical accuracy.

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