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This is a YA novel probably from the 90s or 80s about a girl who buys attachable wings through a mail order magazine I think, and then she glues them on and flies a couple of times but she can always take the wings off except for the last time she flies they won't come off.One of the details I remember is she falls down and cuts her lip and some guy buys her a soda towards the end of the book. Anyone have any ideas??

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Wendy | 52 comments Would this be Mail Order Wings by Beatrice Gormley? That's not a YA, though.

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ya thats it....wow I feel dumb. Thanks!

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Erin | 192 comments oh my gosh, thank you!! i just put in a post about this book, i had totally forgotten she ordered them!!

oh, this is a great group!
thank you!

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