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Star landed on tye roof shaping into her human form

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Abigail   (rose_way) | 29 comments Mod
Amy was watching her seroundings

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Star sneakup on Amy "HI!" she yelled in her ear

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Abigail   (rose_way) | 29 comments Mod
"hi and don't yell I might be immortal but my hearings fine"

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She nodded "Aye eye immortal lady!" Star pretty open to Amy

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Abigail   (rose_way) | 29 comments Mod
"my code names Frost"

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"I know" she smiled and backflipping cuse she was happy

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Abigail   (rose_way) | 29 comments Mod
she froze star because she was getting annoyed

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Star chuckled "Awwww, hey did you know agent Oharriest is giving out red Bull ihad like 5!"

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Natasha walked up and onto the roof.

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"NATASHA I HAD 5 REDBULL!!" she back flip

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"Shiza," Natasha said. "Calm down."

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"I am!" she backflip over Natasha poking her head

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Natasha looked at Star. "No you're not."

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"Yup I am!" she smiled she smiled

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Tasha rubbed her temples. "How much did you drink?"

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"at lest 5 cans" she smiled "One of the agents said it would be funny"

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Natasha groaned. "Which agent so I can go kill him?" She was only joking...

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Star smiled and pointed at the agent laughing "Him"

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Natasha threw a rock at him. "Shit."

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Theagent smiled and left lauhing

Star hugged Natasha

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Tasha patted her back. Ugh, star hyper.

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Star shifted into aphonix she flew around

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Natasha watched her and sighed,

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Star smiled she flew down and into a helicopter and fell asleep

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Natasha watched the word go by.

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*some time later*

Starwoke up and clamp out like a shadow

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Natasha sipped at her coffee, still watching.

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Star walk next to Natasha Nd smiled at her clamly

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Natasha looked at Star. "Calm again?" She asked.

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"Yeah" She said yawning a bit

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Tasha smiled. "Next time try decaf coffee."

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She nodded chuckling "I'll think about it"

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She chuckled. "Yeah, no more soft drinks for you."

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"Can't promise you that" she smiled

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Tasha chuckled again. "Really now?"

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She nodded smiling

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"Decaff soft drink then." Tasha said.

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"Finnne" she smiled

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"Good kid," Natasha said.

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She chuckled slightly

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Natasha looked over the side of the Helicarrier. "Someone fell off, once."

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"Oh Umm did they fall in water?" shebasked hoping forayes

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"You don't want to know." Natasha said.

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Star face whent flat "Okayyy never mind then"

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Natasha nodded once. "Yeah, trust me."

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She chuckled "Well I jump off this roof all the time but lucky for me I changed into a bird

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Natasha shuddered. "Just don't fly into the propellers."

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Star eyes whent big for a seconds "ummm I never did that" she lied

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