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Matt walked into the Foyer, looking around for any higher ranked members or teachers. No seeing any he leaned against one of the walls nonchalantly.

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Matt looked around, used to the creepy stuff around here. Spotting a guy looking directly at him he smiled. "Not much, right?" he said, slightly bored.

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"More fun stuff, Stupidly" Matt replied, ignoring the looks from the people who were closest around him. "I don't know you. You been here before?" he asked, still waiting for a head student or teacher.

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"Nowhere" Matt said quickly. "Just... town" he said, trying to cover up his slip up. "Why? Are you a senior or something?" he asked, curious.

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Matt snorted. "What do you think? It's always one of three things. One is money. It's not money. Another is power... It's not power. So it's gotta be the last one. The girl. Always the damn girl" he sighed, rolling his eyes and putting a mental image of Anastasia right at the front of his thoughts.

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Matt growled. "Oh, really? Well, Ox appears to care for it's members much more than this one!!!" H fumed, before realizing he had yelled that out in front of many Hellfire students. He swore quietly as the all looked at him.

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Antonia walked in, swinging her motorbike keys along to some music blasting through her headphones which were tight over her ears. She opened her eyes to see the situation before her. A grin spread across her face.
Matt was about to launch himself at Quintavius when a chick walked through the doors. He looked at her, glad for a distraction. Other people in the room turned to look at her too. One mutant with special senses sniffed. "Sheezzz from Oxxx'zzzzzz" It hissed out.

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Antonia watched as Quin left and then whistled low. "What dangerous games we mortals play." She said. Looking around at the hostile gazes she shrugged "I'm checking if I wanna leave the dump. It's full of wimps" She chuckled. "Now... Who here is mr... Matt?" She asked.
Matt looked at her with annoyance. "Me." he said simply.
"Ok... Anyone here read minds?" Antonia asked, needing an honest answer about wether he like Annie or not.

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((Don't think anyone's coming :D))

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((No... Meh oh well.))

Blablablabla *Three hours later*

Antonia walked towards the door. "Bye guys!" She said cheerily over her shoulder to the group of Hellfire kids.
There was fifteen of them and they all called out farewells to their adversary they had been so hostile towards just hours before. Matt was tied to a chair with a bloody nose and two broken thumbs. Antonia laughed and left on her Motorbike.

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((how nice :D lol))

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((Yup! That's me! King of kindness and subtlety! And it to my list of titles.))

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((lol i will))

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