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message 1: by Dlmrose (new)

Dlmrose | 17601 comments Mod
The Summer Challenge has begun!

Welcome new players, and a big welcome and thank you to our returning players!

The theme for this season's challenge is the Black Tortoise of the North represents Winter.

The Challenge point goal is 1350

10 x 5 points = 50
10 x 10 points = 100
10 x15 points = 150
10 x 20 points = 200
20 x 25 points = 500
10 x 30 points = 300
1 x 50 points = 50

Many of the tasks have already been posted. The remaining tasks will be posted as they are available. The aim is to have all tasks, excepting 50.1, posted by June 7. All tasks are draft until June 12. Please carefully review the task descriptions on June 13, as task requirements may have changed during the review period.

Please review The Rules of the Challenge and Posting Requirements

If you need helping getting started please see Getting Started and SRC Explained

The Summer Challenge will end on August 31, 2013 at midnight EST

We hope this season's tasks lead you to some great books. Happy reading!

message 2: by Kristina Simon (new)

Kristina Simon (kristinasimon) | 10919 comments Mod
All the 5-30 point tasks have been posted.

All tasks are draft until June 12. Changes may be made in the task descriptions until that date. Before you begin reading, please re-check the task description as some changes may impact your book choice.

There is a help thread for each task in the Summer 2013 Task Help folder. Please post questions about specific tasks in the task's help thread. Book recommendations are very welcome there as well.

Happy reading!

message 3: by Ty (new)

Ty  | 563 comments awesome job organizing the massive amount of tasks! kudos!

message 4: by Connie (new)

Connie G (connie_g) | 371 comments Kristi, you did a great job getting out such a huge number of tasks! Thanks to all the mods and the other task creators for dreaming up another fun season of tasks.

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