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message 1: by Akash (new)

Akash Kulgod (kulgod) I already did it in the A-Z topic...You push us to hard..:D

message 2: by Akash (new)

Akash Kulgod (kulgod) Oh yeah??!!
What about you??you should start first:P

message 3: by Akash (new)

Akash Kulgod (kulgod) Okay...On monday i have to get up early to go for basketball practice..

message 4: by Akash (last edited Jun 01, 2013 08:24AM) (new)

Akash Kulgod (kulgod) Shrishti~Music~Psyche wrote: "I LOOOOOVE Basketball. I was in the inter district team (under 14) for Noida, too."

I play a lot of sports and then leave them..
I've played chess,tennis,cricket,football,athletics and now basketball.....
I'm 5'11 and i'm just 13 years old so i'm pretty much the tallest player...

message 5: by Akash (new)

Akash Kulgod (kulgod) Shrishti~Music~Psyche wrote: "I have played Tennis/Squash/Football and I am also a gymnast. I don't do any of this stuff now. Just Basketball."

Gymnast??Didn't know you could do that in India....

I like to learn science and stuff but i hate my school exams...because they're too easy...

message 6: by Akash (new)

Akash Kulgod (kulgod) Kannada and Hindi here...:(
Hate them especially since i don't use them...
You speak Hindi??

message 7: by Akash (new)

Akash Kulgod (kulgod) Shrishti~Music~Psyche wrote: "Yes. More than English. We all speak Hindi here. Aditi, Mini and I talk on goodreads in Hindi only."

Oh...I just make a fool of myself if i try to talk in Hindi:(

Your school is a only girls school right??

message 8: by Akash (new)

Akash Kulgod (kulgod) Shrishti~Music~Psyche wrote: "No. We don't even have only girls or boys school here in Noida. A school'l be boring without guys."

I'm in a only boys school:(
The only one in the city:(

But i don't mind:)

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