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Courting Cate (The Courtships of Lancaster County, #1)
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Rachel Brand (pixieauthoress) Please join us this month in reading Courting Cate by Leslie Gould.

Courting Cate (The Courtships of Lancaster County #1) by Leslie Gould

When This Couple Gets to Courting, Sparks Will Fly!

In Paradise, Pennsylvania, Cate Miller is known more for her sharp tongue and fiery temper than her striking appearance. Her sweet and flirty sister, Betsy, on the other hand, seems to have attracted most of the bachelors in Lancaster County!

But the sisters' wealthy father has made one hard-and-fast rule: older Cate must marry first, before younger Betsy can even start courting. Unfortunately, untamable Cate has driven away every suitor--until Pete Treger comes to town, that is.

Prodded by the men of the area, Pete turns his attention to winning Cate's hand. But is his interest true or is there a scheme at play?

Participation in group reads is entirely voluntary, but we'd love to hear your thoughts if you have read this book! But please refrain from posting spoilers until a little later in the month, so as not to spoil the book for those who are still reading it. If you're worried you might spoil part of the book, feel free to post something like ***SPOILER ALERT*** before your comment.

message 2: by Kat (new) - rated it 3 stars

Kat | 6 comments Yay! I just put a hold on it from my library!

Brittany | 340 comments Mod
I read it a couple of weeks back, since I snatched it up at the library while I had a chance. I really liked it and it'll be interesting o read the discussion. :)

Tina Watson | 222 comments I cant wait to discuss Courting Cate with everyone.

I read this book back at its release date and I loved it.

So excited Im trying hard to mention any spoilers yet.

Rachel Brand (pixieauthoress) I read this earlier in the year and I'm hoping it'll make for an interesting discussion.

Out of interest, has anyone read the play "The Taming if the Shrew" upon which this book is based? I've read a fair bit of Shakespeare but not this one, but I knew the play somewhat (mainly from the movie "10 Things I Hate About You"!) before reading this book.

Rachel I read this book in April, I think. I really enjoyed it and will look forward to seeing others' thoughts. And, Rachel, yes, I have read Taming of the Shrew. It's one of my favorite Shakespeare plays. :) Also, if you would like to watch a movie version of it, the version with Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor from 1967 is very well done. Of course, I liked 10 Things I hate about you also, a great modern spoof. :)

Rachel Brand (pixieauthoress) Thanks for the recommendation! It would be fun to acquaint myself with the original play at some point.

Diana Foster Smith (nuggettlee) | 3 comments Funny you just put this up for discussion. I just stumbled ujpon it last week when I was looking for something nee to read. I have started this one and also purchased the next one Adoring Addie. I'm enjoying it so far. Will look forward to the discussion.

Rebecca I read this one and I thought it was very clever, very fun. I hope everyone enjoys it.

message 10: by Tina (new) - rated it 5 stars

Tina Watson | 222 comments No I havent watched the movie "The Taming of the Shrew" but I have watched "10 Things I Hate About You!"; I loved that movie.

message 11: by Tina (new) - rated it 5 stars

Tina I read it a few months ago and loved it
Blessings, Tina

message 12: by Melissa (new) - added it

Melissa | 127 comments I liked that movie 10 Things I Hate About You. It's been years since I've seen it, but it used to come on all the time, maybe on USA Network.

Maybe I will have to breakdown and buy this book. I have so many on my TBR list, the last thing I really need is more books! :)

message 13: by Kat (new) - rated it 3 stars

Kat | 6 comments Just got this book from the library and I hope to start it this weekend!!!

message 14: by Kat (new) - rated it 3 stars

Kat | 6 comments Pretty much adore this book already!

Tracy (lovebugg613) | 7 comments starting this book tonight,,,cant wait!

Rachel Brand (pixieauthoress) What didn't you care for, Anne? It's okay if you didn't love the book. It tends to make discussions more interesting if we don't all have the same opinion ;)

Carolyn E | 239 comments I liked Courting Cate, but I loved the second book in this series, Adoring Addie, even more. I am eagerly looking forward to the publication of the third book, Minding Molly, which is scheduled for sometime--hopefully early--in 2014.

message 18: by Tina (new) - rated it 5 stars

Tina Watson | 222 comments It was Jan. 1, 2014 under Minding Molly's book page.

message 19: by Tina (new) - rated it 5 stars

Tina Watson | 222 comments Anne wrote: "I think I may be the only one who didn't care for this book :)"

At times it's nice for an author to have someone who didnt like their books; for that reader to tell the author honestly why so that way the author can try to make the improvement that they need to make the book good.

message 20: by Tina (last edited Jun 11, 2013 12:34PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Tina Watson | 222 comments I'll be honest with you Anne, when I was read at least the first three chapters of Courting Cate I wasnt sure if I was goig to like the book.


Because I thought it started out slow, since this is her first Amish book written by herself without any co-authors. I also thought that the book didnt have any thing to grab my attention, but I kept reading it and in the end, Leslie Gould did have something to grab me and it got my attention and like for the book.

Rachel Brand (pixieauthoress) Tina wrote: "Anne wrote: "I think I may be the only one who didn't care for this book :)"

At times it's nice for an author to have someone who didnt like their books; for that reader to tell the author honestl..."

That's an excellent point, Tina. Authors are always wanting improve on their writing, and knowing what does and doesn't work for their readers can be really helpful.

Carolyn E | 239 comments Tina wrote: "It was Jan. 1, 2014 under Minding Molly's book page."

Tina: Thanks for the info. I will update my TBR list to look for this date.

message 23: by Kat (new) - rated it 3 stars

Kat | 6 comments I started out liking the book, and then as it went on I thought Pete was so absent and couldn't understand his coolness to her. She is fending for herself at his parents doing everything anyone asks of her and he still gives her the cold shoulder, doesn't even try. I knelt wanting him to open up to her and actually show e cared, but he never did. I was disappointed.

message 24: by Kat (new) - rated it 3 stars

Kat | 6 comments Maybe it was because we could only see her point of view. We could see her changing and growing, but he still stayed distant until the end.

Paula-O (kyflo130) | 119 comments I read this book and loved it and have just now finished Adoring Addie, didn't like as much as the first book. It is pretty good but I feel like Addie has too much work put on her and little time for herself. I will read the next one when it comes out though, like this author.

Rachel Brand (pixieauthoress) I did struggle with Pete as well at times, but he seemed to really redeem himself at the end :) But as Kat points out, that is the disadvantage of only getting the story from Cate's point of view--maybe he made more of an effort than she gave him credit for ?

message 27: by Kat (new) - rated it 3 stars

Kat | 6 comments I'd be interested in reading another book of hers but would really love to have it from different points of view, like the guys. It would tie so many more things together!

message 28: by Tina (new) - rated it 5 stars

Tina Watson | 222 comments At times in the book, I would get mad a Betsy. She was the character that I struggled with the most in the book. AT one point I wanted to shake her.

Lorie | 1324 comments Mod
I really did not enjoy the first part of the book. It just seemed like some young adult book to me but the story really picked up after Cate's wedding and I ended up really liking the story. I kind of wish we could have heard some of Pete's story too. I thought he liked her so much and that was why he was working so much in New York so he did not have to think about how much he loved her seeing her all the time and still keep his promise of loveless marriage. Just my thought.

Tracy (lovebugg613) | 7 comments Ok I finally finished the book. I really enjoyed the story and the escape into Amish life. The ending disappointed though. Seemed rushed. I wanted to know a little more of what happened after....

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