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Come and get your weaponry and armor here.

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ӍдѕҞa (whichsidewillyouchoose) Shay quickly got inside closing the door behind her before turning around to check over what work she had to get done today hoping no one was here... Satisfied no one wasn't she walked over to the stool to just get sorted... Wear girl clothes? He was kidding right? Shy doubted it and groaned taking off her cap and ran a hand through her thick curls before twisting them back into a bun and placed the cap on once again shaking her head, he was crazy absolutely crazy, she hadn't worn girl clothing since she was a little girl... Shay flinched at the memory before shoving that thought down and mumbled under her breath... Guess that means she'll have to go buy one... Sighing she got up and pushed up her sleeves knowing she had flaws on her skin... Scars to be more precise... Oh well he'll find out soon enough... Tho shay couldn't figure out why she had agreed to meet with him... Shoving her thoughts away she got down to work..

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ӍдѕҞa (whichsidewillyouchoose) Finishing work, which shay had spent the while night and morning plus half the afternoon to do sighing she wiped her brow looking at the stunning sword she managed to finish and now was just cooling off... Smirking she shook her head drawing it out and placed it with the others before wiping her hands on a filthy cloth. Sighing she fixed her hair under her cap and locked up heading out afterwards to get ready... Shay crinkled her nose in disgust but it'll help for a disguise if she ever needed it.. Right? She shrugged and went on her way..

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ӍдѕҞa (whichsidewillyouchoose) Shay unlocked the door entering as she began opening the place up moving easily in her male disguise flexing her hands before checking over the swords, daggers, armour... Etc before she grabbed a piece of metal and holding it with 'tongs' she held it in the flames waiting for it to heat up before she took it out placing it down before she began denting it into the certain shape of a breast plate..

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ӍдѕҞa (whichsidewillyouchoose) Shay grunted swearing softly under her breath when she slightly burned her hand causing her to bump into a few swords she had tucked away causing a few to fall off down to the ground before she dunk the piece of metal she'd been working with into cool water swiping her brow with the back of her hand before taking it out and placed it down examining it before she turned bending down to grab the sword she had knocked down..

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Ithuriel was standing at the door watching her intently doing her work, he wanted to be angry at her because they hadn't met in last few days he had gone into the forest looking for her but couldn't find her. he had started to think that the fates are repeating the things with him when he suddenly realized he can find her here and he came as quickly as he can.
watching her fumbled he smiled at himself atleast she still behaves like girls he thought to himself.....he didn't knew what to say because surely she will be pissed at him for coming at the place of her he just settled with clearing his throat.....

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ӍдѕҞa (whichsidewillyouchoose) Shay stiffened slightly when someone cleared their throat and sighed, "I'll be with you in a moment," she said making her voice sound low since she did have to at least sound somewhat like a boy, she quickly picked up the swords sticking them back into place before making sure her hair was tucked under the cap and straightened up turning around to face the person and gaped surprise clearly written on her expression before she composed herself going over slowly while shoving her hands into her pockets, "how may I help you?" She asked wondering why he was here...

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he looked at her amused doing her chores than she turned towards him and he smiled at her but her words caught him off guard looking confusingly at her,he said regaining his composure"I'm here looking for a girl shaylin actually she is my gf" raising his brows at her he tried to look captivated by the things there.....

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ӍдѕҞa (whichsidewillyouchoose) Shay kept her expression impassive getting her hands out of her pockets and grabbed a cloth nearby wiping off her hands with it as she shifted her weight onto one leg looking at him, "sorry sir, no women work here id have to suggest you look somewhere else," she told him hiding the surprise she felt when he had said what he said, "and I don't recall anyone living or working in this village going by that name," she said fighting the urge to smile.... "So I think sir your just out of luck..."

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he looked at her with amusement smiling slightly "are you sure ?? because I left her here one day" he asked in mock surprised voice "but she wears the same cap you are wearing sir and I'm having a real urge to yank it off" he said with a glimmer in his,rubbing his palm "I'm looking for her from few days now so I just do it" he said reaching out for her cap stopping just inches away

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ӍдѕҞa (whichsidewillyouchoose) Shay ducked down backing slightly away before he could shooting him a fake astonished and slightly furious expression, "sir I shall in inform you that that was completely inappropriate," she stated finding her low voice ridiculous, "obviously your mistaken cause nobody with the name Shaylin is present in this building," she said her tone all business as she fought off the strong urge to smirk..

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he almost hissed under his breath moving towards her "because I know that is totally inappropriate but I'm having an urge" he said moving closer towards her "I have an offer you're coming with me or I'm going to the owner and say that this person is shooing me away than you will be kicked out because he surely knows who I'm and we both can play our little date-date game' he said winking at her and smiling mischievously than he tucked the lock of hair which had loose free from her cap

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ӍдѕҞa (whichsidewillyouchoose) Shay cursed herself silently, glaring at him but didn't dare slap his hand away.. Plus it was totally a girl thing to do, "I am not shooing you away, its just the fact your looking for something that I can't exactly offer, since women don't work here-..." She drifted off knowing she might as well cut out the act knowing he knew, she grumbled under her breath glancing around quickly before looking back at him, "so your blackmailing me?" She said instead raising an eyebrow at him her pitch returning to normal, "I think that's highly unfair."

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he chuckled at her looks "I think your glare looks returning you should watch your steps your highness" he said with his hand stilp resting on one of her cheek "really you think you can't give me what I wants......" he trailed of and added,"yes I'm blackmailing you since everything fair in love" he said winking at her "you're talking about unfair ?? oh my goodness I'm looking for you from last four days you just disappears from the mother earth" he said with a little sharpness and concern in his voice

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ӍдѕҞa (whichsidewillyouchoose) "Only If looks could kill," she muttered under her breath to low and quiet for him to hear tho she totally didn't mean it at heart but oh well... Shay had to stomp the urge to lean into his soft touch but she crushed it and tossed the cloth still in her hand onto a table, "no I can't give you what you want since you want a lass named Shaylin no one here goes by it," she informed him giving him a look before it turned to a glare, "blackmailing it has resorted to that you could have just asked politely," she scoffed at the thought but hay it was worth the shot, "and sorry if you couldn't find my camp, obviously you didn't look hard enough and I have been working a lot in those four days," she retorted wondering if he actually remember her promise that she'd given him.. Hopefully not cause that would be an awkward situation..

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"your looks already had killed me my highness" he said flirtatiously to her wondering whether if he would have come here or not,dropping his hand to his side...."ahaa I see there's no lass by the name of shaylin,so what about shay ?? I can go to your owner and ask him to let you come with me" he said raising his eyebrows at her in a questioning look "you didn't left any other way for me other than blackmailing" he muttered under his breath but high enough for her to hear "ohhh I searched the whole damn jungle what you expected of me that I would I have let my soldiers search you since they know you better than I do" he spoke sarcastically to her letting her know he still remembers what she had told him before leaving that day

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ӍдѕҞa (whichsidewillyouchoose) Shay smirked watching him carefully as she raised an eyebrow, "they have?" She asked slightly amused, "and no lass by the name shay but there is I, but I am clearly not a woman," she stated knowing the was an utter lie but who ever knew who was listening.. "But wouldn't that look and seem odd sir? Wouldn't the owner wonder why you would want me unless you wish for me to lose my job then of course continue," she said backing up slightly and bowed slightly mockingly before she straightened shooting him a glare, "there must have been other choices you've been in here no more the a few minutes.." She muttered back shaking her head stepping closer to get into his personal space, "and if you had searches the while damn forest Ithuriel you would have found me or my camp," she pointed out, "and would you really send them after me? You must realize that it's highly likely they'd stab me without questions," she said cursing then silently in her mind and sighed knowing she'd have to explain why to him...

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"yes they have" he said putting his hand on his chest mocking pain there "well I think than either you have murdered her and taken her place or she is on holidays" he said looking at her amused "do you think your owner will stop me or kick you out ?? nah I don't think so I will have him hanged" he said with a chuckle,suppressing his laugh with a cough "hmmm maybe it's.........." he stopped saying when she steps closer to him raising his brows at her he rolled his eyed at her "like you think I'm lying.......I searched for you maybe you did some enchantation around your work since you know magic....the way you did on me" he said patting her and leaning to kiss her.........he goes real slow not caring if anyone is seeing or not.....when he broke the kiss he was breathing heavily,"I missed you" he said "if they even have touched you I would have them hanged in public" he said suddenly getting serious

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ӍдѕҞa (whichsidewillyouchoose) Shay was about to snap back retorted when he had kissed her, surprise filtered through her making her mind go still but her body reacted like the traitor it was by the time he broke the kiss she was nearly panting for breath looking up at him stunned before she finally spoke, "obviously Ithuriel you do not believe me dead or think for you wouldn't have dared kiss me," she murmured trying to shake of the urge to kiss him again and the other urge to blush, "I have not but an enchantment on its grounds nor any magic over you," she said almost choked out, "and you talk about hanging people, killing people that are mostly just doing their jobs," she pointed out before she bit her lip before she went up on her tippy toes pecking his cheek with her lips, "but I have missed you also," she said in a mere whisper before returning to stand on the flat on her feet and took a small step back...

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he watched her carefully picking up the words as he didn't wanted to blow up her cover as a man "well I did believe why not kiss a stranger it should be fun right" he said winking at her and felt a shiver going through his spine at the mention of his name by her. he shudder at the sharpness in her tone "well I won't hang innocent people you know me better than this, but yup one thing if anyone try to do anything to you than it wil be their biggest mistake" he said trying to explain 'ohh yes mistake makes me remember,that what it was you did top provoke my soldiers" he asked in a simple curios voice. "Shay missed me ?? really,this is some massive improvement" he said in a mock surprised voice, raising his eyebrows at her for kissing him he asked,"
well you just kissed me what people will think of you ?? didn't it wil hurt you man's ego ?" he asked teasing her

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ӍдѕҞa (whichsidewillyouchoose) Shay sighed rolling her eyes as she went over to where she left the breast plate she was working on, "my male ego isn't as huge as yours obviously and I don't care what people think of me, all they need to know is that I am a male," she retorted examining the metal before placing it away before flashing him a look, "id doubt you would have kissed a mere stranger," she pointed out, "and so you would harm someone who Intends harm to me?" She asked raising an eyebrow before she glanced around quickly before grabbing his arm pulling him out of the building through the back door before turning on him scowling, "I guess I'll tell you that story later cause this is not the place, and don't be too cocky Ithuriel need I remind you, you missed me also..?" She pointed out glancing around before leaning against the back of the buildings wall..

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"like I cares what people will think about me if they think than let them think I have an ego but you shouldn't do that",he pointed out to her chuckling at her words,"only if that stranger is as beautiful as you" he spoke pointing towards her heart "hmmm......" he had opened his mouth to speak when she grabbed his arm and lead him out of the building,she scowls at him which,in his opinion,made him look funny,putting his both hands on the wall near her shoulders,he leaned and spoke from mere inches away "well I needs to be cocky because you're still behaving like you don't love me,when it's obvious you do and as far ad the story is concerned I'll listen to it with some tea and biscuits" chuckling he ran a finger of his,from her forehead to her neck stopping there looking into her eyes "yes I'll harm anyone who intends to harm you" he said in a mere whisper

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ӍдѕҞa (whichsidewillyouchoose) Shay pressed her back against the wall staring up at him swallowing heavily shuddering from his breath on her so close, "I've told you before that I am not beautiful," shay said softly keeping his eyes on his neck not any higher unable to.. "What makes you so sure that I love you, or why would you even care If I do or do not..?" Shay asked softly clenching her teeth from emotions she couldn't but a handle on, "and why would you need to be cocky cause of it?" She asked rolling her eyes, "I'll tell you later as I had told you, again this isn't the best place for that conversation... Might as well write 'I need to be hanged' on my forehead," she said rolling her eyes and shook her head before pointing to her scar on her chin going down disappearing beneath her shirt, "I think your a little to late," she muttered glancing up at him..

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he rolled her eyes at her not really having any idea about what to say to her,"we aren't talking about it whether you're beautiful for me and that's what matter most" he said to her trying to remain his calm."ohh for God sake don't be so lost you know you do love me and you also know I love you" he shuts his mouth,but it was late he had actually said to her. he looked around nervously not daring to look into her eyes,surely she wil glare at him or something,"I have to be cocky because you're not ready to accept the fact and ok don't tell me the story I'm intelligent enough to know that it's not a place to tell" he said to her in a casual voice,still looking away. with her last statement he forced himself to look at her,placing his finger under his chin he spoke "yes I'm late but now I'm here and nothing can happen to you" in a confident voice

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ӍдѕҞa (whichsidewillyouchoose) Shay stared at him completely shocked and.... She swallowed heavily before she reached her hand up to gently caress his cheek, "Ithuriel," she said softly in a mere whisper, "I-I..." She drifted off unable to find any words .. For once she was silent gulping she shuddered shaking her head, "Ithuriel you barely even know me.... And the other way around... Why.. How.." She stammered not finding any other words her mind a muddle as she tried to sort it out, could he see her emotions better then she did? She gulped again looking up at her emotions flying through her dark green eyes.. "Are you sure your not the one who needs to be protected..."

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he reached his hand and puts his hand over her hand and taking it he kissed her palm "I don't know how, why but it's the truth and yes I hardly knows you......" he stopped shaking his head andaughed a little at her ".........I don't even knows where you live but that's the truth I loves you" he finished looking at her trying to settle down emotions of both of them he surely didn't have any idea why he said it so early to her, but he needed someone,smeone whom he can trust with his life. "he felt he will lost under her gaze so looking away he whispers "I don't need any protection from anyone do I" with that he crashed his lips onto her and he forgot everything,,putting his hands behind her back he pulled her towards him and pinned her against the wall,not caring if he hurts her or not,he kissed her with a passion he didn't knew that exist within him,while his hands rubs her neck and back.........

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ӍдѕҞa (whichsidewillyouchoose) Shay gasped in surprise but it got caught in her throat when he had kissed her, she groaned softly against his mouth wrapping her arms around his neck finally shutting off her mind she kissed him back arching towards him knowing that her cap had fallen onto the ground and her hair cascaded back down around her shoulders and back before she broke the kiss breathless and flushed keeping her arms around his neck keeping her eyes closed as she murmured something too quiet for any ear to hear under her breath before her hands drifted down to clasp his shoulders, "you do realize I could be fired," she said softly slightly amused..

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he was breathing hard when she broke the kiss and he noticed her cap had fallen and her hair has gotten loosen up....he kept his gaze at her studying the emotions which keeps flashing across her face _I do but I can buy this place for.........." he said and added "as a gift if you wants to". many things had happened she was still holding onto him which he was looking liking........he pushed the hair behind her neck and gave a peck on her neck. "how about you lives in my castle in my room" he said with a chuckle but seeing the look she was giving him he retorted,quickly adding,"ok I was just kidding but still you can live in the castle"

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ӍдѕҞa (whichsidewillyouchoose) Shay shook her head, "you do not have to buy me anything," she said strictly, "leave the poor blacksmiths alone I only need to have enough money for the winter," she said shuddering slightly before she gave him an astonished look which turned Into a glare hiding her smile when he quickly corrected himself before she slowly shook her head looking up into his similar green eyes, "I don't think that would be a good idea," she said softly thinking of everything, of her camp and of her life...

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"ok I won't buy you anything but you know they will be eager for the deal cuz I'm Smith and they are black'smith' which makes us kinda lost brothers" he said winking at her trying to make her laugh.they were still close he wasn't ready to let her go yet.
he laughed lightly "you know I love and have the urge to laugh when you glares at me......" he said "because you love me and at the same time keeps giving me dirty looks" he quickly added seeing her confused look.
"come on come to the castle think of fun we have and we won't have to be afraid of someone looking at us and saying 'get some room' " he air quoted the word trying to tease her

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ӍдѕҞa (whichsidewillyouchoose) Shay bit back a smile but she silently laughed her body shaking at the movement as she shook her head, "very funny Ithuriel," she said chuckling softly as she rolled her eyes... She furrowed her eyes in confusion in his next statement but as soon as he cleared it up she sighed rolling her eyes, "I thought my glares killed you....?" She said raising an eyebrow at him smirking slightly before her expression hardened thinking through it carefully before responding, "only on a few conditions," she said finally, "one, I don't have to wear dresses or really anything girly only if its a rate occasion and I'll wear my hair down with the cap only covering the top of my head... Two, you won't freak out if I don't show up where I'm meant to sleep... Three, if any guard or knight.. Anyone like that I get to freely harm them if they dare touch me, and that would include you not telling them about us or anything along the lines of me being there and such... Because trust me they'll recognize me.... Is that an accord?" She asked looking him dead in thee eye...

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"it used to kill me" he chuckles and her previous statements.....he looked intently at her keeping his gaze locked on her,considering her words when he finally spoke gathering the words,"ok you won't wear dress but still you wil have to be girly and I don't have any problem with your cap......" he stopped smiling mischievously and ruffled her hair "but I'll ruffle your hair and like you're going there to kill my soldiers and knights ??? I can promise you they won't do any thing to you......." he said and looking concerned he asked "but I really don't understand the part about me is I have to be public about us or what ?"

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ӍдѕҞa (whichsidewillyouchoose) Shay rolled her eyes, "I can only promise to be me," she retorted giving him a hard glare before swatting his hand away from her already untameable curly mess of hair, "good cause the cap stays but don't ruffle my hair its already a mess, you don't need to make it worse," she said sighing as she rolled her eyes slowly unlocking her arms from his neck rolling her eyes again, "not to kill them Ithuriel, I'm stating you don't warn then about me at all so If they do dare touch me or any means of harm to me I can return the favour," she said her eyes growing dark slightly with anger before clearing blinking seeing his confused look she sighed, "it has to do with the story I'll tell you later with why they'll recognize me," she explained quickly, "and no you can't but I can promise you tho that once I get it through their thick skulls they will know not to do anything to me," she replied smoothly before she shrugged, "I don't know, just don't give the guards or the knights a heads up," she said shrugging again but her gaze never left his..

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he rolled his eyes at her "ok ma'am as you wish but messy hair says the something happened between us" he finished with a light chuckle "uh huh I understands but it seems that you're going there to kill my soldiers because if they try anything I'll get them hanged" he said suddenly his voice getting all serious and sharp.....he can't think of her getting away from him although she had taken her hands back to her side from his neck but he was still holding her from the waist. he kept his eyes locked onto her "why I nerds to tell soldiers about us I'll be telling my family about us" he said matter of factly to her with a finality in his voice he leaned and kissed her only for a couple of seconds and whispered "you're mine"

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ӍдѕҞa (whichsidewillyouchoose) Shay sighed rolling her eyes, "ssure but it also means that its just a curly mess," she pointed out smirking anyway at his comment before she glared at him pressing her lips swollen from kisses into a straight line, "you will not hang them, that is the condition for me staying at the castle," she retorted sternly knowing he'd probable hate the story she had to tell him about her encounter with the soldiers before hoping he didn't over react as she watched him grow sharp and serious, "I'll still beat the soldiers if they dare to anything," she mumbled weakly her eyes widened slightly when he mentioned telling his family about her, them... What were they? Like... Oh goddess.. Her thoughts were interrupted when he kissed her, short and sweet as she placed her hands flat against his chest shuddering with his possessive words warming slightly from within biting her lip as she tried to compose herself enough that she slipped from his grasp bent down to retrieve her cap quickly tucking her hair beneath it peeking him on the cheek before she was at the back door opening it looking back at him, "meet me at the edge of the forest at this village," she added just in case, "I'll close up shop and meet you there understood? And before you ask it's cause I promised I would tell you the tale about why they would recognize me and I know the perfect place to tell you okay?".... She didn't wait for an okay before he entered the building closing the door behind her....


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he just keeps looking at her probably out of words because she sometimes confuse him "o.k I'll not hang them deal" he said half heartedly he let her go and she opens the door he moved to enter with her but her next words stopped him,she was going and he have to wait again...!!!! great he thought to himself "o.k I'm all up for a great tea time story" he said under his breath,mumbling he turned away going for the forest

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