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Antonia (adf7793) This is the home of the Ardlexei brothers...

♚ █ Outside View:(view spoiler)

♚ █ Outside Pool/Patio:(view spoiler)

♚ █ Inside Swimming Pool:(view spoiler)

♚ █ Kitchen:(view spoiler)

♚ █ Living Room:(view spoiler)

♚ █ Dining Room:(view spoiler)

♚ █ Study:(view spoiler)

♚ █ Theater Room:(view spoiler)

♚ █ Home Gym:(view spoiler)

♛ █ Preston's Bedroom-(view spoiler)

♛ █ Shane's Bedroom-(view spoiler)

♛ █ Talen's Bedroom-(view spoiler)

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Antonia (adf7793) "Well this is it..." Talen unlocked the door and led Everest and her younger sister into the living room. He tilted his head to the side listening for any sounds to indicate that his brothers were home, it seemed not. "Well...I guess Shane and Preston are out. But that just means that we have the place to ourselves." Talen smiled over at Everest, and knelt down to speak with Mirabeau, "So you mind if I call you that? We have quite the selection of movies, and we have a cool place to watch them. Does that sound like something that you would like to do?" He gave her a friendly smile, he knew that he was important to his mate, so in turn she was important to him. He would protect them both with his life, Everest had already become his entire world.

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Everest smiled gently as Talen talked to her little sister, a genuine small plastering his lips. She knew that Mirabeau would love Talen, and would probably end up spending more time with him than she did. Mirabeau nodded her head vigorously in response to both of Talen's requests and held on to one of Everest's fingers. When he rose, Everest kissed his cheek and laced her fingers in his. He was being so sweet to her little sister- it meant a lot to her. "Ew, boy germs!" Mirabeau squealed and skipped into the depths of the mansion, her little giggles echoing through the enormous house. "She already loves you." Everest confirmed, gazing up at her mate with appreciation.

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Antonia (adf7793) Talen threw his head back in laughter as Mirabeau took of running, he wasn't worried the house was safe for children. That was Preston for you, prepared for anything and everything. He had completely baby proofed the whole house, though Mira was the youngest child...well only child to ever step foot into their house. "Good, I'm glad. I was worried that she wouldn't..." Talen gave Everest a weak smile, it was the truth, he had never really hung around younger kids. So he wasn't sure how to act around them, he was glad that his mate seemed to think he was doing well.

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"Don't be. You're a natural." She laughed and watched Mirabeau run off, a little worried. What if she fell in the pool or something? She swallowed, tempted to run after the little girl and bring her back. After years of taking care of Mira on her own, Everest developed a strong maternal instinct. She rested her head against Talen's shoulder, taking comfort in his touch. The huge mansion didn't seem like the kind of place for kids to be running around in.

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Antonia (adf7793) Talen could feel the worry his mate was plagued with, i was nearly tangible. "Hey. It's okay, this place is completely baby proof, compliments of my brother Preston. The doors to the pool won't even open without a code. He takes safety very seriously, so trust me when I has Mira could do more harm that she would receive." He softly stroked her hair, hoping to calm her down. It set his wolf on edge when she was upset, worried, or anxious.

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Everest's tension released from her body as Talen said those words. Her worry wasn't completely eradicated, but she wasn't about to go chasing Mirabeau down. "Sorry if I'm worrying too much- I've practically been her mother for the last two years." She relented, sorry that she was dumping her issues on her mate's shoulders. He meant the world to her, and the last thing she wanted to do was to burden him with her problems. Everest lifted her head from his shoulder, surveying her surroundings. The main entrance was quite large, and her eyes flickered over every detail before landing back on her handsome mate.

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Antonia (adf7793) "Don't be, you have nothing to be sorry about. I can't that I know what it feels like to have to step up and be a parent; my brother Preston raised me. But I'll be here for you-- for both of you" Talen meant it too, he wanted to be there for his mate and her sister. In his eyes her burdens were also his burdens to bare. They would face the future, whether in good times or bad times, together. He noticed her looking around and he realized how rude he had been, "Oh, um, would you like a tour? Or something to drink?" Talen grabbed her hand and showed her into the kitchen.

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Smiling up at him softly, she nodded. Admittedly, she was quite parched but she wasn't about to admit that to Talen. The house- no, scratch that, mansion was so big, it could probably fit a school of children with no issues. Everest's mate grabbed her hand and led her to the kitchen, which she noticed had a very regal appearance. Pressing a kiss to his hand, she released it and sat on a stool near the counter. She rested her chin on her laced fingers, green eyes flickering around the room.

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((Going to sleep now - goodbye my lovely.))

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Antonia (adf7793) ((Good Night! That's where I am headed myself, and I hope you feel better, hun!))

Talen smiled as she placed a small kiss upon his hand, moving her closer he place one on her cheek. Taking a deep breath before he pulled back, he savored her scent. Nothing could compare to her heavenly aroma, and his wolf agreed. Talen's eyes swirled into a golden hue, denoting that his wolf was on the surface. But Talen forced him to back down, his wolf just couldn't understand why he hadn't marked Everest yet. Not seeing that it wasn't the right time with Mirabeau lurking around and not to mention the fact that Everest probably wasn't ready for that. They had just found each other, and Talen didn't want to rush anything.

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Everest smiled lightly as she noticed Talen's eyes fill with a golden colour, her own wolf stirring at the surface. She pushed it down, and ran a hand through her silky hair, thinking of the disastrous things that could happen if she was too forward with him. Everest watched her mate as he took out two cups from a little shelf and placed them on the counter. She couldn't help but stare longingly at his flexing muscles underneath the material of his shirt. He was a perfect mate; sweet, handsome and good with kids. Everest couldn't believe she had gotten so lucky in finding him... she wasn't going to waste a minute.

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Antonia (adf7793) After Talen placed the cups upon the counter, he walked over to the refrigerator and peered in to see what they had. "Well, we have soda, tea, juice, water...oh and milk. Which would you prefer?" The cool air emitted from the icebox seemed to be helping Talen regain control over his thoughts, and more importantly those of his wolf's. He placed her choices on the counter next to the cups, smiling over at her as he did so. His eyes had returned to their normal greyish blue color, which he was thankful for. Walking around the kitchen island that separated them Talen placed a soft kiss on Everest's forehead, "I'm glad your here...with me."

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Everest bit her lip when he displayed her options. Thinking rationally, she was about to opt for water when Talen pressed a kiss to her forehead and whispered some sweet words. She swivelled on the seat so that they were face to face, and linked her hands behind his head. "I'm glad I'm here with you too." She smiled and pressed a soft kiss to his lips. A little bubble of desire welled up in her but she squashed it. Wouldn't want to ruin the sweet moment, would we? Everest gazed lovingly into Talen's eyes, all of her emotions on display for him to see.

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Antonia (adf7793) Talen was sure there was a goofy girn clearly visible on his face, but honestly he didn't care. Being with Everest was...well unexplainable, too perfect to place into words. He felt happier than he had in years, truly he couldn't remember the last time he had felt this much joy. Maybe back when his parents were alive? That seemed about right. Even that thought which would normally leave him feeling depressed couldn't get him down. Everest was like the sun, every shadow of doubt, fear, or pain vanished in her presence. Talen pulled back, though he'd rather not, and put away all of the beverages besides the bottles of water. "So what do you think Mirabeau it up to? Should we put a movie on for her?" Talen wouldn't mind watching a movie with them, he couldn't picture a better way to spend his day.

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Everest was a bit disappointed when Talen pulled away, but being in his presence was enough. He gave her a hope that maybe things will turn out perfect- that they would be perfect together. Smiling, she took the cup of water gratefully and took a sip. Even though the water was ice-cold, a warm feeling slid through her as she gazed at Talen. Realizing he had asked a question while she had been openly ogling him, Everest snapped out of the haze and blushed. "That sounds great. Um, Mira loves Disney movies." She said bashfully, a little embarrassed she had been staring at him for so long. Not that she could help it anyway.

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Antonia (adf7793) Talen chuckled softly at the sheepish look on his mate's face as she realized that she had been blatantly staring at him. Not that he minded, quite the opposite really, he was pleased that his mate seemed to appreciate his physique. He most certainly had no complaints about Everest's, she was perfect in every way imaginable. He tried to remember whether or not they had any Disney movies, it had been a while since he watched any of them. He drank the last of his glass of water before walking over to the rack that held their choices. "We have...Wreck It Ralph, Mega Mind, Monsters vs Aliens, and...the Lion King." That was strange, Talen hadn't realized that they had such an 'updated' selection of children's movies. He just shrugged it off, one of his brothers must of bought them for some reason.

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Mirabeau chose that moment to enter the room again, a curious expression masking her face. "Your house is big." She marvelled, wide eyed and stretched her hands as far as she could to express the vastness of the mansion. Everest chuckled at her little sister's enthusiasm and took her hand. "Mira, Talen has some Disney movies. Would you like to watch one?" She asked, a bright smile on her face. It was completely obvious that she loved her sister more than anything and would protect her with her life. Mirabeau nodded vigorously, turning to Everest's mate. "I like the Lion King." She squeaked and jumped up and down comically.

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Antonia (adf7793) "Well thank you." Talen smiled down at his mate's little sister, he was glad that she seemed to like his home. Talen's eyes followed his mate as she walked over to be near Mirabeau, he could tell that she was highly protective over her little sister. That filled him with pride. He was proud that Everest stepped up for her sister when her mom crumbled after her father died. Not many people could have done that, he couldn't of, he knew that much. Talen let out a sigh of relief when she had the Lion King, that was one of his favorites. "Alright, let's head down to the movie room!" He held out his hand for his lovely mate, eager to show her and Mirabeau the way there.

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Everest smiled,dimple showing on her left cheek. Talen was so kind to her sister, and it was an admirable trait. Most guys wouldn't even give her a second glance. When her mate offered her a hand, Everest took it and interlaced their fingers, following Talen to where ever the 'movie room' was. Mirabeau skipped ahead eagerly, movie case in hand. Surreptitiously, Everest's eyes darted back to her mate as they made their way down a large hall. He definitely wasn't hard on the eyes, and she could have stared at him for a while if she wanted to. He was everything she had ever wanted in a perfect boyfriend wrapped up in one package. Everest honestly felt as if she were in heaven, and Talen swooping into her life was one big dream.

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Antonia (adf7793) "What are you thinking about?" Talen noticed the look on Everest's face and couldn't help but wonder what she was thinking about. When they were fully mated he wouldn't have to worry about guessing what she was thinking because he would know. Fully mated werewolves were able to read each other's thoughts, he figured that must come in handy. Mirabeau had him cracking up, the little girl was all that Talen had ever wanted in a younger sister. He was glad that he got the chance to have a younger sister, he had always wanted one. He opened the open to the theater room, "Would you like to put the movie in Maribeau?"

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"Of how lucky I was to find you." She admitted, smiling up at her mate. She didn't mention how she had been also thinking of their future together because it may give him the wrong idea. Everest didn't want him to leave her in the dust straight after she met him. Mirabeau nodded a yes to Talen's question and immediately ran into the room, ducking down to turn on the system. Once she had run into the room, Talen and Everest were left to a moment alone.She turned to face him, having to tilt her head slightly as he was very tall. Compared to her height at least.

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Antonia (adf7793) "You lucky? More like I'm the lucky one, dear mate of mine." Talen told her seriously as he returned her dazzling smile with one of his own. He chuckled at Mirabeau's enthusiasm, she was definitely going to be an interesting little girl to be around. He turned his attention back to his mate, noting that they were alone...for the moment at least. He looked down at her admiring her beauty, he was reminded of what he had said before, he was lucky. Everest was anything and everything he could have ever hoped for in a mate, he just hoped he didn't let her down. It would kill him if he had ever disappointed her.

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((Sorry! I fell asleep on my laptop:3))

Everest flushed slightly, pushing her mane of brown hair back. Average brown hair. All her life, she had been nothing more then average, but Talen made her feeling special- completed. Reaching on her tiptoes, she placed a light kiss on his lips, savouring the moment. Once she broke away, Everest meekly tucked a wild piece of hair behind her ear and looked at the ground. She had never been so forward with someone in her life, and it was a big step for her.

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Antonia (adf7793) ((Haha! Nice XD))

Talen loved the feel of her lips upon his, the sparks ignited throughout his body. He frowned slightly as she pulled away, he didn't like it. Nor did his wolf. But now was not the time or place for things to go any further than a simple kiss. Mirabeau could return at any moment, and he didn't fancy her catching them doing anything...well that she shouldn't be doing. Besides, they had the rest of their lives to spend with each other. Talen had no plans of ever letting Everest go, she was his, as he has hers. He was thrilled about that, finding his mate was everything that he had ever thought it would be.

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"Evie! The movie's starting!" Mirabeau squealed from inside the room, snuggled up in an over-sized beanbag. Offering Talen a quick smile, she entered the room and picked her way around the seats, eventually folding her legs under her on a plush leather couch. Everest had wanted her moment with Talen to last forever, but sometimes reality called in and gave you an update. Sighing, she snuggled into the soft material and looked up at the screen, only half interested. She had seen this movie- what?- about 40 times?

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Antonia (adf7793) Talen couldn't help the wide grin that broke out across his face when Mirabeau called for them. It reminded him of all the times that he had interrupted his brother Shane when he was with a girl, though he had done it on purpose. Something that Shane hadn't been to fond of, though Talen didn't mind when Mirabeau had done so. "Well we'd better get in there..." Talen smiled down at his lovely mate and walked with her into the movie room. During the movie he couldn't keep his eyes off of Everest. He was reminded of all the hardships that she had faced, his mate was strong. Perhaps stronger than anyone had ever given her credit for.

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As Talen sat next to her on the couch, Everest leaned her head against his shoulder tentatively. She hoped he enjoyed her touch as much as she enjoyed his, because at the moment Everest had everyone and everything she needed. She scooted on the seat a bit so her whole body was pressed against him. The air-conditioning was making the room quite chilly, and Everest looked to her mate's body for warmth. Though she did love the feel of him under her fingertips- in that moment she knew that she would cherish him forever and do anything to make him happy. Her heart already knew what it wanted, and so did her brain. Everest wanted to be Talen's, and be mated fully.

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Antonia (adf7793) Talen pulled Everest closer to him, nuzzling the side of her neck. Her scent overtook his senses calming him even though he hadn't been upset in the first place. It was a feeling of tranquil, of peace it wasn't something that he had felt in a while. So he welcomed it. He wondered if Everest would ever introduce him to her mother, he could see why she would be hesitant to do so, but he hoped she would eventually. He placed a kiss on her cheek, then rested his chin on the crown on her head. If someone had told him that he would be cuddling with his mate watching the Lion King earlier that morning, he would have thought they were insane. He smiled to himself, this day couldn't have turned out better if he had planned it himself.

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Everest smiled sweetly as Talen pulled her closer. Her hand wrapped around his waist, so that they were in a perfect cocoon of peace. Mirabeau didn't look back once, her eyes completely focused on the huge screen. Everest placed her head against Talen's chest, now in the most comfortable position she could be. Everything was perfect, just like him. In the movie, it was the scene showing Nala and Simba falling in love. Her chest vibrated with soundless giggles at the irony at it all. She couldn't believe she was here with her mate and sister, in a huge mansion. The only person missing was her mother. Well, the empty shell of her mother. Maybe realizing her daughter found her mate would bring her out of the permanent haze, but she doubted it.

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Antonia (adf7793) Mirabeau was completely ensnared by the magic that was a Disney movie, Talen smiled slightly, it reminded him of how he used to be at her age. Talen and his mother used to watch movies together all the time, well they did everything together really. His brothers never seemed to have time for him back then, and all of the other kids his age wanted to hang out with them...not him. Not that it really mattered to him, as the youngest him and his mother had always been close. Her death had affected him terribly. Talen was pulled from his dark thoughts by the soundless vibrations of his mate's laughter. His eyes rolled down to look at her beautiful face, he stared in awe of her. Even without trying or knowing she had comforted him, he grinned. "What's so funny, little mate?"

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"Nala and Simba kind of remind me of us. We were meant for each other, and found each other today by complete coincidence." Everest smiled up at him, a dimple showing in her left cheek.Mirabeau was absorbed in the movie, oblivious to the scene behind her. She remembered when she was back in Alaska, her father cuddling up with both of them to watch this exact movie. You two are my little cubs, he would say. And I will protect you from evil hyenas until my last breath. He would then grin and tickle us until we were crying, mother watching from above with a beautiful smile spread across her face. How Everest wished she could see that smiled again, and have her mother wrap her arms around her like she did when Mira and Evie were young kids.

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Antonia (adf7793) "Hey, hey...are you okay?" Talen could sense he sadness, and pulled her closer to him. Something had upset her, and he didn't like it. He softly petted her light brown hair, in an attempt to comfort her. He glanced over at Mirabeau, who has still focused on the movie, which was good. Talen doubted that Everest would have like it if Mirabeau would have noticed that she was upset. He could tell that his mate wanted to stay strong for her sister, for her mother. But he was worried that she had everything bottled up inside and that her grief would slowly overtake her. "I'm here for you know that?" Talen meant it too, he would always be there for her, he just hoped that she trusted him enough to open up to him about it.

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Everest's eyes started watering a bit as Talen's worry showed for her, but she blinked them back. "Oh, yeah, I'm fine." She offered him a forced smile and returned her gaze to the television screen. Everest swallowed back the bout of tears that gathered in her eyes as he promised her those simple words. "I know you are." She murmured and rested her head against his chest again. It wasn't that she didn't want to tell him... well, it was. She didn't want to appear weak in front of her mate and burst out into snivelling, pathetic sobs. All the emotion she had been containing for years couldn't be let out on her mate. He didn't need to know just yet.

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Antonia (adf7793) Talen frowned, he knew that Everest was lying to him, she wasn't fine her could feel it. "As you wish..." He turned his attention back to the screen in front of him, if he didn't he wouldn't be able to hold back his questions. He huffed lightly, conceding to her silent wish, he would drop it. If she didn't want to tell him just yet he wasn't going to force her. He wanted her to tell him because she wanted to, not because she felt that she had to. Talen was willing to wait for that.

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Feeling his dislike of her not sharing her secrets, Everest bit her lip. The last thing she wanted to do was upset him, but she was willing to wait a bit longer before telling him. Removing herself from Talen's warm embrace, she made her way over to where Mirabeau was. With a smile, Everest realized that she was fast asleep. It was a common thing that happened when she watched movies, but it was still adorable every time. She returned to Talen's side, the previous mood erased completely. For now, at least.

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Antonia (adf7793) Talen felt strange without his mate in his arms, it was a feeling that he could do without. Now that he had found Everest he didn't want to let her go. He felt as if he had upset her in someway, which make him feel guilty. He was supposed to be making her happy, not depressed. When she came back over to sit beside him, he wrapped his arms firmly around her and pulled her back to his chest. He smiled down at her, as a silent apology, and as a light warning that she wasn't getting rid of him that easily. Not now, not ever. She was stuck with him, and that make him grin even bigger.

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Everest beamed when Talen gathered her back into his arms, his cheek resting on her head. Gently, she broke away and shifted so that she could press her lips to his. She was loving her moments with him even more every minute. Everest had thought that when you got your mate, the love and perfection would wear off after a while, but she knew now that it would be very different. Her eyes flickered open, gazing into Talen's with varying emotions. Mostly love, acceptance and belonging but a hint of something else, something deeper that could never be put into words.

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Antonia (adf7793) Talen smiled when she kissed him, it let him know that she had forgiven him. Which pleased him incredibly, he didn't like when she was upset, more so when it was because of him. "So, tell me something about yourself." He asked her in a hushed tone, as not to wake up the currently sleeping Mirabeau. He wanted to know everything that she was willing to tell him about her. He would wait on everything else. He pulled her closer and nuzzled the side of her neck, her scent invaded his senses, and he sighed in content.

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Everest thought for a few seconds. "Well, I love to cook. I mean, who else would feed Mirabeau?" She whispered and glanced up at him. A light happiness shone in his eyes, pleasing Everest greatly. Knowing that he was in peace and pleasure because of her made her very happy, and fulfilled. Her fingers were playing with a bit of his shirt, tugging the fabric gently. It was an action she used to reserve for her father, and people she was close to. "Tell me something about you." She grinned sheepishly, tucking a strand of hair behind an ear.

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Antonia (adf7793) "Well I also love to cook, but my brother will tell you I'm not good at it." Talen snickered slightly as he remembered some of the things that he had made his brother's eat. He didn't used to be a good all. He would just throw things together and hope for the best, normally it was an utter disaster. Since then Talen had learned how to actually cook, but his brothers did as well, and refused to let him anywhere near the stove. "I would love to cook with you sometime." He grinned at her and kissed her cheek softly.

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"That would be amazing." Everest said softly, blushing slightly as he kissed her cheek. The effect would never get old, she supposed. The warm memory of Talen's li;s still adorned her cheek and she lifted a finger to brush the spot. His smile practically made her heart burst with happiness- just seeing Talen smile was enough to brighten Everest's world. She imagined future scenes involving spaghetti and lot's of cooking before scolding herself. Everest didn't want to think too far ahead, as it was one of her undesirable traits. Just live in the moment, she told herself and smiled up at Talen.

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Antonia (adf7793) "Good, I'm glad. Don't listen to my brothers when they give you the number to poison control, I'm not that bad...anymore." Talen smiled sheepishly at her, he figured he should warn her about his past with cooking. He gently took the hand she had used to brush her face in his and place a kiss on the top of it. He had been debating whether or not he should ask her, and he had finally built up enough nerve to do so. "Everest...I know...I know that we have just found each other, and I don't want you to feel as if we are moving too fast. But, I have every intention of spending the rest of my life with you, and I was hoping. Well, I was hoping that you would want to move in with me?" He was rambling, he knew that, but he was nervous, "Not here I mean...but like in a place...of our own?"

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Everest smiled meekly as Talen kissed her hand, her cheeks brushed in a light rosy tint. She giggled a little as he rambled but stopped immediately after he finished the sentence. "I wouldn't care if we were to live in a shack. As long as I'm with you, I'll be happy." She grinned and leaned up to press a quick kiss against his lips. "Though Mirabeau and my mother would have to come with me, at least until I can find someone to care for them." She said, a little conflicted. As much as she wanted to be alone with just her and Talen, she couldn't forget her sister and ailing mother. Everest bit down on her lip gently, eyes flickering back to Talen's.

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Antonia (adf7793) Talen's smile couldn't have gotten any bigger when she agreed to move in with him, he had been worried that she would feel it was too soon. She tried to only place a small kiss on his lips but she pulled her back and placed kisses all over her face. She had made him happy, more so than he could ever remember. He had heard finding your mate felt like this, a feeling of complete and utter contentness. He was glad that it was true, it would never get old for him. Looking at his mate's beautiful face took his breath away ever time, "Of course. I would never ask you to leave them behind. You are all my family now." He smiled down at her before sneaking a quick peek over at Mirabeau to make sure she was okay.

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"I could have not asked for a more perfect mate," Everest replied, tilting her head to the side adorably. She too moved her gaze back to Mirabeau for a few seconds before coming back to rest on Talen's perfect eyes. She smiled sweetly, dimple showing and a hint of white revealed through her lips. Everest meant every word; Talen was gorgeous, intelligent, kind and selfless. She would do anything to make him happy, she knew it.

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Antonia (adf7793) Talen's face heated up at her words, though it was more because he was pleased than being embarrassed. She always knew the right things to say, that was something he loved about her. He swallowed when he played back that word in his head, but brushed it off, he was crazy about Everest. So naturally he would love things about her. He noted the dimple on her cheek and grinned down at her, she had no clue how beautiful she was. Talen had honestly never seen someone as gorgeous as his mate, "I feel the same way, the Goddess could not have picked a better match for me..."

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Talen looked absolutely adorable when he blushed. Everest smiled even wider, wrapping her arms around his neck. He was perfect, he truly was but Everest knew he would never admit it. A guy with looks like Talen would normally use them to his advantage and end up the arrogant, cocky type she hated. Gently, she moved up against him and brushed her lips against his, not quite touching though. She didn't want to say it out loud for fear of being too forward, but she wanted Talen to mark her as his as soon as he could. Of course not here with her little sister asleep, but she'd rather sooner than later.

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Antonia (adf7793) Talen looped his arms around her slender bodice, tugging her body closer to his, a grin on his face. She put her lips close to his but didn't really connect them...well they couldn't have that. He pushed his head forward, fusing their mouths together, he softly nipped her bottom lip then licked it as if to take away the sting. He then trailed kissed up the delicate line of her jaw, stopping just below her ear. "Mine..." He murmured against her lobe, biting it lightly. His wolf was urging him to mark her, and he was having a hard time trying to control him. Mirabeau muttered softly in her sleep, which allowed him to snap back into control. His face was full of horror, he couldn't believe that he had done that with her little sister asleep in the same room.

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Everest arched her neck a bit more, a pulsing feeling coming from her throat exactly where she wanted Talen's teeth to mark her. A little voice at the back of her head told her not to be marked in front of your sleeping sister, but she pushed it away. All of her walls were down,and all she wanted in that moment was for Talen's teeth to sink into her neck, bonding them fully so they could be proper mates. She moved so she was straddling his lap, but because of her small stature they were still face to face. Or teeth to neck in this case. Her wolf was jumping joyously beneath the surface and Everest was embracing it fully, waiting for Talen to make the decision.

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