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message 1: by Sabine (new)

Sabine Reed (sabineareed) | 3 comments Hi, I have uploaded a book on Amazon. The Demon Mages is the first book in the planned trilogy The Power of Three. Here is the premise:

King Vindha is threatening the fabric of earth’s magic by offering the bodies of dead mages to the demons, creating powerful and gruesome demon mages. These fearsome immortal mages have the ability to withstand any magical assault. His army is on the move to conquer the mainland, and none have the power to resist his advance.

Mage Zo has bigger problems. Someone has poisoned her brother, king Seve of the island of Iram, and when her twin sister Alicia halts his slow but fateful progress towards death with an ancient binding spell, thereby subjecting herself to the same horrific death, Zo has no choice but to leave for the mainland to procure the flower of rosem, a main ingredient in the antidote for the poison.

Zo has to see a friend die, travel past the ancient guardians of the chasm who attempt to suck the magic out of her and battle the tribe of women akachiams who want to snatch the boy prophet Leo traveling with her. As she fights these odds along with the commander of her home guard Arkon, Zo is unaware that Vindha has sent a demon mage to kill her - and thereby condemn her siblings to an inevitable death.

I would like someone to review it. I can give a pdf or you can download it for free on 8th and 9th of june 2013 (on two free promotion days).

The amazon link is:

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I would love to write a review this book.
My mail:

message 3: by Sabine (new)

Sabine Reed (sabineareed) | 3 comments Ok. Thanks. I will email you a pdf but if you have a kindle and prefer a mobi file, The Demon Mages is going to be free on 8th and 9th June, 2013 on kindle and you can download it. Also, please feel free to tell your friends who like to read epic fantasy that it's going to be free on these dates.

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Sabine Reed (sabineareed) | 3 comments Just a quick reminder to epic fantasy fans that The Demon Mages is free for download on kindle today and tomorrow. If you like to read hihg/epic fantasy, grab your copy now.

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