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drop something and kill yourself with it

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message 1: by Keith (new)

Keith (keifer) | 10 comments ok so this is a fun game to play.
something is on the ground I pick it up and kill myself with it and and I drop something else. next person comes up and pickes it up and kills themself with it.

I find a nerball and try to eat it and choke to death. I drop an bouncy ball.

message 2: by Mikayla (new)

Mikayla | 2658 comments lol okaaaay

I found a bouncy ball, and it was one of those awesome ones that they have had the sporting goods store with glitter and a magic 8 ball inside and you have to bounce it to read your answers, but I got to excited and was bouncing it too high because it went through the ceiling and then came back down and hit me on the head reaallyy hard and I got a concussion and died :[ But while I was in the process of dying, I accidentally dropped my Uncle Henry's prized pocket watch

Zarha, the groove bringer | 2837 comments I picked up the watch and thought I could change it to tell me the date as well as the time, so I open it up, but unfortionately I don't know anything about watches so the screwdriver I use is totally the wrong kind, so it breaks the watch and a piece flys up and hits me in the eye, so I run to the phone to call an ambulance, but I trip over the rest of the pieces of the watch and fall and bang my head on the coutch :( then, not only do I DIE, but I also drop my lucky hankerchief out of my poket. *sob*

message 4: by [deleted user] (new)

I find a hankerchief on the ground and pick it up, I put it around my neck because I've always wanted to do that like fred from scooby doo does. but it must have had some sort of poisen on it, and when I breathed in the fumes I went into cardiac arrest and died. as I was going into spasams, I dropped my wresteling prize fighter belt.

Zarha, the groove bringer | 2837 comments I'm walking along the sidewalk, when I see a dead body lying there, but I also see a prize wrestling belt. So I don't really care about the body. I pick up the belt and cheer in happiness, I've always wanted to feel like a prize wrestler!!!!! I put on the belt and start walking. but the belt is totally the wrong size, wayyyyy to small :( so I can only walk like a penguin. BUT IT IS TOTALLY WORTH IT! BECAUSE IT'S A PRIZE WRESTLING BELT! So I sloowwwly make my way to where I was going (a casino, DUH) and as I am crossing the street to go there a car comes along. But I can't get away because my belt is totally limeting my movement :( so The car doesn't see me, and it hits me, and I go flying, as I am flying away a baseball card falls out of my poket. MY SPECIAL COLLECTOR ONE! and I land on the edge of a pool, and I am about to get up, I WILL MAKE IT THROUGH THIS! but then I roll over the edge of the pool and drown :(

message 6: by [deleted user] (new)

as I am walking down the street, a baseball card flies towards me, and it falls on the ground so I pick it up. and it's a SPECIAL COLLECTOR ONE!!!!!! AND THERES ONLY LIKE, FIVE IN THE WHOLE WORLD!!!! So, I decied to go on a quest to find out who it belonged to. so, I googled who owns those cards. I found only one person, and they lives all the way on the north pole! and when I say on the north pole, I mean it litterally. like, he lived ON the pole it self. so I used all of my money and bought a plane ticket to the north pole. so I got to the air port, and the security people took my bag! they thought it had a bomb in it, so they took it outside to blow it up. :( so I ran after them and tried to get my bag back. but I got to close to where they where blowing it up and got blown up myself. as I exploded, one of my fingers went flying.

message 7: by Mikayla (new)

Mikayla | 2658 comments I saw a drowning person in the pool nearby, but what really interested me, was that there was a special collectors edition BASEBALL card lying on one of those foamy noodles by the edge of the pool, and I'm no baseball card specialist, but I could tell it was a good one. I rushed over there and got the card, kissed it for good luck, then put it in my pocket. That's when the voiced started. There was a little guy in my head named Bobstar that would tell me what to do. He was the one who told me to go to the casinos where I won soooo much money! :] but the strange thing was, I think it was the baseball card talking to me...but it doesn't matter...Bobstar told me that if I jumped off the top of the Statue of Liberty I would be the coolest person alive. So I did. But as I was starting the climb up the base a hot dog vendor saw me and knew I was breaking the law so he started throwing hot dogs and mustard at me until I slipped and fell unto the purse belonging to some old lady, but it had bricks in it, and with the impact of my heart hitting the brick, my heart stopped beating. And my oh-so-yummy piece of mint gum flew out of my mouth and hit the base of the Statue of Liberty, and I quite unceremoniously died.

Zarha, the groove bringer | 2837 comments I'm walking down to the airport to visit my rich aunt, when suddenly something that looks totally like a twinkie comes falling from the sky! so I pick it up and am about to eat it, because who wouldn't eat a strange twinkie that fell from the sky, right? When suddenly someone sees me and yells "CANNABAL!" I don't know why because it's just a twinkie, but suddenly a net gets dropped over me, and I yell, but no one listens to meeeeee. I see some swat team logo on the net, and that's the last thing I see before I black out. I wake up in an unfamiliar forest, I hear people walking away from me saying "why didn't we just kill her instead of taking him to this creepy place, he's a cannibal! she doesn't deserve to be happy and live with her cannibal brethrin!" I freak out when I hear this. I don't want to live with cannibals! I try to get away, but it's too late, a native cannibal sees me thing I know they're throwing me in a pot... I didn't even have my pet rock with me to die along side. It must have fallen out of my pocket :(

message 9: by Keith (new)

Keith (keifer) | 10 comments So i find a rock on the ground and wonder what it is... So i Start tossing it around and I toss it realy high. Then i swear i saw a lepricon and it said "hey laddy" I got distracted and the rock hit me in the head and I died. the rock rolled away down the street (lets let the rock kill some more poeple)

Zarha, the groove bringer | 2837 comments So I'm sitting there in the middle of the sidewalk like I do every tuesday afternoon, when I see a rock rolling towards me, I run to it in happiness because I needed something to put in my garden, and this was perfect! So I pick up the rock and start skipping merrily down the street, when I drop the rock on my toe. AND IT HURT! So I start sobbing clutching my toe, but doing that makes me lose my balance, so I fall over and hit my head through the window of a toy store, and get glass in my head. A puzzle falls out the window, and that's the last thing I see before I die :(

message 11: by Mikayla (new)

Mikayla | 2658 comments I was walking along the sidewalk by the toy store (window shopping of course) wishing with all my heart that I could have one of those amazing puzzles...and then what do you know! Wa la! There was a puzzle! It just fell from the sky! Right into my hands! And-mind you-not just ANY puzzle, it was that AWESOME FINDING NEMO puzzle that I've had my eye on for months! I glanced around to make sure no one saw, then ran as fast as I could away from there before someone would try to steal it. I was too slow though. A creppy man Clown started chasing me, screaming over and over "myyyyyy puzzel! myyyy nemo!"
I was scared. I've always been afraid of Clowns. Especially ones who try to steal my puzzles. I started running, but the Clown was fast! He was chasing me at a very fast pace. He caught up to me, and we began an epic battle (insert Star Wars theme here). I ripped off that big plasic red nose that I hated so much and tossed it to the ground. I was trying to think quickly of how I could save my precious puzzle. A plan formed in my mind. I would have to eat it. Yess yes. I would have to eat the puzzle. It was the only way to save it. While the Clown stepped back to lunge for another attack, I opened the puzzle box, and stuffed all the pieces in my mouth, swallowing them quickly. I ate the box as well. And just when I'd felt I'd done the right thing and saved my special puzzle, I suddenly died. Lead poisoning. And not only to add to that, but the last thing I saw before my eyes so suddenly closed was that big shiny red nose of the Clown, lying useless on the ground beside me.

Zarha, the groove bringer | 2837 comments I was walking down the street when I saw a clown and a person having a vicious battle, with someone playing some starwars music on a flute in the background. I watch for a little while, and get bored. I am about to walk away when, suddenly, the battle stops. and the person dies and the clown just dissapears. Ignoring the dissapearing clown, I walk up to the dead body, wondering if the person had any money on them (I had forgotten to bring some along when I went to get some pizza) instead, I fund something BETTER. A CLOWN NOSE! I get all exited and put the clown nose on, then skip down the street marrily, on my way to the pizza place, forgetting that I have no money. When suddenly someone walks by me and I am forced to stop skipping. In my sudden stop the clown nose falls off and I yell in horror. I dive to the pavement to grab the clown nose, forgetting that there is a person there. And the person keeps walking, not seeing me. They step on my neck, bairly injuring it. But then, they see me and freak out. Dropping the pile of pillows they are carring. Oh no! I'm allergic to feathers! I die from all the feathers. But not before sneazing. Sending one feather floating off into the breeze

message 13: by Mikayla (new)

Mikayla | 2658 comments haha NICE ONE!
very creative :D

Zarha, the groove bringer | 2837 comments Thanks, I think I get wayyy too much fun from this game

message 15: by Michael (new)

Michael Dolan | 516 comments Woahhhh wrote: "I was walking down the street when I saw a clown and a person having a vicious battle, with someone playing some starwars music on a flute in the background. I watch for a little while, and get bor..."

i pick up the sinister feather. i realize that all of my closest friends have been dying horribly, and i need to find out why. i slip the feather into a sealed bag, and take it to a DNA lab. i deposit it, and leave. i go to the library, and try to research ancient curses, but before i can go there, as i cross a busy street, i am hit by a car.amazingly, i keep going, even going so far as to crawl on to the sidewalk on the far side. i pulled out my lucky d20, hoping it will grant me luck and protection in my time of need. someone else, by random happenstance, walks past me, texting on her cell phone. she trips over my limp arm, and drops her phone, which hits me in the face and kills me. with my final, dying strength, i lift my d20, and toss it to the wind.

Zarha, the groove bringer | 2837 comments I am sitting on a random bench when a D20 falls from the sky, hits me in the head and I DIE.
But then I get up again, because I realize it's a bit stupid to die from being hit in the head with something that small. I pick up the die, exited to have something to add to my collection of 347 D&D dice. I bring it home and put it in the jar, but then I realize it doesn't match the color coordination of the other dice, decide to sell it, but when I put my hand in the jar to get it out, my hand gets stuck. I freak out, I don't want my hand oil to get on my beautiful dice!!!! I start running around and bawking like a chicken, I run into the window, figuring that I should call for help. But I forget that the window isn't open, so my hand smashes into the door and the jar shatters, the D20 that I had reached my hand in to get flies out and hits me in the eye, lodging itself into my brain. The other dice land on me and I half suffocate half die of brain loss. I give one feeble attempt to get out, jolting my legs. It fails, but it does make the flipflop that I was wearing fly off my foot and fall out the window.

message 17: by [deleted user] (new)

I am walking in the park and a flip flop came out of the air and hit me in the head and I fell down and hit my head on a rock and died of a concussion. I dropped a package of gum.

message 18: by Mikayla (new)

Mikayla | 2658 comments So there I was, dumpster diving and I see this random guy fall down and die (not unusual) but I see him drop something shiny as he falls! I run over (of course) to see what it is. Shake my head slowly, only a pack of gum, one of those silver wrapped ones. But all the same, better then the rest of the things I've been eating these days. I pick up the gum package and look at it, it says TIME TO QUIT on it, written in little cigarettes designs: nicotine filled smoker's gum. Ehh whatever, I think. But after chewing the gum for a couple of minutes, I get instantaneous lung cancer (from the gum somehow...), and die on the spot, on my nice little bed of dumpster. As I die, the very piece of gum that caused me my death rolls out of my mouth and sticks itself to a nearby empty fruitloops box.

Zarha, the groove bringer | 2837 comments I am sitting next to a dumpster eating a random peice of cheese I found in the garbage, and I see someone walk up, take a piece of gum and then die. I don't pay much attention, until I start thinking about my science project that I was working on to get rich and famous, and I realize that the gum that fell out of the persons mouth is exactly what I need to complete it! I drop my piece of cheese, jump up and run to the gum. I sadly see that it has attatched itsself to a frootloop box, but it's ok, I WILL GET IT SOME HOW! i pull and pull at the gum, but it wont come off :( I finally go up to a stranger and ask them to hold the box for me while I get the gum off, they don't find this strange at all, and happily agree to help a scientist in need. I pulllll, it comes off FINALLY, but I was pulling so hard that I fly back and break through the steel dumpster, I didn't even know that was possible, but I'm not thinking about that, what I'm thinking about is how sad I am that I never got to finish that piece of cheese, I'm still staring sadly at the piece of cheese as I pass away.

message 20: by Squiggles{Kelly} (new)

Squiggles{Kelly} (squiggles) | 566 comments I'm walking down the street and I see this person crash into a dumpster and being the civic-minded human that i am, I run over and check to see if they have a wallet or anything on them. they don't. In fact the only thing they have is a piece of cheese which slips between their stiff fingers. I pick it up and stare at it for a minute, then stick it in my pocket and continue down the street. My cell phone rings just then and i answer it. It's my mom. "Hey mom...OUCH! OUCH! OUCHOUCHOUCH!!"
I grab my thigh screaming at the top of my lungs. The cheese must have been covered with acid! And it mated with the mouthwash in my pocket and caused some strange chemical reaction that I don't understand because I failed chemistry!
Slowly, my leg is eaten away, and I fall to the ground, still screaming, dropping my cell phone. And then the erosion spreads to my internal organs and I die.

Zarha, the groove bringer | 2837 comments I am skipping down the street and I hop over a dead body, thinking that the city is really not doing it's job of picking up the dead bodies, this is the seventeenth one I saw today! I stop suddenly, thinking back to the dead body, there was a cell phone next to it! I can make prank calls. YAY! I run back to the phone and call the first number I see, something about some 'swat team' whatever that means. I call it and tell them that their refrigerator is running. I hang up but not before I hear them get really mad. I am about to call anothiner number, something like, 'fbi' thats such a stupid name, who's name is fbi? I mean really, how do you even PRONOUNCE that? I press send and someone picks up, but before I am able to say something a helicopter falls out of the sky and someone with the bade that says 'swat team' jumps out, the point their gun at me and yell at me for fooling them into chasing after their refrigerator. Before I know it I was shot, and as I fell down the wig that I was wearing fell off my head :(

message 22: by Squiggles{Kelly} (new)

Squiggles{Kelly} (squiggles) | 566 comments ((it's pronounced 'Fi-BEE', der..:P))

Zarha, the groove bringer | 2837 comments (( but there is no I before the b))

Zarha, the groove bringer | 2837 comments ((it would be like Phhbi))

message 25: by [deleted user] (new)

Groovy, it's what I stand for wrote: "I am skipping down the street and I hop over a dead body, thinking that the city is really not doing it's job of picking up the dead bodies, this is the seventeenth one I saw today! I stop suddenly..."

I was walking 2 my friends house and i see this person on the ground apparently shot 2 death. I run over 2 see i she had a cell phone i could cal 911 with, but then i saw it. The wig The wig that had been stolen out off my house only yesterday. I put it on my head and start walking 2 my friends house again. Then I feel a sharp bite on my head. I take off the wig a rat had decided 2 move in and bite me. The rat had rabies so i walked 2 the nearest doctors office and there i slowly and painfully die. I dropped my precious eeyore keychain.

message 26: by Squiggles{Kelly} (new)

Squiggles{Kelly} (squiggles) | 566 comments I was sitting there, drinking my mocha cappuccino, abusing a male nurse and watching my patient slowly die as we berated her, insisting that she couldn't die until she told us who her insurance carrier was. She didn't. She stared at us with glazed eyes, then dropped something and died. I scowled at her and grabbed the thing off the floor. I gasped. It was a limited edition Eeyore key chain!! It was worth millions of dollars!! I snatched it up, mumbled something about 'payment for services rendered' and skedaddled. I ran down to the corner pawn shop and threw open the door. "I have an offer you can't refuse!" I proclaimed- and then saw the guy, pointing a gun at me. My mind raced tigger-fast. I realized I had interrupted a burglary! I reached into the pocket of my white jacket, fished around amid the stethoscopes, credit cards, chocolate and not-quite-legal narcotics and found my handgun I keep for protection from the patients I keep hooked on said not-quite-legal narcotics. I whipped it out- and was immediately shot, dropping the gun and dying instantly.

message 27: by jeeves... (new)

jeeves... | 733 comments (.....woah. >.< i want a mocha nao...)

Zarha, the groove bringer | 2837 comments I walk into a pawn store, wondering if I can buy a squirt gun. I see what I am looking for lying on the ground next to a dead body. I pick up the squirtgun that looks, feels, tastes, smells and sounds like a real gun. How cleaver of them to make it this realistic! I leave the pawn store, hoping they don't notice I didn't pay for it. And walk down the street. every time I squirt my squirtgun a big bang is made and the person I squirt keels over in agony. This squirt gun is the most realistic gun I have ever had! Eventually my squirt gun runs out of the water that is almost exactly like a real bullet (the only thing that makes it not exactly like a real bullet is that it isn't a real bullet) So I walk over to a fountain and dip my squirt gun in it. Filling it up with water. However, they must have been special kind of water bullets, because when I shoot the squirt gun nothing happens. I sadly drop my amazing, but now useless gun into the fountain. I start walking away, but then think better, I can just go to a bullet store and buy some more squirt gun bullets!
I go back to the fountain and reach into it to get my squirt gun. But it is deeper then I think, so I fall in. OH NO! I'M DROWWWWNIINGG I try to breath, but gulp in a huge mouthful of water. The last thing I do before I die is throw the popsicle that was in my poket out of the fountain. Why, I do not know. It just feels like the right thing to do...

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