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Decorate as you please.

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Luciana's Side:

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soleil (solxilx) ((I'll just describe it. ))

Jessi's side:

Jessie's sid eof the bedroom is a modern masterpiece. Her bed is a round on, haining from the roof from multiple strings streatching right around the bed. Her linen is contrasting shades of blue, purple and green, her floor is a really fluffy blue material, and her walls are sky blue with white clouds painted on them. She has a huge bookshelf above her desk. She has a purple egg chair, attached with a rope from the roof behind her desk. She has numerous decorations on her walls as well.

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soleil (solxilx) Jessi walked into her room and jumped on her bed. The super-tough strings that looked like spider webs jiggled up and down. She greabber her pillows and positioned them all in their right places. Everything was neat and tidy. Just the way she liked it.

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Luciana looked up from her bed where she had been relaxing and thinking of her next piece when her new roommate walked in the room. She thought it was strange that she was roomed with a 15 year old when she was 17, but it didn't bother her. Deciding to make her presence known, she spoke up. "Hello."

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soleil (solxilx) Jesii looked up. "Hi! I'm Jessi." She smiled. "You must be my new roommate." Ok, so she was a little in-your face, but if they were going to live together, why not?

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"Yup." Luci smiled. "I'm Luciana." She was thankful for her roommate's friendly behavior, maybe they could be best friends someday?

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soleil (solxilx) "Well, hi Luciana." She smiled warmly. "Um, i'm not a this-is-your-side-this-is-my-side kind of girl, but if you want privacy I don't mind. I can even DIY a brick wall, if you want me to!" Jessi giggled.

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((It's Luciana as in Luciaana, just so you know. So the a is long. Same with her nickname, it would be aahna. :) ))

Luciana chuckled at the other girl; she would be fun to hang around. "No, no it's fine. I just don't want you investigating all my belongings. Anyway, if we're to be friends, you can call me Luci, or Ana. If you want."

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soleil (solxilx) "That would be cool. And yeah, I'm not a stalker. That I know of, anyway." Luci or Ana, she noted in her brain. "Nice room setup. Sorry if mine is a little...alien."

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((Sorry! I didn't see this! D:))

"It's fine." Luci grinned. Jessi certainly had quite a personality, which she was grateful for. Hanging out in her room would never be boring, and if she was in sad spirits, she could be sure that Jessi would lift them. "By the way, is Jessi short for anything?"

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soleil (solxilx) ((That's fine. I just joined another thousand rp groups whil;e you were gone XD))

"Not that I know of." She bit her nail on her thumb. It was a bad habit of hers. "I don't suppose Luciana is short for anything, is it? I hope not. If it was, it would be an awfully long name." She realized she was babbling. "Sorry, I talk a lot."

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Luciana laughed. "No, it's not short for anything. And I don't mind you being talkative. Sometimes I need to talk more."

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soleil (solxilx) "That's good. Just warning you. I talk. And talk. And talk and talk and talk. I'm doing it again." Change the subject... "So, who's you're, um, ancestor?

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"Johann Sebastian Bach." Luciana smiled. You know, it's actually really fun to be his descendent, because when I walk into a room again after I've left I can say, "I'm Bach!" and it'll be true. Sorry if that was a bad joke."

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soleil (solxilx) "Haha, nahh it was ok. I know worse. Anyway, I'm the great times probably infinity granddaughter of Romulus. The guy who started Rome. He's ok." Jesii moved, and her bed span halfway around, then back again.

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"Yeah. I don't actually know much about that guy though. Everything is so vague." Luciana scrunched her nose in thought, thinking about the things she did know about Rome. There was much information about him specifically, but there was tons of other things that she knew.

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soleil (solxilx) "Meh. Well I don't think he's very impressive. Bach, however..." Jesii ran over to her desk and pulled something out of it, a violin case. She took the bright blue violin out, and started randomly playing Bach's Brandenburg Concerto No. 3. She stopped soon after. "That's not the only one I can play. I like music." She grinned as she slid the violin back into its case and put it under the desk. Sitting on her bed again, she asked Luciana, "So what do you play?"

(I can't work out where I changed tense, but I know I did :/)

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A grin broke out across her face as Luciana realized Jessi could play the violin as well. In reality, it thrilled her that her roommate was approximately as into music as she was. "I actually play the piano, viola, and the violin. I compose my own as well as play Bach's music. I love it."

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soleil (solxilx) Jessi grinned back. "Anything else you can play? I bet I can play it as well. Music is so cool. I don't compose it though. I write songs mostly, and play my guitar. I keep all my own instruments in there." She motioned to a cupboard near her bed.

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"I love Mozart, Chopin, and the other Greats as well. I'm not stuck on Bach just because he's my ancestor." Luciana stated. It was nice to have a good conversation about music every once in a while. "I also write songs and sing, mostly anything to do with art."

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soleil (solxilx) (Sorry, that time I was making a character.)

"Cool!" Jessi grinned. Finally, soneone who loved music as much as she did! She pulled one of the strings on her bed, and it did a couple of spins. "By the way, if you ever feel the need to make yourself insanely dizzy, I don't mind you using my bed. Sometimes, it's good to just get a dizzy headace and take your mind off things." She joked as she picked a pillow up off the floor.

(This is my dream bed XD)

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Luci laughed at Jessi before getting up. "You mind if I join you? It seems rather fun!" It didn't matter to her that she was seventeen. She needed to act immature every once in a while.

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soleil (solxilx) "Nope. This bed could probably hold a rhinocerous, if I could get one. Actually, a pet rhinoceros.." She pretended to stroke her chin in thought, then laughed. "Hop on! Welcome to Jesii's Luxury Spin 'n Sleep!"

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Luciana clambered onto the bed next to Jessi, laughing as she did so. It would be hiliarious to see the expressions on her family's face if they saw her at the moment. Acting childish wasn't one of her common characteristics. "Could I bring my pet elephant with me?" She joked.

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soleil (solxilx) "Of course! You know what, I'll just go build the ark and we can take two of each!" Jesii continued laughing. Being with Luci is so fun! She thought happily. I'm so happy she's my roommate!

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"Then I can bring my whole zoo with me!" She grinned. Jessi was such an awesome girl. It was nice to hang around younger people for once. At least younger people that she could be more of herself with. Jessi just seemed to bring out her inner child. "Now my giraffes, zebras, and tigers won't feel so rejected."

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soleil (solxilx) "Yay!! Hey.." Jessi looked up into the corner of the room. "Do you think they put spy cams in here?" She pretended to look worried, but privacy was sonething she worried about.

(Hehe this comes from me XD I always wonder if my parents spy on me, or can read my thoughts XD)

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"I don't think they would." Luciana frowned. Wouldn't that be considered an invasion of privacy? She felt awkward now that Jessi had become jokingly serious, so she added a little of her own lighthearted banter. "That would be weird, and creepy stalkerish of them. And then they would mess with my personal belongings because they're such stalkers.

((I have to go soon.))

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soleil (solxilx) ((That's ok. Anni is still on hold for rping anyway :) ))

"Yeah. Um, so, is there anything you don't want me to do? I don't mind. I'll camp out under the stars evry second week, if that's what you want." She grinned again.

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"If I'm ever having a nightmare, I don't need you to let me keep sleeping." Luci was half joking and half serious. From time to time she did have a nightmare. In fact, it was the same one. And every time she woke the result was the same: sheen sweat covering her skin, nervous tick, and wavering eyes. "And anyways, if you were camping out under the stars, I would join you."

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soleil (solxilx) ((Do you have any idea what time it is there (like for the charries) And OMG I'M SORRY MY PC WENT FLAT AND I LOST MY PHONE!!))

"We should do that sometime. And same. I've been known to have the occasional, er, slumber panic attack." Jessi laughed a little, then repositioned her pillows, again.

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((No idea, and it's fine.))

"Slumber panic attack?" Luciana mused. "Is that what you call it?"

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soleil (solxilx) "Ok, yes I get nightmares. Um, I have a fear of clowns. So, please no circus themed birthday party." She smiled, but clowns weren't the only thing in her nightmares. Her past anorexia, bullies-there were heaps of stuff she watched all night, frozen with fear.

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"I'll remember that." Luciana smiled lightly. She didn't want to make Jessi uncomfortable or anything."

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soleil (solxilx) "Soo..." Jesii was unsure of what do say.

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"Run out of words?" Luciana asked with a smile on her face. The talkative Jessi had gone silent? Interesting...

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soleil (solxilx) (Had had XD)

"Yup." Jessi chewed on her cheek. "Mmm..." She straightened her bow tie, again. She felt like she had to perfect everything. Her OCD, she supposed.

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((Ahhhh!!! Didn't see that...))

Luciana took the time to observe the room. There were obviously two different individuals because of the contrasting sides. She sat there, silence thickening, but not uncomfortable.

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soleil (solxilx) Jessi grabbed a pillow, and took a packet of M&Ms out. "Want one? Did I mention I have a junk food addiction?" She didn't really have an addiction, she was just trying to hide the hollow cheeks and ribs sticking out of her skin, the scars of her past life. This way, she did't get fat, she wasn't too skinny, and junk tasted pretty good too.

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"I do like M&Ms," Luciana grinned. "Who in there right mind wouldn't like chocolate?"

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soleil (solxilx) "No idea! M&Ms are awesome." Jessi grabbed a handful and started to pop them into her mouth, one by one.

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Smiling, Luci reached over and snatched a handful for herself. "Do mind if I do..." She mumbled, before tossing the majority in her mouth at once. Yes, she had weird eating habits. So what.

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soleil (solxilx) Jessi scrunched up the empty packet, then looked towards her mini trash can under her desk. It wasn't reachable from her head, but maybe...she bounced the packet off one of the legs of her desk, and it landed in the can. "Awesome." She smiled.

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"Interesting character that you are." Luciana shook her head. "I would have never thought of that."

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soleil (solxilx) "Meh." That was something she said a lot. "I just stried to be different, one of a kind, and try to think optimistically. Sometimes, to survive the darkness, we just need to focus on the light."

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"Yeah." Luci agreed. She had gone through some tough things herself after losing Emmaline. Forcing the old memories down, she smiled up at Jessi. "So, let's talk about something more...interesting."

((I have to go. :( ))

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soleil (solxilx) ((Same, actually XD bye :) ))

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soleil (solxilx) "Interesting? Like what?" Jessi smiled as she tried to think of interesting things.

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"I don't know honestly." Luciana stated. She wasn't the biggest conversationalist in the world, so she often ran out of things to talk about. What else was there to talk about anyway? Sports, childhood heros? Crushes? "Wait- I think I might have something."

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