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Chapter 1: Men in the Church, Good or Bad?

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message 1: by Jazmine (new)

Jazmine Kilpatrick | 85 comments Mod
I think Tyrese's story about his friend who started dating a fellow member of her church is a very typical situation. Rev Run seemed as if he didn't believe that type of situation happened often. BUT, it does because I have several male friends who go to church trying to find women to get their "freak" on with. On the other, there are some men who are going to church to hear the word!

Have any of you had an experience with dating someone you met at church? How did the situation turn out?

What are your viewpoints on dating a member of your church?

message 2: by Yandy (new)

Yandy Smith (Yandysmith) | 27 comments I would never want a relationship to ruin the peaceful feeling I have at church, or make me want to stay home or change churches for fear of running into an ex. To avoid that I say don't date ppl at your church.

message 3: by Joyce (new)

Joyce Kenner (symplyj) | 16 comments Girl, yes!.. I felt safer at the local bar.

message 4: by Angel (new)

Angel Smith | 1 comments I think that it's okay to date people at your church..My reasoning is because if they go to same church as you they possibly share your same beliefs but at the same time you have to make sure they aren't going JUST to find someone to get busy with. I've seen people in the church as tyrese was saying that will use the fact that they are a minister or a singer or whatever to get to someone and they are just as bad as someone you could meet elsewhere. You just have to be mindful of that and really watch their actions to see if what they say in church or about their beliefs is really how they are living or else you will be easily decieved.

message 5: by Laresia (new)

Laresia (yurfantasi) | 1 comments Dating at church is like dating on the job, what if it doesn't work out? That is so awkward and I personally have not been in this situation but I have been in the middle and it was weird for me. Especially if you move on and dating someone else that you bring 2 church with you. My pastor constantly reminds people of the reason they come 2 church and I find it hilarious that the drama reaches him and he feels the need 2 address it but as stated provided ppeople do come 2 church like they scouting 4 new meat. Women do it 2, dressing 2 impress like they about2 twerk something, Lol...I have seen it all

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