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Chapter 1: Sharing Info

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message 1: by Jazmine (new)

Jazmine Kilpatrick | 85 comments Mod
Tyrese said that women shouldn't share information so quickly about their past relationships that didn't work or vulnerability until you have been dating for at least 6 months. Do you think that is a good time frame or should there even be a time frame?

I understand what he means, but I think there are some things that should be shared to the person you are getting to know and/or dating up front because it sets the mark for the foundation of your relationship. I'm not saying that you should tell everything right away, but I think you have to share some things like your sexual history, your pet peeves, leisure activities, career goals, or why your past relationships didn't work out. You don't have to go into significant detail about your "baggage", but I think it should at least be mentioned before 6 months into a relationship.

message 2: by Yandy (new)

Yandy Smith (Yandysmith) | 27 comments I think the things that should be shared are the things that make you you. For me that doesn't included info about past boyfriends but rather info about my work, my passions, my love for god.those are the things that make and break a relationship for me and those are the things I need my mate to know and understand. Baggage need not be brought into a new relationship or even discusses so I agree with tyreese.

message 3: by Joyce (new)

Joyce Kenner (symplyj) | 16 comments I agree. I’m not big on sharing or bringing the negative aspects or the positive aspects for all that matter of a past relationship into a new one, but if need be I will at some point. I truly believe you need to play close attention to the words and the actions of your potential or present lover to see if the two of you will interconnect and ultimately have a strong foundation of commonalities and beliefs that will make the relationship between the two of you shine and grow..

message 4: by Annie (new)

Annie Williams | 1 comments Yes I agree ladies. The thing is if you tell the new guy everything that the old guy did wrong, he's going to try his best not to do the same thing in the beginning during the honey moon phase. Then that may leave you stuck with a guy who's portraying the good guy role and as soon as you guys get serious he may start showing his true colors.. You just have to be careful and pray that god sends the right guy.

message 5: by Diamond (new)

Diamond Drake (diamondthewriter) | 1 comments When I was in the dating world my mom used to fuss and tell me that I gave men a blueprint on how to play me. At the time I was too silly to listen to her but eventually I got it. I've always been an open person but I didn't know how to discern what needed to be shared and what didn't. So I would tell EVERYTHING about my past relationships and how I was wronged and give the new guy all the tools he needed to manipulate me into believing he was the one. So I don't necessarily think there's a time limit on sharing information. I think it's more about the connection you have with that other person, where the relationship is going, and if trust has been established to divulge certain things about your past.

message 6: by Tisha (new)

Tisha Starr | 17 comments I agree. However, if anyone belives in zodiac signs, as I kinda read all too often (guilty pleasure) I was born under a msculine sign, Libra. Therefore, I often see the viewpoints or men. I do think it's the reason I am always able to find men who stick with me for long, long periods of time. LOL, but talking too much may be the reason I'm not married. LOL

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