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Rise of Empire (The Riyria Revelations, #3-4)
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June 2013 - Rise of Empire > Rise of Empire - Book 3 - Chapters 6-9

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Kristina (spaz_girl) Here is where we can discuss Rise of Empire by Michael J. Sullivan, book 3, chapters 6-9.
DO NOT post any spoilers from further along in the book, this is just for book 3, chapters 6-9. Discussing events from these chapters and previous ones though is perfectly fine.

James Lee (j4m35r083r7l33) I am so digging this book it's not even funny. Compared to Volume 1, the writing here is much sharper and more detailed. There are some really powerful scenes just in these few chapters, especially the one with the caravan of elves. Arista is coming into her own as a character, often sparring with Hadrian and Royce to hilarious effect. I can see something developing between Hadrian and Arista, that's for sure. I also think that the way the elves are portrayed is intriguing. Most fantasy authors take the Tolkien route, depicting them as immortal godlings with infinite wisdom and powers. Here though they are an enigma because very little is known about them, at least for now. Looking forward to seeing how this develops as I plow deeper into the series.

Shaad Zaman (shaadzaman) | 234 comments Mod
James wrote: "I am so digging this book it's not even funny. Compared to Volume 1, the writing here is much sharper and more detailed. There are some really powerful scenes just in these few chapters, especially..."

Ya I got to agree this book is even better. I love how we are we are getting some more back story on Hadrian because in the first book everything was a bit vague about both Royce ance Hadrians Past!

Drake (drake2484) I also agree about this book being better. The plot is more in depth and the characters are really coming into their own. Also Hadrian is my favorite so I'm glad were finding out more about him. I'm finding myself have emotional reactions with different characters, like hate for most of the nobles or people who treat others like crap- especially during that elf caravan scene. Like James said, that was gripping.

I like the riddle of Danbury's letter so far. That adds a fun mix to the plot. I really hope Riyria starts killing Imps soon. I can't stand those guys.

Daniela (danielapereira) | 23 comments I adore Hadrian, he is such a nice guy! It was great to learn more about his past, where he came from, his dad and about he being the guardian. It was nice to see the relationship between Royce and Hadrian through Arista's point of view. The boys are so much fun and I enjoyed the three of them together!

Kristina (spaz_girl) Glad that things are out in the open about Hadrian being the guardian now. Touched by the scene with Royce and Hadrian in the well. Neat to see Arista starting to gain a little confidence in her abilities.

Also... where's the empress? I want to see her again.

Oh, and WOW, two of those chapters were LOOOONG. Really like how the story is coming along although I know I am behind...

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Michael (michaeljsullivan) | 84 comments @James - glad you enjoyed it. My approach with the "mir" of Elan was to have them treated like 1930's Jews or 1800 American Indians.

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Michael (michaeljsullivan) | 84 comments @Shaad - That was by design. I don't like series that frontload everything in the first book then there is little to learn as you go through the series so I kept back a lot of their back story and dole it out a bit at a time. Of course, people reading just the first one don't know that and just assume that it doesn't exist. It's a risk to be sure,but I think the approach works well for those that read the whole series, and I'm okay with losing some people too soon for the overall experience to be the way I wanted.

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Michael (michaeljsullivan) | 84 comments @Drake - You are correct the first books (especially book #1) is a very straight forward simple story to ease you into the series. Avempartha actually sets up a lot of stuff with regards to "the Heir" and a lot of what is going on there makes the most sense on a re-read when you know everything. By the time you get into Rise of Empire the overarching plot that goes across the series really starts to show.

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Michael (michaeljsullivan) | 84 comments @Daniela - Hadrian is "a nice guy" and I think why my wife is so attracted to him - I think she wants me more like him sometimes ;-)

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Michael (michaeljsullivan) | 84 comments @Kristina - the well scene is one of my wife's favorites ;-)

Shaad Zaman (shaadzaman) | 234 comments Mod
I agree it can be a risky strategy! Although I really enjoyed how you wrote the series slowly giving back story to the characters! The whole format of the series was great! The books were not too long either!

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D (darrentpatrick) I particularly enjoyed the detail around Royce's (aka - Duster's) past with the Black Diamond. Some great dialogue with his former 'mates' and the bartering that goes on with the Jewel. Excellent stuff.

I've got to agree with James and Shaad in that the books are getting better. The pacing and prose is like a crescendo that you want to keep turning the volume up on.

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Michael (michaeljsullivan) | 84 comments @Shadd - glad you liked the technique

@Darren - I loved writing the scene with "the Jewel" I kept imagining him like the fat man from Casablanca - authors borrow (or steal) like that all the time.

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