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Chapter 1: Man-ipulator & Man-gician

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message 1: by Jazmine (new)

Jazmine Kilpatrick | 85 comments Mod
Were you surprised that Tyrese was so open about his past?

What is your personal definition of a Man-ipulator?

What is your personal definition of a Man-gician?

I was surprised that Tyrese was that opened about his past sexual relationships and I was shocked that he admitted to having sex with so many different women. I know his celebrity status allowed him to be in a position in which women flocked to him; but I wasn't expecting him to be that promiscuous! He said he only wanted to stop having sex with multiple women because he was afraid he could get AIDS! So, that made me think if there was no risk to diseases from sex would he (AND other men) be even more promiscuous. I commend Tyrese for being so open and honest about his sexual past.

I believe a Man-ipulator is a man who uses women for their own personal gain in order to build up their self esteem. A Man-ipulator is normally someone who isn't happy with themselves and isn't where they need to be in life. I believe a Man-gician is a man who appears to be the perfect and ideal guy, but has a secret life that he is trying to hide from someone he wants to keep around. Man-gician leads women on and gives them false hope.

message 2: by Yandy (new)

Yandy Smith (Yandysmith) | 27 comments I wasn't surprised...I work in this industry! Man-ipulator and Man-gician ... The name says it all and what Jazmine said lol

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