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message 1: by Scott (new)

Scott (snutting) | 1 comments Daemon & Freedom TM because I want to see the razorbacks dismember some fools.

message 2: by Ken (new)

Ken (kenzen) | 7 comments I absolutely agree with Leviathan Wakes from the io9 list. I would love to see it being turned into a movie.

Also I feel that Hamilton's Commonwealth books would make better movies than Night's Dawn. Those might make for good porn, though.

Neal Asher writes nice pulp that could make some good summer blockbusters.

The Culture books would probably be better as movies, because they would cut the boring, meandering parts for the script.

McDevitt has some books that end almost Bruckheimer-esque. A good script writer could probably improve them for the screen.

message 3: by Rohit (new)

Rohit Gupta (rohitgupta) | 5 comments Neuromancer can have a really good film adaptation if the directors are imaginative enough.

message 4: by Joner (new)

Joner | 4 comments Rohit wrote: "Neuromancer can have a really good film adaptation if the directors are imaginative enough."

100% agree.. I'd love to see it have something like a Blade Runner feel, complete with 80's synth soundtrack.

message 5: by Joner (new)

Joner | 4 comments Altered Carbon I could see being a massive summer blockbuster..

Hyperion I think could work as a mini series on a HBO type network... the tales of each pilgram would translate into pretty incredible television I think. Last I had read, Bradley Cooper (guy from The Hangover) had the film rights to the movie.. I have no idea how they'd be able to pull it off in that form, but would definitely look forward to anyone trying it.

message 6: by meyamashi (new)

meyamashi | 2 comments Nick wrote: "Hello PrintSF!

To get the ball rolling, a discussion question that I've been asking myself: which science fiction books do you think would make entertaining film adaptations? Which are you hoping ..."

The Stars My Destination by Alfred Bester. I've been waiting to see the adaptation since I read it so many years ago.

message 7: by Katie (new)

Katie | 2 comments I agree with Joner, Altered Carbon would be an awesome action flick. Other than that, I'd love to see Cyteen on the big screen. It would make a great futuristic political thriller with present-day relevance.

message 8: by Justin (new)

Justin Greak (hurricanejustin) | 2 comments I'm currently reading "Fuzzy Nation" by Scalzi, and it strikes me as something that might be commercially viable in film form, although it might be slightly to similar in theme to Avatar, being that it's about humans strip mining an alien species' planet for resources. On another note, my favorite book, Rendezvous With Rama, has been attached to Morgan Freeman for years and years for a movie adaptation, but never has come to fruition. I would LOVE to see this made into a movie.

message 9: by Cory (new)

Cory (12coryt) | 3 comments I agree with wanting to see Rendezvous With Rama made into a movie.

message 10: by Rohit (new)

Rohit Gupta (rohitgupta) | 5 comments Cory wrote: "I agree with wanting to see Rendezvous With Rama made into a movie."

Have you seen the short film that's on youtube?

message 11: by Ken (new)

Ken (kenzen) | 7 comments Hell, I'd love to see some of the old Shadowrun books from FASA being turned into movies. Nothing fancy, just some mid-budget sci-fi would be nice.

message 12: by Gene (new)

Gene Spin might make a good movie if handled correctly.

message 13: by Cory (new)

Cory (12coryt) | 3 comments Rohit wrote: "Cory wrote: "I agree with wanting to see Rendezvous With Rama made into a movie."

Have you seen the short film that's on youtube?"

No I haven't. What is the name of it?

message 14: by Joner (new)

Joner | 4 comments Nick wrote: Just read about Rendezvous With Rama.... sounds amazing. I need to get started on Arthur C Clarke.

Check out /r/sf_book_club, it looks like our next book is going to be Rendezvous With Rama.

message 15: by Rohit (new)

Rohit Gupta (rohitgupta) | 5 comments Cory wrote: "Rohit wrote: "Cory wrote: "I agree with wanting to see Rendezvous With Rama made into a movie."

Have you seen the short film that's on youtube?"

No I haven't. What is the name of it?"
This one. It's not very impressive, it was made by a bunch of university students. Still it's good to see something like this.

message 16: by Dallas (new)

Dallas | 1 comments 1. The Songs of Distant Earth by Arthur C Clarke
2. Startide Rising by David Brin
3. Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card
4. Rendezvous with Rama by Arthur C Clarke
5. The White Mountains trilogy by John Christopher
6. The Voyage of the Jerle Shannara trilogy by Terry Brooks

message 17: by Brent (new)

Brent | 5 comments Wow I have a lot of books to read according to those lists. These are the books that stick in my mind. I tried not to include ones already mentioned.

-Venus Prime Series by Arthur C Clarke and Paul Preuss (Dark Angel Illuminati conspiracy with space ships)
-Azazel by Issac Azimov (short story anthology of darkly humored demon wishes gone wrong)
-Fledgling by Octavia Butler (surprised to see it on io9, but it is a nice twist on the vampire genre)
-Interworld by Neil Gaiman (it's one of his YA novels but has a fun scifi Harry Potter multiverse feel)
-On Her Majesty's Occult Service by Charles Stross. (I just need more darkly humored 007 Cthulhu fun)
-Anita Blake Vampire Hunter by Laurel K Hamilton (before porn fest happened, when she was more like a necromancing Blade it was so much better)
-Drinking Midnight Wine by Simon R Greene (I think it's what started his Nightside detective series. Another darkly humored look at an everyday man thrust into an alternate dimensions of gods and angels and supernatural fun and of course he has to save the world)
-The Galactic Milieu series by Julian May (I'm just obsessed with it right now since I've found the missing pieces of the series)
The graphic novel nerd in me would also love to see:
-Saga (crazy magical scifi dark humored look at Us vs Them$
-Irredeemable (what if a superman went insane, how could we stop him?)
-The Unwritten (It's like a dark adult Harry Potter that really isn't anything like Harry Potter lol)
-Criminal Macabre (darker Harry Dresden Files)
- Prophet (what John Carter should have been)

message 18: by Adrian M (new)

Adrian M (adrianmryan) | 1 comments Turning the Azazel stories in a feature film is a phenomenal idea. I imagine something along the same tone as Drag Me to Hell—funny, but in a dark sort of way.

Love love love love.

message 19: by Brent (new)

Brent | 5 comments Drag Me to Hell was awesome, great mix of horror and comedy, Sam Raimi was back! It made up for Spider-Man 3 lol. Honestly Azazel would probably make a better TV or mini-series, but it'd definitely make a nice inspiration such as Asimov's short stories inspired I Robot. Which was a bit too watered down philosophically but enjoyable for what it was

message 20: by Brian (last edited Sep 23, 2013 09:59AM) (new)

Brian (bwigginton) | 1 comments The Player of Games by Ian Banks. I thought the civilization based entirely on a game was a pretty interested concept, along with the world building Banks was able to put together.

Anyone ready Use of Weapons? Really want to read that once I get through The Wise Man's Fear.

message 21: by Abby (new)

Abby Goldsmith (abby_goldsmith) | 1 comments When it comes to topics like these, I get the sense that a lot of people suggest books they love, rather than considering what sort of story will a) fit well in a 90 minute format, b) appeal to mass audiences, and c) lend itself to visual storytelling.

For instance, as much as I *love* Stephen King's books, I don't think they lend themselves well to adaptation.

My nominees:

1. INFLUX, by Daniel Suarez
2. READY PLAYER ONE, by Ernest Cline
3. FLUX, by Ferrett Steinmetz

message 22: by Ed (new)

Ed Lerner (codetheinternet) | 3 comments I'm curious if a film adaptation of Quantum Thief would even be plausible, but it would be damned entertaining!

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