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Chance Of A Lifetime
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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > Solved Romance/adult woman impersonates cleaning lady to get close to man she thinks ruined her sister [s]

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Katie (kyowolf) | 2 comments Genre: Adult/ Romance/ Contemporary

I am looking for a book I read a long time ago about a woman who was pretended to be a cleaning lady in order to get close to a man she believed ruined her sister somehow. She ends up helping him clean up an old joule he inherited while he looked in the barn for anything that was worth keeping or fixing up. He is suspicious of her but hires her anyway. At one point while he is working in the barn something falls on him and knocks him out. He ends up ok, but gave the girl a scare. The man finds out she isn't really a cleaning lady when he calls the agency and they say they never heard of her.afterwards he confronts her. She also found out that the man didn't ruin her sister as she had originally thought. By the end they of course fall in love.

This is all I remember about the story but if you happen to know the name of it I would be really grateful.

Thank You!

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Katie (kyowolf) | 2 comments Solved I found it! It is Chance of a Lifetime by Jayne Ann Krentz (:

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