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Like many observers, I usually read reports about political goings-on with a sort of weary cynicism. Every once in a while, however, politicians do something so wrong, substantively and morally, that cynicism just won’t cut it; it’s time to get really angry instead. So it is with the ugly, destructive war against food stamps.

message 2: by Robert (new)

Robert Zwilling If the republican party is no longer the republican party than just exactly what is it? The real republicans are easy to spot by their age. The people who have replaced the old school republicans are also easy to spot by their lack of age. Kinda reminds you of one of those movie remakes where all they wanted was the original title of the movie while the entire original script is thrown out with the bath water.

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Naomi V (naomi_v) | 432 comments Your synopsis makes me think of the Body Snatchers movie. -- same people yet not the same

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