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Xavier sat on one of the cold, hard steps of the garden. The view was nice, he supposed, but it wasn't really what he came here for. Silence. The peace of the trees surrounded him, bringing an air of calmness that he normally didn't have. Xavier's thoughts drifted back to his beloved sister, and he took a shaky breath. Crying was a huge no-no. He hadn't cried in seven years, and he wasn't about to break that record now. Or his reputation. Even though he didn't do drugs, the rest of them were true. Yes, he did do street fighting with the local Brits and enjoyed it furthermore.

hey, it's layne. Annelise was settled under a tree, her journal and a pencil in her grasp. She was writing her latest novel, romance of course. When she wrote romance, it wasn't the smutty, grotesque novels that were just about the dirty deed. She wrote true romance novels, with kisses in the rain, where girls were swept up off their feet gallantly by modern day knights in shining armor. Maybe a bit far fetched, but Annelise was known by her readers to write in such a manner.

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Xavier heard a little crack of a twig through the bushes. Curiosity got the best of him and he stood, making his way up the stone steps. After all, his ancestor discovered North America. He peered around a large tree trunk, coming face to face with a girl. Quickly, Xavier resumed is unemotional, stoic self and shoved his hands in his pocket lazily. The girl was disrupted from what it looked to be writing, in a special journal of sorts.

hey, it's layne. Annelise looked up in surprise, stumbling to stand to her feet. The journal went flying, as did the pencil from being startled. 'He-Hello. Uh, X-Xav-Xavier.' She stumbled shyly over her words, knowing exactly who he was. As nerdy as it seemed, she had written him in as one of her characters...well, the character was a bit more knightly, but based off of him. He intrigued her greatly, and it wasn't anything offensive, she'd just always found him incredibly interesting. 'So-Sorry, didn't mean to get into the wa-way.' She quickly picked up her things.

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"You didn't," he murmured, his voice devoid of emotion. "And how do you know my name?" One eyebrow raised slightly, a typical Xavier expression. The girl was pretty, he thought, but looks were never the thing he chase after. Neither were girls in general, really. His eyes flicked back to her journal, curiosity burning inside of him. He had learned to push it down long ago, but that doesn't stop it from bubbling at the surface. She seemed to have a shy, meek air around her and to be honest, it was quite intriguing to Xavier.

hey, it's layne. Annelise froze at his words...How did she know his name? Well, she'd...watched him, and seen him around campus. 'I've, just seen you a-around.' She stumbled to pick up her things, stepping back. 'My-my roommate ta-talked about you. You're a frequent topic of the-the girl-girl's dorm.' She said, shyly, feeling a blush creep up her neck and heat rise to her cheeks. Finally, Annie gathered the remainder of her things, only to look up and notice him still there from behind her locks. She reached out, offering a shy hand. 'I-I'm Annelise.'

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The corner of Xavier's lip tilted upward slightly, but it was barely noticeable. "Nice to meet you. And you don't have to be afraid around me. I don't bite." He confirmed, shaking Annelise's hand gently. It was so small and delicate in his; he could wrap his whole hand around hers if he wanted to. Pulling back, he stuffed his hands back in his pocket. He read her expressions with amusement. She was obviously slightly scared but his presence seemed almost magical to her, like she was greeting a celebrity.

hey, it's layne. 'Oh, I'm not afraid of you, I-I, just, not a lot of people come here, and I'm not exactly the being,' Annelise replied shyly, slipping her things into her bag. She looked up at him, offering a incredibly sweet smile on her lips.

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"Well neither am I," He responded and leant against the tree, the corners of his lips tilting a bit more as she offered him a sweet smile. He had to admit, her smile was like nothing he had seen before. Her lips spoke of purity and innocence, something Xavier promised himself to never break. She wasn't like other girls- she was unique.

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hey, it's layne. Annelises' gaze wandered to other things, contemplating some thoughts before it wandered back to the attractive lad in front of her. Just the fact that he seemed somewhat of a mystery to her intrigued her greatly. 'So-So, what are you doing here?' She questioned shyly.


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"To get some peace of mind. Why are you out here, smukke dame?(view spoiler)" He inquired in the Dutch language, tilting his head to the side and mirroring her actions. Annelise was truly a beauty to behold. Her eyes spoke of knowledge and dreams that Xavier only wished he could believe in. He gave up on hope a long time ago.


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