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which book is better Harry Potter or Hunger Games

Harry Potter all the way.

These books are completely different so it's hard to compare them but I would definatly have to go with Harry Potter <3

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Harry Potter :)

Hunger Games

harry potter. it's funny and clever and I just read it. literally. I finished the last book 2 days ago

Comparing these books isn't really even possible. Harry Potter and The Hunger Games are completely different in so many ways. For starts, Harry Potter would be categorized as a children's book, The Hunger Games isn't a book I would hand to a 10 year old and say "Hey, read this, you'll love it."
Harry Potter can be enjoyed by a larger age group, from children to adults- Male and Female, the Hunger Games seems to only be fully enjoyed by the "young adult" crowd. I like both series equally for different reasons. But if it came down to it, Id rather go to Hogwarts than Panem.

Hunger games is nice but..Harry Potter Forever!

Ahhh! Please don't make me answer this question!!!
Well Harry Potter has been in my life a lot longer so it really is very special to me. But I really love the Hunger Games. They're my two favorite book series' but I love them differently. So kind of both I guess

Both books are great! But I personally prefer reading Harry Potter since the magical world is just amazing :)

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Personally Harry Potter! They are more light hearted. Maybe I am just biased because I grew up with Harry Potter. Hunger Games is not really a book to grow up with no matter how good it is.

Hunger games wins for books because i couldnt finish all the harry potter books.
If its movies no doubt Harry potter is way better.

even though i love the hunger games i have to go with harry potter

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Harry Potter! I like THG as well though.

Harry Potter, but I do love Hunger Games.

Harry Potter

Harry potter! J.K Rowling has a magical imagination!

Books: Hunger Games all the Way.

But if I was judging by movie, Harry Potter is a definite winner

I know "I" liked Harry the very best!

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