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Carla Hanna (carlajhanna) | 20 comments Mod
Goodreader Blueturtles has asked me some good questions about living in Santa Monica. Feel free to ask me whatever - but it's all in the series, too. I thought I'd share in case you're curious:

Blueturtles: You lived in Liana Marie's house?

Carla: Yes. I was a mom of 2 toddlers when we lived in Santa Monica. We moved there because my husband is a dot com expert from eBay and a Santa Monica company headed by a former Disney executive hired him as his company's VP, Marketing. The kids in our neighborhood and preschool were kids of celebrities: Violet Affleck, the Sheen kids, Marcia Cross's twins, Julia Roberts, just to name a few. My kids played with their kids. Nannies were usually with the kids and drivers/bodyguards picked them up from school but the parents WANTED to be part of their kid's lives, too. So they would be around sometimes, usually with the nanny in attendance. Some of the moms were clueless - Kate Beckensale said, "There, there, kiss, kiss" and looked for her nanny to rescue her when her kid fell off a play structure... "What?!" (Well, I've been clueless, too) - but most were awesome.

Blueturtles: Do stars come and go just like that?

Carla: Yes, stars come and go, just like you and me - without bodyguards or drivers. I sat next to dozens and dozens just in the coffee shops. Several times, I shared the community table with stars - it's just 'normal.'

For example, I sat next to Ralph Fiennes the weekend after I saw Harry Potter and just could NOT figure out who he was - it nagged me so much. We even talked! I just figured he was a nice guy but he had that "you clueless woman" look. Yep. Same with the first time I chatted with Helen Hunt - did not recognize her whatsoever.

I did yoga in the same classes. We had our kids in the same mommy-and-me classes. In my book, I have a scene from when Liana Marie figured out that People magazine's photos were planted/paid by the brand's publicist. I witnessed it in person once and described in Starlet's Web exactly as I saw it. Sometimes, the stars would have their 'people' clear out the Starbucks or Cafe Luxe. One time, I had walked to Cafe Luxe with the kids in the stroller and Speilberg's guys had the manager kick us out. I was also kicked out of Starbucks and City Bakery because my kids were loud during script reviews directors and talent would have but that was rare - probably 10 times out of 2.5 years. The City Bakery scene in Starlet's Run was exactly what happened when I was kicked out for good. But no biggie because a La Pain and a Starbucks were right next door - probably saved me money!

Blueturtles: How could you get kicked out like that?!?! That seems a little rude.

Carla: It really is rude. But it is part of the entitlement. I saw that the a-list actors were nicer than the tv actors and musicians. In Starlet's Run, Manny works as a bus boy at an a-list restaurant hang out and concludes that the performers who understand and have some control over their lives are cool and the wanna-be's are jerks. That's what I saw. Now, Speilberg isn't a wanna-be but his assistants were ultimate butt-kissers and beyond rude.

One time, I sat next to Tim Burton: no bodyguard or driver. No ego. Just a regular person, like me.

Blueturtles: Wow!!! Did u get a chance to talk to him?!?! He's one of my favorite directors.

Carla: No. Spielberg's minions swarmed around him. But I'm sure they were all there for a business coffee. When directors are there with family they are approachable but I never felt the need to swoon over any of the many directors I saw and I don't see Tim Burton movies so I didn't go ga-ga over him when he sat next to me at RFD. When you live in SM you see industry people all the time.

Blueturtles: Yeah but still that's kind of cool to see them. Do you know anything about British actors, directors, and singers? To me they beat Hollywood. America is wonderful but you have to admit our entertainment stinks.

Carla: Agreed. I address that in Book 3 - when you have Americans filming in Britain, changing the Camelot story and blowing up the castle.

Thank you, Blueturtles, for your thoughtful questions!

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Carla Hanna (carlajhanna) | 20 comments Mod
Hi Tiffany,

I loved the weather and the view of the Pacific from my living room. Santa Monica only had three seasons: wet for about 2 months, dry for the rest, and foggy in the May and June mornings until the sun burned it off by afternoon. One of my best memories was walking down 3rd Street after dinner on Christmas Eve with the kids. The street was decorated for the holidays. The kids were in light jackets watching street performers and dancing along with the singers. I loved how warm it was in the winter. Santa Monica is such a fun place to live.

Carla Hanna (carlajhanna) | 20 comments Mod

I just posted some photos in the photo section, including one showing Lia's view. I'm posting another right now.

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