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Ta da indeed!
So did you have anything specific in mind?

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Mhmm okay- would you be interested in a romance?

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Haha brilliant! Okay, any specific kind of romance? HIgh school kids, college, hetero or homo etc etc
I'm good for anything really.

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Done- girl couple or guy couple? :)

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Okay- why don't you make your character first and then I make one? :)

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Name: Avery Sparks
Age: 17

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Thanks, your girl is cute too! Sure :)

Avery slipped on her jean shorts and white striped tank top. She ran a hand through her hair but was in too much of a hurry to stop and completely brush her hair. It was the last day of summer vacation before school started and she was determined to make the most of it.
Avery had just moved to this small town at the beginning of summer and didn't make a lot of friends, but she loved walked around down town and in the park. She picked up her favourite novel- Alice in Wonderland- and sprinted out the door, heading towards the park.

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Avery sighed and spotted her favourite tree. She loved climbing up it and sitting in the branches. But as she grew closer, she realized that some girl was sitting under it, drawing. Avery bit her lip- she was still sort of shy around the town kids.
'Maybe I can just sneak up the tree without her noticing,' she thought to herself. So she slowly approached the tree and grabbed the lowest branch, pulling herself up slowly.

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Avery pulled herself up and settled nicely into the branch, looking down at the girl to she if she noticed. She didn't, but what she was drawing was beautiful. She watched the girl's hand fly around the page, adding colour and breathing life into the sketches.
"Those are beautiful," Avery found herself saying out loud.

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Avery watched the girl in her own little world, completely zoned out to everything and everyone that was in the park. Avery decided to lay down and watch the girl from above, quietly watching over her and creating a new piece. She let her arm hang down a bit to get comfortable.

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Avery smiled a bit at the girl became tired and even started to snore.
She slipped down off the tree branch and sat down across the girl, looking at all the drawings that she set around her like a circle. She picked up a flyer.
"An art gallery huh? Interesting" Avery said to herself.

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Avery started to panic a little as the girl curled up in her lap. She saw the scars that ran deep in this girl's arms and saddened, letting the girl stay in her lap.
"Um," Avery was a little flustered. The girl seemed to be having a nightmare. She didn't want to be weird, but she couldn't let the girl just panic like that. She started stroking her hair, muttering calming things, like what she used to do to her little brother when he had anxiety attacks.

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"Sparks. Avery Sparks," Avery smiled as Zenna woke up. "And it's alright." She didn't mention the fact that she knew that the girl was having a nightmare or the fact that she saw the scars. Instead she pointed to the drawings.
"You're very good."

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Avery blushed a little.
"Is it that easy to tell?" she nervously giggled. "Yeah, I only moved in a month ago. I'm afraid I don't really know anyone. Well, besides you." She smiled and stood up. "I would love a tour."

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Avery blushed a little at the compliment.
"Oh... thanks," she shuffled her feet a bit. "You're pretty cute too..." she mumbled quietly.

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"Okay," Aver smiled, following behind Zenna. "Sooooo what grade are you going into?"

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Avery blushed at the bold move but held her hand none the less.
"Me too," she said. "I turned 17 a few weeks ago, right before I came here."

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Avery looked at the open gallery and starred at all the art on the walls.
"wow, did you do all of these?"

((Sorry thought it sent))

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Avery quickly blushed and pulled her hand gently away.
"We just met. Names Avery Sparks, I'm the new kid." she said. "Nice to meet you Mark." She shook his hand.

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"So Mark," Avery said, desperate to make conversation. "Do you own this gallery?"

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"Oh wow, that's really cool!" Avery gushed. "I'm not much of an artist. More of a writer really. I can't draw a straight line, but I can describe one to you." She joked.

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"I can see that," she said, looking at the darker imagery. She studied Zenna's face. "Wickedly lovely."

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Avery blushed and turned to the drawings.
"Where do you get your inspiration from? This is some pretty serious stuff for a 17 year old."

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She nodded and decided not to press her. She hesitantly took her hand and just held it, looking at the art.
"I used to get nightmares," she said finally. "So did my brother. For a really long time."

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She squeezed her hand lightly.
"They go away. Eventually, they will go away."

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"I promise," she said. "I middle finger promise. " Then she realized how weird that sounded. "You know, because pinkies don't swear?" she said.

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"I aways thought so." she grinned.
"So. Now what?"

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"Oh." Avery said. "Uh. Sure. Why not?" She nervously laughed. "But wouldn't you rather take, I don't know, another friend? A booooyyyyfriiiieennnnd????" She stretched the word, wondering if she was being too odd.

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"Oh well then. I just- how about a girlfriend?" she asked. She felt a little rejoice of happiness but kept a cool face.

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"Oh. Good to know," Avery said with a small smile.

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"Yeah.I mean, if, um, never mind." Avery quickly said.

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"Nothing. I'm just surprised, sort of." Avery blushed. "I'm, er, recently out. Just a small world I guess."

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"I'm glad I met you too! It's nice to have a friend here."

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Avery blushed deeply and smiled softly.

((It's really late where I am, so I'll talk to you later okay? :) ))

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(Hi! Sorry, it's a long story but my computer has been in and out of service for the last while)

"So, when do you officially open tonight?" Avery asked

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