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Three by Moonlight: A Collection of Werewolf Tales
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J. Nelson (jnelsonaviance) Three By Moonlight: A collection of werewolf tales is a collection of three stories, each following the struggles of their hero as they navigate a world of werewolves and magick, one often hostile to their continued breathing, much less their man on man relationships.
     Brennen juggles having a boyfriend, being a newly minted teenaged witch, and his first encounter with the werewolves in his home town.
     Duke, on the other hand, is not just a mage, but also the mate to the sexy and powerful alpha of the local pack. So what does it take to keep even a small part of his life normal?
     Justin ran away from home when his drunk father nearly beat him to death. Now, after being rescued from the streets and addiction by the handsome werewolf Aiden, he returns home to reconnect with his sister and brother, but has to deal with the lingering emotions for his former lover, a local bruiser named Mickey.

J. Nelson Aviance

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J. Nelson (jnelsonaviance) New blog post about J. Nelson Aviance and Three By Moonlight:

"Sometimes (and when all is perfect), genre accomplishes exactly what Literary does—including that same depth, inherent internal conflicts as well as external ones, providing a clue into the human condition that makes it all worthwhile.

"We can all point to many examples as well. One such is J. Nelson Aviance’s Fantasy work, about vampires and werewolves and mages. His recent collection, Three by Moonlight, includes brilliant writing, compelling characters (I’d follow Eyulf the werewolf across eight galaxies), and gripping stories. And this is just a tease for his novel in progress. A young author to watch, Aviance drew me into a genre that, as all who know me can attest, is not something I’d normally pick up for pleasure and insight. But that’s exactly what I found there. And it’s smart—a key ingredient to what I love."

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J. Nelson (jnelsonaviance) August Giveaway!

I'll be giving away 2 copies of 'Three By Moonlight: A collection of werewolf tales' at the end of the month of August (actually early September). Make sure to enter to win your copy!

Three by Moonlight A Collection of Werewolf Tales by J. Nelson Aviance

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