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message 2: by David (new)

David (davidthescottishwerewolf) | 56 comments Mod
David walked into the classroom and started to pace back and forth

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David (davidthescottishwerewolf) | 56 comments Mod
" I have No Idea where the Hell Scelero is", David replied before he stabbed a desk

message 4: by David (new)

David (davidthescottishwerewolf) | 56 comments Mod
" Yeah well you know How I disappeared for a few weeks when I was still a student here", David asked

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David (davidthescottishwerewolf) | 56 comments Mod
"well I went to Hell, I had to visit Lucifer since he is my grandfather and well he wanted me to find a mate fast as he wanted more heirs and I tried flirting with my friend love, but nothing happened and then i realised that scelero was friends with my grandfather and i kind of fell in love with her and later explained how lucifer wanted me to find a mate, and she was interested in becoming my mate because she had loved lucifer but he wsnt interested. she decided that she loved me as much as i loved her and that kind of how it happened, though we discussed those things at a school i was teaching at in canada while still a student here", david replied

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David (davidthescottishwerewolf) | 56 comments Mod
"yeah I still work at that academy now because i am better at astral projecting now", David said

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David (davidthescottishwerewolf) | 56 comments Mod
"I really just need to find Scelero", I know she is here somewhere in the academy but i just want to find her soon" david said

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David (davidthescottishwerewolf) | 56 comments Mod
"okay thankyou", David said before running out of the room

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