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Ashlee | 8 comments Elizabeth withdraws a loud groan,lounging comfortably on top of a wooden table, her legs up, and her arms holding her upper body weight. She flips through the pages of 'The Tales of Beedle and Bard,' reading each and every word with ease, taking a break every so often to sip on her tea.

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Oliver Jullian Gibb | 5 comments Quietly, Severus strolls into the room, in his usual fashion. His eyes glued to an old Potions book, researching some medicinal ways to get rid of Cursed Scars. Approaching the back of the library, he sees a somewhat familiar figure sitting on a table. Slamming his book shut, he looks up, and clears his throat. "Excuse me," he grumbled.

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Ashlee | 8 comments Elizabeth jumps, looking up at the dark cloaked man. "WHAT THE.." She falls to the floor with a THUD! Looking up, she screams at the man, unaware of who he was, as a result of long, tormenting psychological torture her father placed upon her. Hiding her Death Eater tattoo on her arm, she pulls her jumper down to her hand. "CAN I HELP YOU," she shouts in anger.

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Ashlee | 8 comments She throws a piece of paper, with a message that says: "HM, weird man! help!" and a small poof emits into the air as the note disappears, to the Headmistress' quarters.

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Oliver Jullian Gibb | 5 comments Severus looks at the puzzled witch and chuckles. "If only she knew.." he thought quietly. "I do not believe bodies belong on top of these tables, Miss Riddle." He crosses his arms, tucking the book under his arm.

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Ashlee | 8 comments She looks up at the dark man, and frowns. "YEAH, WELL I DO. SO BACK OFF SNIVVELOUS."

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Oliver Jullian Gibb | 5 comments "Snivellous?" He yanks upon the collar of her shirt and growls. "WHERE.. DID... YOU.. HEAR.. THAT.. FROM.. WITCH?!?" His sleeve rides up, revealing his Death Eater tattoo, that is an unfortunate reminder of his past, and all of the torment he went through.

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Ashlee | 8 comments Elizabeth hisses, coughing as he begins to restrict her air supply. The tattoo on her arm begins to burn, as hers is cursed everytime she comes into contact with a Death Eater. "I.. I don't remember!" In all actuality, she had a hard time recalling where she first heard that from, thanks to her NO-GOOD ROTTEN EVIL SOB OF A FATHER.

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Oliver Jullian Gibb | 5 comments His eyes of anger quickly turned to those of sadness. "What am I doing? I shouldn't be choking this girl, she is the reason I survived after that snake bite.. I should be thankful... But, that is out of character..." he thought to himself.

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Ashlee | 8 comments Under her breath, she mumbled some words in Latin. Suddenly, POOF! She disappeared from his grip, and was nowhere in sight.

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David walked into the library and had seen the two of them interacting, " What the Hell is going on in here", he yelled

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