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message 1: by Kim (last edited Apr 24, 2009 03:53AM) (new)

Kim Shadow in Tiger Country by Louise Arthur
I'll start from the book I'm reading now and hope to read another 50 books by the end of the year.
1. Shadow in Tiger Country- Louise and Tim Arthur (24/4/09)

This one is going to be really sad- so must pick a 'happy' book next.

message 2: by Kim (last edited Jun 30, 2009 12:17AM) (new)

Kim (30/4/09)
The Starter Marriage A Novel by Kate Harrison

2. The Starter Marriage- Kate Harrison
I really enjoyed this one- an easy read

message 3: by Kim (last edited Jun 08, 2009 11:00AM) (new)

Kim The Waitress
3. The waitress - Melissa Nathan.

I still find it sad knowing that the author died so young.

message 4: by Kim (last edited May 18, 2009 09:20AM) (new)

Kim Claire King Confessions of a Bad Girl by Claire King (5/5/09)
4. Claire King- Confessions of a Bad Girl
This is my autobiography for May. It was quite an interesting read.

message 5: by Kim (last edited May 18, 2009 09:19AM) (new)

Kim 5. THis Year it will be different- Maeve Binchy (7/5/09)
My mum passed this book on to me. It was a nice relaxing read.This Year It Will Be Different This Year It Will Be Different by Maeve Binchy

message 6: by Kim (last edited May 18, 2009 09:20AM) (new)

Kim What My Mother Doesn't Know by Sonya Sones (7/5/09)
6. What my mother doesn't know- Sonya Sones
This was a bbok of verse. I read it for the Spring Challenge

message 7: by Kim (last edited May 18, 2009 09:19AM) (new)

Kim 7. The Tanner - Sherrie Hewson.(8/5/09)
This was a quick read- but I'd seen it advertised and picked it up in the supermarket. it was indeed a quick read!

message 8: by Kim (last edited May 18, 2009 09:19AM) (new)

Kim Notorious (It Girl, Book 2) by Cecily von Ziegesar
8. Notorius- Cecily Von Ziegesar (11/5/09)
This was a sequel to another book I bought in Asda for £1! I read it for part of the Spring Challenge- YA reads.

message 9: by Kim (new)

Kim One Day at a Time by Danielle Steel
9 One day at a time- Danielle Steel
I always enjoy a Danielle Steel- it's like comfort food for me. They tend to be predictable- but I can curl up with the book and a coffee for a few hours.

message 10: by Kim (last edited May 18, 2009 09:18AM) (new)

Kim Playing The Odds (MacGregors #4) (Language of Love #12 - Hyacinth) by Nora Roberts
10. Playing the Odds- by Nora Roberts.(15/5/09)
This is part of the Spring challenge. I need to read a book by JD Robb next. Nora Roberts is one of my fave authors- but not so keen on this series of books really.

message 11: by Kim (new)

11. Lamb lessons- Lucy Daniels (17.5.09)

This is part of the spring challenge aswell. My daughter has been off school sock- so we shared this book whilst she was off.

message 12: by Kim (new)

Kim Naked in Death (In Death #1) by J.D. Robb
12. Naked in Death- JD Robb
This was for part of the Spring challenge. A book by Nora Roberts and by JD Robb. I think I prefer the Nora Roberts books- but may try another in this series.

message 13: by Kim (new)

Kim Raw Voices True Stories of Hardship and Hope (Quick Reads) by Vanessa Feltz
13. Raw Voices- Vanessa Feltz
A quick read I started before our holiday.

message 14: by Kim (new)

Kim How to Kill Your Husband (and Other Handy Household Hints) by Kathy Lette
14. How to kill your husband- Kathy Lette
I read this for the summer challenge- to be read outside. We recently had a camping trip and I read just under half there- and I finished reading it in the garden today. It was ok- but not the best book I've ever read.

message 15: by Kim (new)

Kim Rising Tides (Chesapeake Bay Saga #2) by Nora Roberts
15. Rising Tides - Nora Roberts.
Nora Roberts is normally one of my fave authors. I did enjoy this one, but not so much as some of the other series. For the summer challenge- beach words

message 16: by Kim (new)

Kim My Best Friend's Girl by Dorothy Koomson
16. My Best Friend's Girl- Dorothy Koomson.
I love the covers on these books and I chose this one for the summer challenge- choose a book for it's cover.

message 17: by Kim (new)

Kim The Perfect Husband
17. The Perfect husband- Lisa Gardner
A bit gruesome in parts- I have some of her other books to read aswell. One half of the same name part of the summer challenge.

message 18: by Kim (new)

Kim Search Dog
18. Search Dog- Angela Locke
I really enjoyed this book. I found it in a charity shop to use either for the ratings or dog challenge in the summer challenge- and I'm really glad that I picked it up.

message 19: by Kim (last edited Jun 08, 2009 11:02AM) (new)

Kim Corner House Girls (Corner House Girls 1) by Lilian Harry
19. Corner House girls
Some girls working as waitresses. A really easy read.

message 20: by Kim (last edited Jun 30, 2009 12:18AM) (new)

Kim Holly's Inbox
20. Holly's Inbox- Holly Denham
THis was a collection of emails from a girl working on reception in an investment bank. A really frothy, quick read. Holly's Inbox by Holly Denham

message 21: by Kim (last edited Jun 30, 2009 12:15AM) (new)

Kim The Perfect Husband by Lisa Gardner
21. The Perfect Husband- Lisa Gardner
A bit gruesome! I have another of her books to read soon

message 22: by Kim (last edited Jun 30, 2009 12:14AM) (new)

Kim We'll Meet Again by Judith Saxton
22. We'll meet Again- Judith Saxton
This was a nice predictable war story. Four girls sign up for the WAAF.

message 23: by Kim (new)

Kim And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie
23. And then there were none- Agatha Christie
It's a long while since I've read an Agatha Christie book- and I really enjoyed this one. All the way through I was imagining it as a film or tv adaption- so i must look out for it on dvd. I read this for the summer challenge- a book publised the year my dad was born. It's his birthday celebration at the weekend- so really timely.

message 24: by Lisa (new)

Lisa (lbhick) I read this many years ago when it was called Ten Little Indians, and reread it a few months ago. I loved it. What a great mystery with a surprising twist. My father has read all of Christie's novels. This is my only one and I'd like to read more.

message 25: by Kim (last edited Jun 30, 2009 12:11AM) (new)

Kim You Only Live Twice by Ian Fleming
You Only Live Twice
24- You Only live twice- Ian Fleming
I really didn't enjoy this one. I am sure I've read a James Bond story in the past- but I struggled with this one

message 26: by Kim (new)

Kim Girl Next Door by Anne Diamond
25. Girl next door- Anne Diamond
I love autobiographies and I found this one interesting.

message 27: by Kim (new)

Kim Agatha Raisin and Kissing Christmas Goodbye (Agatha Raisin) by M.C. Beaton
26. Agatha Raisin and Kissing Christmas goodbye- MC Beaton.
THis was a christmassy book in the Agatha Raisin series. It was a quick read and I quite enjoyed it.

message 28: by Kim (last edited Jun 30, 2009 12:09AM) (new)

27.Fern My Story
Fern My story- Fern Britton
I have really enjoyed the autobiographies I've chosen this year. I love to know how celebrities started off on their chosen path. Fern My Story by Fern Britton

message 29: by Kim (new)

Kim Pete Doherty My Prodigal Son - A Child in Trouble, a Family Ripped Apart, the Extraordinary Story of a Mother's Love by Jacqueline Doherty
28. Pete Doherty, My prodigal son- Jacqueline Doherty
I found this a really sad account of drug addiction from a mothers perspective. It's a subject that I have never really dwelt on, having no personal experience. It really opened my eyes to how 'normal' families can become embroiled in this situation and how helpless they feel.

message 30: by Kim (last edited Jun 19, 2009 06:10AM) (new)

29. Cop Hater- Ed McBain
I've been reading a few pages of this for a while and managed to finish it this afternoon. My dad used to really enjoy these books and I'm glad I picked this one up. This is the first novel from the 87th precinct series. Cop Hater (87th Precinct #1) by Ed McBain

message 31: by Kim (new)

Kim 204 Rosewood Lane by Debbie Macomber
30. 204 Rosewood Lane- Debbie Macomber
I really enjoyed this book- and it's part of a series, so I will try to read the rest now. I have found a new author I like.

message 32: by Kim (new)

Kim A Croft in the Hills by Katharine Stewart
31. A croft in the Hills- Katharine Stewart
This was a really unusual read. I only chose it because I had to pick a book with the name of our road in the title. This was the only one I could find. MY dad spent part of his childhood on a hill farm in Wales- so I actually found it really interesting. The facilities were very basic- no running water, heating or lighting and they used horses to plough the fields.

message 33: by Kim (last edited Jun 30, 2009 12:16AM) (new)

Kim 31 Dream Street by Lisa Jewell
31 Dream Street
32. 31 DREAM STREET- Lisa Jewell
I really enjoyed this one. It was a really easy, frothy read!

message 34: by Kim (new)

Kim A Crowded Marriage by Catherine Alliott
33. A crowded Marriage- Catherine Alliott

I really enjoyed this book- I have now put some of her other books on my wishlist.

message 35: by Kim (last edited Jun 30, 2009 12:17AM) (new)

Kim December by Elizabeth Hartley Winthrop
34. December- Elizabeth Winthrop

I found this book quite interesting - although there wasn't an action packed story line. I could identify with the daughter because of my dd

message 36: by Kim (new)

Kim Vicar's Diary, A by David Wilbourne
35. A Vicar's Diary-
THis was another amusing read. It is billed as the James Herriot of the vicar's world.

message 37: by Kim (last edited Jul 07, 2009 10:43AM) (new)

Kim The Senator's Wife by Sue Miller
36. The Senators Wife- Sue Miller
I really enjoyed this book. It's a Richard and Judy selection and I do try to get these each year. Again, it's not a book I would normally pick.

message 38: by Kim (new)

Kim The Tent, the Bucket and Me The Tent, the Bucket and Me by Emma Kennedy
37. The Tent the Bucket and Me- Emma Kennedy
A very funny read about a families disatrous camping trips in the 70's. A case of food poisoning made an appearance every year.

message 39: by Kim (new)

Kim 7th Heaven (Women's Murder Club) by James Patterson
38. 7th Heaven- James Patterson
Another case for the Women's murder club- Yukis is an attorney heading a big case, Lidsay is trying to find a couple of killers setting fires.

message 40: by Kim (new)

Kim Light on Snow by Anita Shreve
39. Light on Snow- Anita Shreve
Nicky and her dad find a baby in the snow and later meet the mum. the girl's boyfriend had left the baby in the woods to die.

message 41: by Kim (new)

Kim The Court of King Rolf by Mark Walker
40. The Court of King Rolf
This is my biography for the month. I am trying to read one each month. I used to love the song Two Little Boys as a child and it was the first record I owned. I still remember the cover with Rolf and a Kangaroo (it also included Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport). I really enjoyed this one as it brought back loads of childhood memories. He did a water safetey advert in the 70's which this made me remember, he also used to paint huge paintings on TV where you tried to guess what he was painting. Trying to decide whether this is a keeper or not. I do tend to collect biographies- so it would have a home on the shelf!

message 42: by Kim (new)

Kim Did the Earth Move? by Carmen Reid
41. Did the Earth move- Carmen Reid
Eve has 4 children. One of her elder boys is getting married and her first husband gets in touch after years in America. She falls in love with her 2nd partner by the end of the book.

message 43: by Kim (new)

Kim Sunset in St.Tropez by Danielle Steel
42. Sunset in St Tropez- Danielle Steel
I'm doing the Armchair traveller challenge and this one fits nicely into the Europe one. It was a reread- but I fancied something simple and quick to read.

message 44: by Kim (new)

Kim Jordan Pushed to the Limit by Katie Price
43. Katie Price- Jordan- Pushed to the limit
Another one off the biography shelf. I must admit this one surprised me even though I had read the previous two. I suppose knowing they have split- with hindsight this book flashed that coming a mile off! I don't think it really had any positive parts for their relationship- although it did cover a particularly harrowing time for them all.

message 45: by Kim (new)

Kim Two Little Girls in Blue Large Print Edition by Mary Higgins Clark
44 Two little girl sin blue- Mary higgins Clark
I really enjoyed this one about two little twin being kidnapped. There were lots of susprcts from the start but the end although predictable still contained surprises.

message 46: by Kim (new)

Kim Ballet Shoes by Noel Streatfeild
45. Ballet shoes- Noel Straetfield
This was quite a charming childrens book. I have read sevveral by this author. I read this one for the summer challenge.

message 47: by Kim (new)

Kim Shopaholic Ties the Knot
46 Shopholic ties the knot- Sophie Kinsella
I found this one in a charity shop in PerranportH. I quite enjoyed this one and have the next one lined up already.

message 48: by Kim (new)

Kim Sea Glass by Anita Shreve
47 Sea Glass - Anita Shreve

Another one from the charity shop. I didn't really enjoy this one- it felt like nothing much happened all the way along and I wanted it to have a happy ending.

message 49: by Kim (new)

Kim Vanishing Acts by Jodi Picoult
48 Vanishing Act- Jodi Picoult
After reading reviews on here I wasn't sure I'd like this one- but I quite enjoyed the story. SHe was kidnapped as a young child by her own father. Years later he is arrested and come to trial. Her boyfriend defends him. He accuses the mum's boyfriend of abusing the daughter and he is found not guilty.

message 50: by Kim (new)

Kim Being Elizabeth by Barbara Taylor Bradford
49 Being Elizabeth- Barbara Taylor Bradford
Another charity shop find- I really enjoyed this one. I hadn't read one of hers for a while- it's made me want to search them off the bookshelf.

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