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25.10 -- Laurie ME's task: My Summer Vacation
As with many of the summers of my life, I’ll be taking two weeks off from work and going to our family’s house on the island of Vinalhaven. I’ll be there with my folks and other members of my family, sisters and their families. This place on Vinalhaven has turned out to be one of the family’s most favorite destinations for a group vacation.

For this task, think about your own vacation, past, present or future and read two books from two different options:

1. Vinalhaven is an island. The State of Maine provides a ferry service to travel from the mainland to the island, so planning is a major part of getting to Vinalhaven.

Read a book set in a location that is not close to where you live, a place you’d need to travel to get to. You may travel by car, train, boat, or airplane. Required: State the setting of the book and where you live when you post.

2. I know that traveling someplace can be very expensive; so many folks take stay-cations. If you're lucky, your stay-cation involves taking in the local sights.

Read a book that is at least partially set in a museum, aquarium, zoo, national park, carnival, circus, or fair. One of these locations should play a significant role in the story. For example: The Da Vinci Code, Relic, Zoo Story: Life in the Garden of Captives, Something Wicked This Way Comes, Track of the Cat. These lists might help: Behind the Scenes at the Museums, Books about Zoos, Circus/Carnival Books

3. Some families are able to send their children to summer camps or stay at a resort type camp as a group. Read a book in which a family, a group of friends (more than 2), or a group of strangers (more than 2) come together in a beach house, a mountain cabin, a hotel, or some other temporary living arrangement. For example: The Beach House, Ten Beach Road, The Accidental Bestseller, Second Time Around, Beach Trip. These lists may help: Hotels, Motels, B'n'Bs and Guest houses, B&B Fiction

4. Yet others take a cruise someplace in the world. Read a book that’s primarily set on a boat or ship of some sort. These lists might help: Cruises, Boat Books

5. Finally, there are times that I just like to stay at home and do nothing special. Read a book of your own choice, just to please yourself.

Required: State which options you used and any other required information when you post. If the GRs description does not make it clear, explain how your book fits the task.

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Laurie | 923 comments these are not so good.

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This thread is now open!

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Laurie | 923 comments Fiona (Titch) wrote: "Alone On A Wide Wide Sea - Michael Morpurgo for Option 4?

Sliver of Truth - Lisa Unger for Option 5?"

Both are fine.

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Fiona (Titch) Hunt (titch) | 12 comments Thanks x

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Dee (austhokie) | 7588 comments i'm assuming Joyland works for option 2

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Laurie | 923 comments Dee wrote: "i'm assuming Joyland works for option 2"


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Claire (proud-mum) | 1091 comments Option 1: The Book Thief by Markus Zusak (set in Germany, travel by plane)

Option 2: Relic by Douglas Preston

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Laurie | 923 comments Yes to both

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