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Title: Angelstone (Dark Angel #2)
Author: Hanna Peach
Genre: NA Urban Fantasy 17+
Length: 87k words
Synopsis - After escaping from the Hollows and the Michaelea lightwarriors, Jordan takes Alyx and Israel to Aradale, a secret Rogue community, where they appear to be safe − for now. But did they bring the enemy with them? “Mini”, the strange and speechless young girl they rescued from the Hollows, is not as she seems. Why was Elder Michael keeping her locked up? What is she hiding?
Alyx and Israel are driven further apart as Israel continues to obsess over making Adere human and Alyx hides two secrets from him: that he may be part-demon and that she may be carrying his child, a tri-blood keye that can be used to unlock Hell.
Out in the mortal cities, pieces of Black Stone, the only material that can disrupt the angels’ healing abilities, continue to be stolen to make weapons for Samyara’s dark army. Alyx and her friends must stop them, but this means infiltrating holy and guarded places to steal the Black Stone − a monastery in remote China, a mosque in Saudi Arabia, an art gallery in Florence and a cathedral in Peru.

Can they win this deadly race against the Darkened?

Reviewers can also get Angelfire (Dark Angel #1

The first 10 of reviewers people to sign up below leaving their email address will receive a free copy of this e-book in Mobi, ePub format for review.

1 Vanessa (artysoul1966) 1-5* 2-4*
3 S. Cu'Anam 1-5 2-5
4 Sven 1-4* 2-5*
6 Theresa (mom2goofs) 1-4 2-4
7 ShaeAnn (mega.kris) 1-4* 2-4
8 Rann (marijoe16) 1-4* 2-5*
9 Jacquleyn 1-4* 2-5*
10 Sophie (ydoon27)1-4* 2-4*
11 Kristen (sookienorthman) 4
12 Dannie 1-5 2-5
14 Nicole (Cfids1) 4

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Vanessa (artysoul) | 20 comments Ooooh pretty please artysoul1966@yahoo,com epub

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Stephanie (StephsBookRetreat) | 8 comments PDF format please.

Can I please get the first one too, if possible.

message 4: by S. (new) - rated it 5 stars

S. Policar (cuanamwolfspirit) | 64 comments I can do it IF I can get the first one.. I post the review for the first as well

Kirsten | 51 comments I can do this also, but will need the first to know what's up in the second. PDF format please. Thanks!

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Becca (bucky0112) | 4 comments me too! I would also need book 1 thank you! PDF please

Theresea Wasson | 32 comments Me please. Need both books please. epub format.

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Shayna Varadeaux (ShaeAnn77) | 92 comments Would love to and I will need book 1
This is awesome I have been wanting to read Angelfire for a while! It's exciting!

epub preferred

Hanna Peach (hannapeach) | 19 comments hello! thanks for your enthusiasm and can't wait to hear what you all think! now... back to madly working on Book 3 *grin* xHanna

message 10: by Rann (new) - rated it 5 stars

Rann (thickpages) epub please :)) and yeah I need the book 1 also :)

Sophie (warpedline) | 201 comments Is there a space open? If so I'd love to read this :) But I haven't read the first book- so could I get that too?
Also, since I'll be reading the two books, I may need a small time extension... a few days would be good :)

Thankyou! mobi format please,

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Sven (foreverbookaddict) | 66 comments If this book is still available, I would love to get a copy of both the books. Mobi please,

Jacquelyn Smith (jacquelyn_smith) | 209 comments I want to read both books please,

Kirsten | 51 comments Carrie,
If there's still room, I found out that the mobi format is Kindle (Duh). I have that and can review.

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Nicole Angel (angel4autism) | 30 comments Can you send the link I never received it. Thank you! Nicole

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Carrie (Book Fairy) Fort  (carriebookfairy) | 2889 comments Mod
I'm so sorry guys I sent them out I think that thief that takes the ONE SOCK out of the dryer took this email!! :( so resenting now.
If you didn't get it let me know....

Sophie (warpedline) | 201 comments When are the reviews due? Because i'm almost positive I won't be able to get them done in the time slot sorry :(

message 19: by Sophie (last edited Jun 11, 2013 01:56AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Sophie (warpedline) | 201 comments Here's the review for Book 1! It's on Amazon too :)Thanks for giving this to me! The review for number two will follow soon :)

message 20: by Sven (new) - rated it 5 stars

Sven (foreverbookaddict) | 66 comments Here's my review for the first one:

See Carrie! I told you I would do it in time this time.

Sophie (warpedline) | 201 comments Book 2 done! Thanks for this opportunity!


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Rann (thickpages) Carrie wrote: "Rann wrote: "Angelstone review -"

What about book one sweetie?"

here Carrie, I forgot to post. apologies :))


Shayna Varadeaux (ShaeAnn77) | 92 comments Here is my review for book 1 and 2. I'll let you know as soon as I'm done with my spoiler section for Angelstone!!

I have a cold and I'm in and out of consciousness right now! Ugh! Thanks for working with me! I <3 The Fab Five Mods!!

And do you know if Hanna Peach has a Twitter??

Angelfire Review

Angelstone Review

I'll post it up on Amazon and edit it into this comment.

Danielle (Dannie) (daniellers2012) | 251 comments Carrie wrote: "Danielle (Dannie) wrote: "Carrie,
Just wanted to remind you that I can't review Angelstone until I can read book one Angelfire. We might have to change my R2R date for it. The epub copy of Angelfir..."

Getting better, but I need a distraction now & then. Yes Mommy .... I'm back in bed! LOL! :)

Kirsten | 51 comments Weird... I've got them now. :)

Danielle (Dannie) (daniellers2012) | 251 comments I'm not able to read Angelstone until I can read book 1 - Angelfire. Unfortunately, the epub files I have been sent, I have been unable to open. I'm not sure what the problem is, or if anyone else is having the same problem, but maybe if the file can be sent as a pdf instead of an epub, it can be read that way, or converted using Caliber? Just a thought. Let me know when you can. Thank you Carrie! :)

Theresea Wasson | 32 comments Sorry for the delays in my reading. I just finished reading Angelfire and starting reading Angelstone. Here are my reviews for Angelfire:
I will hopefully have Angelstone finished by the end of the weekend.

Theresea Wasson | 32 comments Finished Angelstone (a full day with no interruptions for once). Nice continuation. Can't wait for book 3. Here are my reviews:

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Kirsten | 51 comments

I'm going to go back and read the first one, however, here are the links for the second one and I'm really looking forward to the 3rd one. Thanks for allowing me to review, I appreciate it.

Shayna Varadeaux (ShaeAnn77) | 92 comments okay my Angelstone Review no longer looks like my half conscious self wrote it!!
I'm finally feeling a little better at least not zombie like! Thanks for your patience and understanding!! Fab 5 Mods Rock!

message 34: by Sven (new) - rated it 5 stars

Sven (foreverbookaddict) | 66 comments Here's the review for Angelstone:

I'm so glad I decided to take this book!

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S. Policar (cuanamwolfspirit) | 64 comments Sorry this is late I lost my net for a few days
Both reviews are posted on Amazon, GoodReads, Tumblr, linkedin, google+ about 6 different places on FB and two twitter accounts... I can't wait for Angelsong e.e

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S. Policar (cuanamwolfspirit) | 64 comments Carrie wrote: "S. wrote: "Sorry this is late I lost What about goodreads link for book 1?

message 37: by Danielle (Dannie) (last edited Jul 17, 2013 07:00PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Danielle (Dannie) (daniellers2012) | 251 comments I finally have my reviews posted! Sorry it took so long, I haven't had access to the internet very much recently.

For Angelfire:
On GR at:

On Amazon at:

For Angelstone:
On GR at:

On Amazon at:

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Carrie (Book Fairy) Fort  (carriebookfairy) | 2889 comments Mod
Nicole Angione wrote: "Can you send the link I never received it. Thank you! Nicole"

Did you ever get this? If so is everything ok?

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