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message 1: by Kara (last edited Jun 05, 2013 05:50PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Kara (karaayako) | 3977 comments Our June buddy read is one of my all-time favorites: William Goldman's The Princess Bride.

This thread is for general discussion--please, no spoilers!

Kelsi will be the leader for this challenge.

Alison G. (agriff22) | 1083 comments i read this in january so ill pop in and out from time to time.

Toni | 234 comments Read this last year and LOVED it. Will pop in from time to time to join in the discussion. :)

Kara (karaayako) | 3977 comments I think I'll reread this one with the group. It's been a little while since I've been through it.

message 5: by Lianne (new)

Lianne (liannevanroekel) | 245 comments I hope I can squeeze this one into the pile of books I want to read this month. I would love to read and discuss it!

message 6: by Megan, Challenges (new) - rated it 4 stars

Megan (lahairoi) | 6663 comments I'm game as well, provided I can finish Cloud Atlas:)

Kelsi  (essentiallybooked) | 750 comments Hi all! I will be leading this discussion, and will start it next weekend.

Question to all: Did you know about the book before seeing the movie or vice versa? I just found out it was a book last year, but have loved the movie for years.

message 8: by Megan, Challenges (new) - rated it 4 stars

Megan (lahairoi) | 6663 comments I grew up watching the movie. My parents said that I actually destroyed the VHS because I watched it so much, so I'm very interested to see how the book measures up.

Jodi (readinbooks) | 1922 comments It is a goal for me to read this month but I have to read two others first to go with my decades challenge.

Londa (londalocs) | 117 comments I will be reading along with the group for this one! I have seen the movie and did not know about the book. Very interested to see how they compare.

Alison G. (agriff22) | 1083 comments surprisingly i thought the book and movie were pretty much identical. i cant wait to see what everyone thinks!

message 12: by [deleted user] (new)

Read this two years ago, but before then, had no idea it was a book. And it wasn't at all what i expected, because it delve into much more- well duh, movies don't always have time to get everything in. But yes, I enjoyed it just as much- I'll have to see if I can borrow it again to remember clearly.

Cherise (inkdrinkingmoth) I'm reading it! I've been meaning to read it for a while, but I hadn't really gotten the chance on top of the rest of my kindle buys, but now I have a good excuse to read it.

Kelsi  (essentiallybooked) | 750 comments Good to see you all excited to read it. I plan on starting it this week. Happy Reading!

message 15: by Kara (new) - rated it 5 stars

Kara (karaayako) | 3977 comments How's it going, everyone? For those reading, don't forget you can chat about the book here for the first half and here for the second.

For those who have finished the book, please post your review here--we would love to hear what you thought!

message 16: by Nik (new) - added it

Nik (bleepnik) | 852 comments Kara wrote: "How's it going, everyone?"

It's going. I am currently reading about Inigo Montoya. Man, I hate having watched the film first. I know it's the kind of thing that polarises readers, with some folks preferring to watch the film first, but I like seeing how the film matches the world I visualised, not visualising the world that Hollywood created. I would have really, really loved to imagine Inigo Montoya without Mandy Patinkin continually photobombing my brain.

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