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Did you like this awesome movie???

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I like it. :D

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Awesome!!! We got an awesome fan of the movie here!!!!!

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Whoa, funny. I said "Never seen it" about Brave and you say the same about Wreck It Ralph. Funny how things go. Ha, ha!

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Angel of Life (Placed in Hufflepuff) (Part of Dauntless) (kairicarter) Never seen it

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Aww, you guys have to see it!!!

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Angel of Life (Placed in Hufflepuff) (Part of Dauntless) (kairicarter) I wanted to but my little bro went and saw it without me I couldn't use him as an excuse

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WHAT????? Now he must buy the DVD so YOU can watch it!!!

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Angel of Life (Placed in Hufflepuff) (Part of Dauntless) (kairicarter) Haha I know

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Definitely cool!!!!

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You NEED to see it, Mary!!!!

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inactive account (inactiveaccoun) | 23 comments Death was born along with sonic,manic,and Sonya, but he was gaven to doctor robotnik and raised for evil . The day robotnik took over death his adopted son tryed to stop him but in the end his face was scarred badly and he found the medallion and his special sword from a place hidden In plain sight .

He has seen all of sonic,manic,and Sonya's adventures because he looks after them
Death is twice as fast as sonic and that helps him not be seen by his siblings when he saves them

Death was not very fond of knuckles at first and a few times he almost killed him.....

Once sonic broke away from manic and Sonya death didnt see him as much because he was much stronger and faster than the other 2

Death stopped watching over manic and songs for about a year to go on his own adventure

Death and Espio became partners for a while..... (( this is where the prologue ends

Espio turn around to see a black hedgehog with a amulet strung over his neck and a skull mask and a sword" who are you

Death grins under the mask"who me I'm just a hedgehog

Espio frowns and goes Invisible and jumps from tree to tree and Death heard and follows and Espio looks behind him" you can detect me!?
Death shakes his head" yes I can ive trained in the way of the ninja.
Espio smirks " well that's good maybe we should be partners

Death starts to say no but then realizes this was a great chance for adventure " yeah I can"
Espio smiles" well good because I need help taking down fang

They get to a building and animals are flooding out " aww yeah run!! Gun shots were going off every five seconds

Espio comes in and tries to stop him and fang shot at him with his pistols .
Death quickly knocks the pistols out of his hands and knocks him Out
Espio smiles " great job " he then sees the blood dropping from deaths side" you need medical help.
Death shakes his head and starts walking and falls to the ground in pain

Espio rushes over and notices that this was a hospital .... The only hospital in miles " oh no where should I bring him. Knuckles walk in and sees death bleeding and Espio a member of the chaotix he walks over to death and picks him up and goes up to the island with Espio

Death wakes up next to the master emerald." Hey it's the master emerald ." You've gone faster to dodge the bulet before "
" the Bullet hit me when we were outside.
Knuckles nods" fang is here to.... Tied up .."
Gun shots go off for a second then they stop
Death runs out and sees Espio holding fang with his arms in a knot and his guns on the ground

Knuckles throws his guns In the trees and ties him up

That very night fang gets his guns and shoots the master emerald and runs death punches him and he throws the PEICES off and half of it was in its chamber still and fang jumps down .

Knuckles stays and death and Espio go to team chaotix

Ray and charmy run up" Espio!!!!!"
Espio hugs them and vector looks at death" who are you . Oh me I'm death the hedgehog and we are here for your help locating the PEICES of master emerald and taking down fang the sniper. Fine I will go alone and you and Espio together and ray and charmy together

They all go and vector finds the PEICES and Espio and death find the others and go back

Charmy finds fang " gotcha" fang puts to pistols to his head" no I got you . Hey!!!" Ray says and fang turns around ". Charmy run !!!" Ray yells then fang shoots him over and over and charmy flies away.
Fang laughs " shoulda stayed away kid " he says and walks on ray and leaves
Charmy flies in crying" fang killed ray!!!!
Mighty walked in carrying rays body " I will avenge him...

Vector says" mighty I know he was your little brother and we know that your hurt and sad but don't kill h " mighty puts him down and looks at death" I don't know who you are but bury ray for me " he says and leaves

Death Burys ray and takes the PEICES back

Espio says " wow that was..

" I know Espio" death says inturupting him

" should we hunt fang down .
no I think mighty already is
Espio looks down and death says" if anybody killed one of my siblings I would kill them
Espio looks at him" you shouldn't kill but "
" shut up Espio

Espio does and later he says " Where are we going "
" we are finding scourge
Espio looks At him" Are you insane!!!
Death grins under his mask" maybe I am maybe I'm not "
Espio sighs

Death drops his sword when he finds scourge" I bet I can beat you without my sword and without my mask falling
Scourge laughs and charges and death and him go into a high speed battle

Death kicks him off and and grabs his sword and knocks scourge out with the hilt do the sword then falls and Espio catches him " wow that fight lasted 30 minutes

" we need a place to sleep" death wakes up the next morning next to a fire

Espio was still sleeping
Death stands up and holds his amulet and looks at it " I wonder how their doing ." He says softly

Espio wakes up " lets get going

Death looks at him the sun gleaming on them" where are we going

~ to be continued. ~

Espio smiles" I don't know yet but fang is captured...

Death smiles under his mask " that's good "

Death and Espio went to robotroplil

Death says" you know the plan right
Espio nods " Yes I go invisible and sneak in and turn off the systems and you run in and fight while I fight and you get to snively and threaten him to tell you where robotnik is
Espio sneaks in invisible and silently goes to the control room and turns everything off

Death goes in after using his amulet to make his sword super powerful and he slices threw the badniks and throws snively to the wall" tell me where robotnik is "
Snively shakes in fear " he's heading to the freedom fighters hideout " death slams the sword into snivelys heart killing him and he runs off and meets espio" we got a big problem" he tells him what snivelys said

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