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Empress (the_empress) | 1215 comments Mod

                  A Matter of Days by Amber Kizer

  On Day 56 of the pandemic called BluStar, sixteen-year-old Nadia's mother dies, leaving her responsible for her younger brother Rabbit. They secretly received antivirus vaccines from their uncle, but most people weren't as lucky. Their deceased father taught them to adapt and survive whatever comes their way. That's their plan as they trek from Seattle to their grandfather's survivalist compound in West Virginia. Using practical survival techniques, they make their way through a world of death and destruction until they encounter an injured dog; Zack, a street kid from Los Angeles; and other survivors who are seldom what they seem. Illness, infections, fatigue, and meager supplies have become a way of life. Still, it will be worth it once they arrive at the designated place on the map they have memorized. But what if no one is there to meet them?

                  PODs by Michelle K. Pickett

  Seventeen-year-old Eva is a chosen one. Chosen to live, while others meet a swift and painful death from an incurable virus so lethal, a person is dead within days of symptoms emerging. In the POD system, a series of underground habitats built by the government, she waits with the other chosen for the deadly virus to claim those above. Separated from family and friends, it's in the PODs she meets David. And while true love might not conquer all, it's a balm for the broken soul.

  After a year, scientists believe the population has died, and without living hosts, so has the virus. That's the theory, anyway. But when the PODs are opened, survivors find the surface holds a vicious secret. The virus mutated, infecting those left top-side and creating... monsters.

  Eva and David hide from the infected in the abandoned PODs. Together they try to build a life--a new beginning. But the infected follow and are relentless in their attacks. Leaving Eva and David to fight for survival, and pray for a cure.

                   In the After  by Demitria Lunetta

  They hear the most silent of footsteps.
  They are faster than anything you've ever seen.
  And They won't stop chasing you...until you are dead.

  Amy is watching TV when it happens, when the world is attacked by Them. These vile creatures are rapidly devouring mankind. Most of the population is overtaken, but Amy manages to escape—and even rescue “Baby,” a toddler left behind in the chaos. Marooned in Amy’s house, the girls do everything they can to survive—and avoid Them at all costs.

  After years of hiding, they are miraculously rescued and taken to New Hope, a colony of survivors living in a former government research compound. While at first the colony seems like a dream with plenty of food, safety, and shelter, New Hope slowly reveals that it is far from ideal. And Amy soon realizes that unless things change, she’ll lose Baby—and much more.

  Rebellious, courageous, and tender, this unforgettable duo will have you on the edge of your seat as you tear through the pulse-pounding narrow escapes and horrifying twists of fate in this thrilling debut from author Demitria Lunetta.

                  The Testing (The Testing, #1) by Joelle Charbonneau

  Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Isn’t that what they say? But how close is too close when they may be one in the same?

  The Seven Stages War left much of the planet a charred wasteland. The future belongs to the next generation’s chosen few who must rebuild it. But to enter this elite group, candidates must first pass The Testing—their one chance at a college education and a rewarding career.

  Cia Vale is honored to be chosen as a Testing candidate; eager to prove her worthiness as a University student and future leader of the United Commonwealth. But on the eve of her departure, her father’s advice hints at a darker side to her upcoming studies--trust no one.

  But surely she can trust Tomas, her handsome childhood friend who offers an alliance? Tomas, who seems to care more about her with the passing of every grueling (and deadly) day of the Testing. To survive, Cia must choose: love without truth or life without trust.

message 2: by Tom (new)

Tom (lagerhelps) | 37 comments My daughter just informed me that she is taking a Dystopian reading class in college!! So in the near future I'll be buddy reading.

Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury The Giver (The Giver, #1) by Lois Lowry Brave New World by Aldous Huxley 1984 by George Orwell

message 3: by Empress, Seeker of wonders (new)

Empress (the_empress) | 1215 comments Mod
That is great. I plan on reading the giver and brave new world and at some point re-reading 1984, so let me know.

Dystopian reading class in college? How cool is that? What is she studying?

message 4: by Tom (new)

Tom (lagerhelps) | 37 comments Ellie [The Empress] wrote: "That is great. I plan on reading the giver and brave new world and at some point re-reading 1984, so let me know.

Dystopian reading class in college? How cool is that? What is she studying?"

She is a Computer Science major. This class is just an elective.

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Tom (lagerhelps) | 37 comments I think she started the Giver yesterday.

message 6: by Michelle (new)

Michelle Gilmore Tom wrote: "Ellie [The Empress] wrote: "That is great. I plan on reading the giver and brave new world and at some point re-reading 1984, so let me know.

Dystopian reading class in college? How cool is that?..."

What a cool elective!

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