Prince of Wolves (The Grey Wolves, #1) Prince of Wolves question

What is it that people like about this book????
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I'm about to get trolled here, but this book is awful(in my opinion). It was one of the first books I got for my Kindle as it was free AND the first book I ever couldn't finish. From the first chapter I was cringing!!! The writing is similar to that of fanfiction,the characters are stab worthy,it seems the story has ADD(the subject keeps changing out of nowhere),it has irritating info-dumps and is overall just plain childish. Why does this have a 4.14 rating??? I really don't understand why anyone can like this,I'm sorry I can't. I honestly do respect the opinions of the people who like it, I just really want to know why. Did I miss something (as I didn't finish it)? Are we all reading the same book?

I like it because of the way its an easy read. Its just for fun and laughter. It has the romance part that I like, but it also has snarky comments from the side characters. And they have that best friend connection that is relatable. I like that they accept that Jacque hears voices from "the hot Romanian across the street" it makes the story move on. Most books have the character pondering all their issues on their own, which draws out the process of getting on with the story.

I've read all of these books and it does get more complex. Its just a light read. I actually read somewhere that Quinn Loftis said Prince of Wolves was the first full length book she has ever written and said she knows there are mistakes she's made in it. Of course, you probably didn't know that, but it does get better as the books go on.

You should really give them another chance, they always make me smile on a bad day :)

Marlene Davis For me, this is a very romantic story. I love how each book follows all the characters, and keeps up with the original characters. I will not spoil it ...more
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This book is god awful! Man I don't understand why people love it. I mean sure the overall idea of the story is sort of good but the execution is terrible. I mean where the hell did Lucas Steele come from? She just shoved him in there without any explanation or reason. He was integral to the plot he should have had a reason for being there.

I am sad that this free book is taking up space in my head

It's beautiful, the concept of wolves having soul mates is touching. I adored it.

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i like this book cause on a bad day i can go back to this book an laugh myself into a better modd with all of jacque,jen and sally's snarky antics an jokes.i love how they just except that theres a supernatural creatures in the world therefore not having to waist time on someone having to need time to except things which i hate to have in a book cause its annoying.the romance now that pure example on how i wish real love could be in our world but of course its oly a i like the close nit friendship between the girls it reminds of the friendship i have with my girls cause like jaccque an her two friends my girls are like my lastly this book actually made me cry when i got to the pART WERE JAQUE WAS TOLD THAT FANE WOULD HAVE TO FIGHT TO THE DEATH AGAINST THE WOLF ALPHA LUCAS JUST TO EARN THE RIGHT TO BE HER MATE ALTHOUGH FANE HAS PROVE THAT HE DOES A HUNDRED TIMES OVER.AN PLUS SOME OF THE THINGS THE GIRLS TALK ABOUT IN THIS BOOK REMINDS ME THAT HEY THERE JUST LIKE ME CAUSE IM ABOUT THERE AGE AN I CAN THEREFORE RELATE TO THEM. :)

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it was quite awful to read to be honest, take twice the time to read it than any another book. The character so childish and annoying that as an adult all i want to do was to slap them ( and don't tell me teenager speacking like that). the biggest was the bad guy who appear from nowhere like seriously how the hell did he meet jacquelyne (as a french personne is jacqueline).
and her friends was really annoying, like i skip every scene they were speaking. (30% of the book)

The book is okay; I like how it isn't packed with heavy feelings and is written well enough that you are able to read it and understand the plot. However, I couldn't finish the book because it got too lovey-dovey for me.

I hate to say, didn't like this book at all. Too much information dumped in the wrong places, unrealistic reactions from the MC, telling instead of showing; overall bad writing.
I love paranormal stories, but this one didn't work out for me.

I personally think it has such a high rating because it is so bad. I read it when I was sick and I wanted something so completely stupid it was funny to read and this book served that purpose.

I loved the booked and now im hooked! want to read the rest

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It's an easy read that you can flick through and that it's free. *shrug*

I read this book a little while ago, grew up and then came back to it and I'm seriously questioning what it was I loved about the book...

I've read all the books and I love this series. Some people say some parts aren't realisic. I see it this way, if I wanted reality I would watch the news or read an autobiography. I can put aside the grammatical errors and enjoy the story. But everyone is entitled to their opion and I'm not the type to say "you're crazy not to love this". To each their own.

Its funny full of charming witty characters that arent afraid to be normal smart ass girls. Any time I need a laugh I just pick up the book and re read it

I absolutely 100% agree with you. And don't get me wrong, I love fantasy/paranormal novels, but this one DID sound like poorly written fanfiction to me. I've found that a lot of YA ebooks that are free are like this. The writing was just awful. I mean, it was a fun read, sure, but that's all it was. Don't feel bad for liking it. There are many in the same boat as you!

I like the way the girls talk to each other. The way the guys are completely baffled by their banter. Makes for comedic relief in a tense situation. I think Quinn Loftis did a fantastic job. But that is just my opinion.

I read it and thought it was just OK and I love YA PNR. I found it kinda odd that no one freaked out cause of what happened. It's like "Oh, I hear him talking in my head" and her friends are like "oh really, I totally believe you and there is nothing strange about that". And I kinda thought her friends sarcasm was bit too much, like the author tried too hard to make them very sarcastic.

And if I were a wolf, I would get tired of those damn girls calling me fur ball all the time, lol.

I started book 2 and within the very first few chapters, I could tell exactly where that story was going and I just stopped reading the series.

Therealbadkitty wrote: "I'm about to get trolled here, but this book is awful(in my opinion). It was one of the first books I got for my Kindle as it was free AND the first book I ever couldn't finish. From the first chap..."

The only reason that I finished this book was because I needed a good laugh. It was one of those books that had a great concept, but was poorly executed.

yes we are reading the same book,you are reading a paranormal romance,and should keep an open mind ti that,my guess is you are a realism,and i think that is the kind you like to know different strokes for different folks,open you`r mind and remember this is a special kind if romance,and it is a fantastic book,sorry you can`t see the and understand the scope of it,you must keep an open mind,the author is a fantastic writer,or go finish the book you can`t under stand something un finished.
better luck in you`r selection of books.


Everything!!! It makes me laugh! I love the plot and I also love the characters!

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I think the first and second book were good but the rest of the series just downgrades the whole series. the plot changed so much.

Hahaha Jen and Sally are great friends and all, but they are sooo super annoying. I literally skipped their dialogues.

I like the whole werewolf concept, but the overall writing was so.. not polished? I don't know, it's just the entire time I was reading I was like GOSH this is so poorly written. The only thing that kept me reading was Fane's loyalty and love to Jacque (haha that's my name). I like all the non-human characters- they're the ones given the most depth in the book.

Haha sorry.. that was way longer than I thought it would be. Anyways, yeah I don't think the book series is worth the hype, but it's okay-ish if you're looking for a book about an awesome boyfriend.

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