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ℋɑƞƞɑℎ | 160 comments The old man lived in the Wooley Swamp way back in Booger Woods.
He never did do a lot of harm in the world,
But he never did do no good
People didn't think too much of him
They all thought he acted funny
The old man didn't care about people anyway
All he cared about was his money.
He'd stuff it all down in mason jars
And he'd bury it all around
And on certain nights
If the moon was right
H e'd dig it up out of the ground.
He'd pour it all out on the floor of his shack
And run his fingers through it.
Yeah, Lucius Clay was a greedy old man
And that's all that there was to it.

Cable boys was white trash
They lived over on Carver's Creek.
They were mean as a snake
And sneaky as a cat
And belligerent when they'd speak.
One night the oldest brother said,
"Y'all meet me at the Wooley Swamp later
We'll take old Lucius's money
and we'll feed him to the alligators."

They found the old man out in the back
With a shovel in his hand,
Thirteen rusty mason jars
was just dug up out of the sand.
And they all went crazy
And they beat the old man,
And they picked him up off of the ground.
Threw him in the swamp
And stood there and laughed
As the black water sucked him down.

Then they turned around
And went back to the shack
And picked up the money and ran.
They hadn't gone nowhere
When they realized
They were running in quicksand.
And they struggled and they screamed
But they couldn't get away
And just before they went under
They could hear that old man laughing
In a voice as loud as thunder.

And that's been fifty years ago
And you can go by there yet.
There's a spot in the yard
In the back of that shack
Where the ground is always wet.
And on summer nights
If the moon is right
Down by the that dark footpath,
You can hear three young men screaming.
You can hear one old man laugh.

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That's cool (and slightly creepy)! I love it. Plus, I'm from down south so I'm pretty familiar with voodoo superstitions :)
So, how did you want to go about characters? I assumed you meant doubles in the description...

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ℋɑƞƞɑℎ | 160 comments Oh that is perfect! :) I love the south, I want to live there someday :)
Yup doubles :) we could have some sort of romance in it for good measure :) do you wan to be Ms. Mary and a guy or the other two?

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Yeah, it really is great. Lots of history :)
Probably the other two...
Could I make my girl be Ms. Abilene's grandaughter?

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ℋɑƞƞɑℎ | 160 comments Yeah!!!!! That would be perfect!!!!

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Alright, cool! So, what age will they all be?

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ℋɑƞƞɑℎ | 160 comments Hmmm, I'm gonna make Mary mid 20s. Maybe two of them could be older and two a little younger like teens? Or we could make both 20s? :)

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I like having teens and adults :)
How detailed do you usually make characters?

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ℋɑƞƞɑℎ | 160 comments Awesome sauce :)
It depends. Normally about a small paragraph for personality and history :)

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Works for me! I'll get to work on my charries :)

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ℋɑƞƞɑℎ | 160 comments Okay! :) I'm have to bake cupcakes for my sister's birthday then I'll get started :)

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Name: Marco Luciano Chorley

Age: 25


Marco is a straightforward, no nonsense kind of guy. He doesn’t believe in magic or voodoo or anything like that. Marco is a realist, which is partly due to the way he grew up. He can be very witty, charismatic, and loyal to those he favors. Being the sheriff, he is always putting others safety above his own, making him very brave. Marco has his own philosophies about the way the world works and about humanity in general, but living the way he has, they aren’t all sunshine and rainbows.

Marco is the type of guy you may see sitting in a bar on a Saturday night, drinking away the sorrows which he doesn’t tell anyone of. He’s not really from Louisiana, having been born somewhere in Maine. He never knew his parents and lived a rough life, being passed from foster home to foster home. When he turned eighteen, he finally got away from the system, choosing to start a new life here in this town. Marco never tells anyone about his past, but tries his best to protect his new home. He also has a soft spot for children.

He is known as Sheriff Chorley around town. The only reason he got the job was because the old Sheriff ran off, spouting stories of voodoo crap.

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Name: Estella Aisling Abilene

Age: 17


Estella has always had a bit of sass to her. She probably inherited her attitude from her mother, who was very fond of breaking rules. But, other than this little attitude problem, Estella comes across as your average girl. She gets in just enough trouble, has just enough friends. But Estella is a very compassionate girl, always feeling deeply for others. She is a loyal friend to have and is great at giving advice. Sometimes her strange wisdom makes her seem older than she is…

Estella seems like a normal teenage girl at first glance, nothing out of the ordinary really. That’s what she strives so hard to be, just normal. Luckily, most people do not know that her grandmother is old Ms. Abilene. Estella was raised by her mother, who didn’t want anything to do with Estella’s grandmother. But, Erin Abilene couldn’t keep the lady away from her own granddaughter. So, Estella knows all about superstitions and her grandma’s magic. Ms. Abilene constantly encourages Estella to use her own gifts, but Erin taught her daughter to tread carefully when it came to voodoo, especially since there are rumors that that was what killed her father...

Being just a teenager, Estella doesn’t think she believes in magic, but she still is very cautious…

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ℋɑƞƞɑℎ | 160 comments Name: Katie Louise Mary

Age: 23

Gender: Female


Eye color: Forest green
Hair color: Light brown
Height: 5'3"

Personality: Katie is a very sweet girl, she's known around the town for being very kind. Katie is all smiles. She has a smile that could light up the world. She is a very happy, sweet, and compassionate girl. She almost always has a smile on her face. She is not one that likes frowning. Not much is known about her personality and how weird she is, unless you're her closest friend. She can come off as a little awkward at first, especially if you don't know her. She's not too good at socializing, but once you get her going she is pretty talkative. She's not one that deals well with sass and get a little snappy if you disrespect her.

History: Katie was born in this town and she's gonna die in it. She was born to Ben Mary and Suzanne Johnson-Mary. She has one older brother, Josh Mary, who is currently in the Marines and deployed in Iraq. She grew up in this town, pretty boring life actually. Sure there were the hardships, her grandpa dying, her dog dying, when her dad was briefly unemployed, but mostly it's been fine. She just recently moved back from New Orleans where she got her elementary education minor and already has a job as a fifth grade teacher in the town.

Other: Voodoo? It's what the old stories are made up of. Sure some of the people practice the cult, but no real magic involved.

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Aww, I like her! Her and Marco will do well together :)

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ℋɑƞƞɑℎ | 160 comments Thank you! :)

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ℋɑƞƞɑℎ | 160 comments First name: Brady Davis

Age: 17

Eye color: Blue
Hair color: Dark brown
Height: 6'4"

Personality: Brady is a sweet, respectful country boy. He really likes to have fun, though. He enjoys messing around a lot and he likes to tease people, but it's all in good nature. Sometimes it can get on some people's nerves. He's known for being the class clown. He also has a very charming side and will put you before he puts himself. If you ask, he'll give you the shirt off of his back. He gets really protective of those he loves. He is just like any other boy; he doesn't back down from a fight. He can get a little argumentative at some times too, but he doesn't let it get too bad.

History: Brady lived in Colorado until he was 14. He lost his dad in the army. After he lost his dad they moved back here to his mom's home town. He has a deep respect for the military and he began training himself during his senior year. Their house has turned into "the family hotel". His uncle, cousin and another cousin, and grandpa are all living here.

Other: He thinks that voodoo is nonsense and there's no sense in even thinking about it.

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Cool! How do you think we should start? :)

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ℋɑƞƞɑℎ | 160 comments Hmmmm, maybe we could start it with Katie waking up and seeing the cat then she can call the sheriff and Brady and Estella could be friends maybe so he heard abou it and talks to her about it? Sound okay? :)

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I like the idea for Katie and Marco. But with Brady and Estella, could we make them not really friends? Like they just see each other around sometimes? Then, maybe Brady could come to Estella because people know she knows about this stuff... :)

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ℋɑƞƞɑℎ | 160 comments That's even better! :) I'll start :)

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ℋɑƞƞɑℎ | 160 comments Lets say its summer so they don't have school :)

Voodoo, it's a silly thing that very few people believe in. Most folks don't believe in it, but deep in the swamp there are a few that practice it. But of course there are even more secrets hidden in the swamp. Dark, evil secrets. Secrets of crazies. Secrets they don't want to leave the swamp. Secrets they will kill to keep.

A scream filled the small one bedroom cottage Katie lived in. She had woken up early to get ready for her morning jog, just like any other morning. Then, she opened up her curtains to let the sun shine in. Staring back at her, was the head of her calico cat Daisy hanging from the tree branch. Katie started trembling violently as she slammed the purple curtains shut. Who does that? She couldn't erase the image of her dear Daisy's head hanging there, staring back at her. She was so upset that she started to cry. The nerve of some people!! Once she pulled herself together, she walked over to her phone and dialed the sheriff's station.

Brady's mama had told him what happened to Ms. Mary, by 10 o'clock the whole town knew about it.
"Terrible thing, bless her heart. The whole town knows how much he adored that cat. I mean, who would dare do something like that?" She said, shakin her head over the pancakes she had made.
"I'll bet it has to do with them strange happenings down in the swamp. I'll bet whoever's doing that is responsible for it," said his uncle, Uncle Vern. His mama frowned and waved her hand in the air, dismissing it.
"I'm sure it's just some sick high school prank- no offense Brady," she said with finality.
"Either way, I'd look into it. Brady! Why don't you do us all a favor and go talk Ms. Abilene's grand baby? She's your age and I'm sure she knows plenty of that stuff," Frank, Vern's 19 year old son suggested.
"Frank!" His mama chastised. Frank just shrugged in return. After breakfast, Frank approached Brady again.
"I tell you, do some digging. Find out what she knows," he said lowly. Brady opened his mouth to object, but he knew it was pointless to argue with Frank. If he just headed out for a few hours, Frank would forget about it.
"Fine," Brady said sarcastically and headed out the door. He decided to head out to the park. ((And we can say he runs into Estella and he'll question her about it! :)))

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The sheriff's office was silent that morning. No calls had come in, no crimes had been reported, and Sheriff Chorley thought the quietness of the place was oddly eerie. And then he heard the phone, and whe he heard what happened, he had to rush right over. A dead cat? They certainly never had problems like this in Maine...
Marco arrived at the cottage about fifteen minutes after recieving the call. He wore his leather jacket over a black t-shirt, faded jeans, and an expression that was full of suspicion. As soon as he arrived, he could see it, a bloody, torn up little head impaled like a cabob. Marco's eyes widened slightly, and he rushed straight for the door, which he pounded on with his fist. "Ma'am! It's Sheriff Chorley. Please open up!" He called inside.

Estella Abilene had heard about the incident alright, about as soon as it happened. News spread quickly in towns like this one. Now, she sat on a stone bench in the park, staring at the flowers. Every once in awhile, her phone would vibrate with updates from her mother, practice rescheduling from her cheer coach, or the occassional curious inquiry from a random peer. Normally, people would not even think about old Ms. Abilene around Estella. She was just a normal, popular girl at their school and no one thought anything of it. Estella had always thought that she could just make them all forget by blending in.
Her phone buzzed again, but she ignored it this time, instead focusing on a darling little girl who was running around the park, trying to catch butterflies in a toy net. She smiled slightly to herself and sighed. The little girl's father came over to asist her, showing her how to trap the tiny creatures. The image was enough to sadden Estella more, but she didn't want to leave the park. It was peaceful here and she liked that...

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ℋɑƞƞɑℎ | 160 comments Katie nodded and ended the call with a shaky thank you. She looked over at the window with the drawn curtains and shivered again and almost started crying again. She walked over to the doors and locked them for the first time in her life. She took a shaky breath and got dressed in a purple peasant styled shirt and Capri pants. She put her hair in a loose braid and walked to the place she kept her hunting rifles. She was scared to death and didn't want to take no chances. She gently placed it on the counter in the counter and out the kettle on to boil.
Panic filled Katie when she heard the pounding and grabbed the gun, but gently out it back down when she heard it was the sheriff. She took a shaky breath and unlocked and opened the door. "Come in, come in. I'm so glad you're here. I don know who could have done that to Daisy-" she stopped and covered her mouth and she tried to blink the years away.

Brady walked down the street in silence wearing a pair of grease stained jeans an a white t-shirt. He had been wearing these jeans last night when he was working on his '69 Mustang and hadn't bothered to put on a new pair. There was no sense in it. He took a turn so he was walking down Main Street where the majority of the stores were as well as the Veteran's Memorial Park. It had a metal statue of an eagle as well as combat boots and a hat. It was large with a lot of green and trees and a playground for the kids. It was pretty nice, Brady liked spending some of his free time here.
He was walking around the foot paths when he noticed the Estella. He knew of her, but he didn't really know her. Of course in a town as small as this you knew of everyone. He did know she was pretty popular at the school. She seemed nice enough, too. He decided to go talk to her, but not for Fred's reason, no, just to talk to. "Hey, Estella, right?" He asked causally after he approached her.

((I'm gonna change his appearance and personality slightly :)))

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Marco wasn't your normal sheriff. In fact, before he came here he had only gotten in trouble with the law, never enforced it. He approached most things with a sort of casual air about him, not really caring much about anything (although he truly had started to care about the people here). But with this case, he was going to try to be a little nicer about it. Marco made that decision after he saw Ms. Mary. He had heard people mention her in passing at the diner and such, but had never really met her. She looked so torn up and Marco didn't want to make her even sadder. He forced a smile on his face.
"Hello, ma'am. I'm Sheriff Chorley. Please tell me everything that happened." He instructed, stepping inside. He raised an eyebrow when he saw the gun on the counter, but decided to ignore it.
"Have you met anyone new lately? Is there anyone that might have it out for ya? What are the neighbors like around here?" He spouted out one question after the other, really wanting to get this over with as quick as possible. Marco felt extremely silly investigating the case of a dead cat. It was probably just a group of unruly teenagers playing a stupid prank...

Estella watched as the girl's father lifted her up so that she could reach a monarch that had flown higher than she could reach by herself. The tiny lady grinned, waving her net around. Estella didn't think she would catch it at all, since she had no sense of direction with her net. But, perhaps there had been some other fate that wanted this child to have a good day, for her net block the butterfly's path, entraping it. The dad let the girl down and they examined the creature together, both grinning (although the dad more shocked than the girl).
And then, Estella heard a voice that snapped her back to reality, for she had been having her own daydreams of the days when she caught butterflies with her father. She blinked, turning he rhead so sh ecould see the boy who had said her name. She raised an eyebrow. Estella vaguely recognized him, thinking she had probably seen him around school. But he wasn't exactly part of her crowd, so she didn't even know his name. "Yes...I'm sorry, but who are you?" She asked, a little tinge of brattiness in her voice. She didn't mean to sound like that, but it was kind of hard for her not to. Estella looked at his grease stained clothes, which were quite a contrast to her polisjed, primpy look. Her curls were pulled back into a high ponytail today, for she did not really feel like fixing her hair.

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