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Adrian Alonso as Leo

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I think Adrian Alonso would make a great Leo, what do you think?

notyourfriend Put up a picture of him

Lauren I think he's to young... Right now at least...

Maddy Lauren wrote: "I think he's to young... Right now at least..."

Thats what I thought. But he's actually 19 I think....

Sandie Wow, but he looks 11.

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He looks young because there isn't really any new pictures of him.

Mikela He looks like a pretty good Leo, but not unless he curls his hair...

Joey who's adrian alonso? o.O

Sandie Joey wrote: "who's adrian alonso? o.O"
google him babe

message 10: by Joey (new) - rated it 5 stars

Joey wut da heck he would make a horrible leo

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