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message 1: by Summer (new)

Summer (wildskf) I am proud to announce that Pokemon Company International has officially approved and sanctioned an upcoming Pokemon hand-held tournament for AMA-CON 2013 ~! :D

AMA-CON is the Texas panhandle's new anime/comics/steampunk/sci-fi convention in its' second year sponsored by the Friends of the Amarillo Public Library!

AMA-CON will be held on Saturday July 20th, 2013.

If you live in the midwest USA, you should totally consider coming! Ticket prices for AMA-CON are just $5 a person, and participating in the 2013 AMA-CON Pokemon Tourney is completely free :)

If you would like more information, just shoot me a PM. Thanks!

message 2: by The landmaster (last edited May 31, 2013 04:18PM) (new)

The landmaster (landonzea) | 74 comments 8:::( I just moved from Oklahoma....However, if anybody is interested we have a pokemon leauge in the "pokeworld" group here on goodreads that we are trying to jump-start. it's under the "Play! Pokemon" topic. Please join!

message 3: by Will (new)

Will I'm in the Midwest, but of Canada...I didn't know there was a group on goodreads! Thanks for the tip! Also, Landon, I have your chatot waiting for you.

message 4: by The landmaster (new)

The landmaster (landonzea) | 74 comments Sweet! Do you want to trade right now?

message 5: by Will (new)

Will I'm on now. I'll go to the wifi room. fc365514220641

message 6: by The landmaster (new)

The landmaster (landonzea) | 74 comments Sorry, I missed it. If you are free today post again. Hopefully I'll see it this time...

message 7: by Will (new)

Will Argh...Missed you again...do you use gchat or Skype? Might be easier.

message 8: by The landmaster (new)

The landmaster (landonzea) | 74 comments I do use google chat (if that is what you were talking about) but I'm not sure I would be allowed to use it with you...we could try the GTS if you tell me what you want and you wanted to risk it.

message 9: by Will (new)

Will My GTS username is werewillf

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