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These are outcasts that live in the wilderness- rangers

Here's the outline:

First Name:

Last Name:



Personality: Please Make it at least 10 sentences.

< IMG SRC= picture link / >

Distinguished Markings (If any):

Backstory: Please make it at least 10 sentences





Relationship Status


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Caramel Cat Universe First Name: Valshe Toshiaki

Last Name: Shiki

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Rank: Jester (both towns)

Personality: He is manipulative, is a flirt to girls (sometimes boys, but only to get something out of it), sweet, but actually very evil deep down. Acts like a true gentleman, but once you see through his disguise he is a true devil. He likes sweets and to play with girls and some guys feelings.


Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Weight: ?
Height: 6 foot
Distinguished Markings: star on left cheek

Backstory: When Valshe was born his parent didn't want a baby, so they gave him to some lady. This lady was a master in the dark arts and later gave Valshe his flute that he plays. The lady then later died from old age when he was 14 causing him to get a job. He noticed that girls often hit on him and decided to become a host at a club in a different town he was then became a jester since he liked to entertain and pick up girls.

Weakness: Girls kina, authority, and people who know he is bad

Strengths: Pervasive, manipulative, good looking

Weapon: That is used to hypnotize people and is dark magic.

Family: Neko (his servant kinda)

Sexuality: Straight but will act Heterosexual

Relationship Status: Single

Other: (his apperance)

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Caramel Cat Universe um, can he be accepted?

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Right... Sorry. He's accepted! Wanna RP?

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Caramel Cat Universe Yep!

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Belladonna (~Miriam Daisy Rose~) (miriamdaisyrose) | 65 comments First Name: Ralin
Last Name: Merriweather
[Species:] Part elf, part human
Age: 18
Gender: Female

Personality: She has always been a kind, brave person, willing to give her life for a person or a cause, and usually prudent. When she was younger, she was the rough street-savvy minor thief, who stole food for sustenance. As she grew older and more capable, she learned to adhere to a strict moral code of her own making. She is trustworthy, loyal, and stalwart. She deeply treasures her honor.

Appearance: Ralin has a round face and, though she spends her life primarily outdoors, the elf blood in her keeps her skin creamy pale in tone.
Hair: She has curly black hair that because of it's length has but a slight wave to it. It goes down to her waist.
Eyes: Her eyes are blue in color. They see many things, penetrate through a person with acute perception, reading into everything a person may do or say and seeing who they are and what they really mean. They are the eyes of a deep person, a person who has seen many, many things.
Weight: Because of the elf in her (she is part elf), she weighs only 98 pounds or so. She is a petite, muscular person- fit, agile and dexterous.
Height: 5'3"
Distinguished Markings (If any): Her ears, which are naturally pointy, are both scarred, one with a jagged wedge shaped slice where part of her ear was cut and is gone, the other with the point completely torn off. These are old scars, from her childhood.

Back-story: Ralin is a foreigner to these lands. She was born in a small coastal village called Grindor`tarlk, part of the loosely connected group of city-states known as Grindor. The village is filled with mutts, people who are part elf and part human. At least one man in every family works as a fisherman, as fish is not only a staple in the area but closely connected to the people's way of life. Music is also a big part of the Grindorian culture. Ralin lived a rough life, however. Aside from being a well-known composer and musician in the village, her father was abusive and a drunkard. He would often beat his family, and routinely forced Ralin to stay awake late into the night playing the harp, often crying as she did so, only to get up again at sunrise and start about the chores and work that was routine. He offered no love to his children, no real love. Kind one moment but twisted the next, he kept their hearts in constant confusion. Her mother could not stand up to the father, but tried her best to lessen the blow. When Ralin was 10, her mother told her father that she was once again pregnant. She had had four children before Ralin, all of whom died soon after birth, and this was the first since. Ralin's father reacted violently to the news, and Ralin's mother fled the home. Ralin constantly schemed to leave home but didn't until a month after her mother had left, when a fire erupted in their home. She did not know if her father made it out safely, as he did not know if she did. The fire was kept under control, thankfully, and did not spread to any of the other structures in the town. For the next year Ralin stole scraps of food to stay alive, but tried to only take worthless bits, until she got a job transporting goods up and down a river. She slowly paid back all of the 'debts' she had 'accumulated', repaying the people she had stolen from. She worked at varying places and at varying jobs until she landed in a lighthouse on the coast. From there she traveled to the lands around the key kingdoms of this roleplay. She began working odd jobs and peddling. She met a man from Guildenstar [possibly a representative of the King / the King himself?] who wanted a nimble-bodied person to do some spy work against an unscrupulous leader of the White Knights, and took the job. But when she was through (months after she took the job) she found that she was no longer welcome in certain areas of Guildenstar, because her presence in their enemy’s kingdom had been misconstrued, and Guildenstar’s leaders who had hired her for the work in the first place failed to come to her aid. She went back to peddling.

She keeps with her always her treasured pendent that was given to her at birth by her mother according to old Grindorian custom. When a child is born his or her first kiss is saved in a special place and given to them when they grow older. Her's was saved in the pendent, and given to her when she was at the unusually early age of 6. Her mother thought it would empower her and comfort her, and it did.

For an unknown reason, probably because she is part elf and part human, she reacts badly to things that cause hallucinations. The last time she was given something of the sort she was transported back to a long night at the harp, and she could feel the sting of the strings on broken skin, the pain of a slap on the face. Her body went through everything that she had gone through in the memory, where she had been hit the red outline of a hand appeared. When she had cried, tears ran from her eyes. When she had fallen into sleep, she fell to the ground. That sort of thing.

Some would recognize her as a traitor in Guildenstar
She can’t read.
Hallucinating mushrooms, spells, etc.
She is afraid of heights, and afraid of being trapped in small spaces.

Strengths: Cleaver, agile, adroit, keenly perceptive, dexterous.
She is at home in the water. Incredibly good at swimming, a capable hand in pretty much any type if boat.
She wields well the bow and arrow, and hatchet, anything to do with aiming. Knows the lay of the land, can use minor magic.
Family: Other than the mentioned above, her little brother Benjin, who her mother was pregnant with when she fled house and home. But Ralin does not know any of then anymore, and has traveled far from them.
Sexuality: Straight
Relationship Status: and single

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PERFECT! She is approved

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ella  (katarella) | 97 comments First Name: Meredith

Last Name: Stwain

Age: 15

Gender: Female

{Species: Werewolf}

Personality: Meredith is a really funny and down-to-earth girl. She will make anyone laugh and happy. She can be a little pushy at times, but she is mostly generous and kind.

[image error]

Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Height: 1,78cm

Backstory: Meredith was born in a common family. When she was out in the forest one day and the sun started to set, a wolf suddenly appeared and she fainted. She didn't think there was anything wrong with her. But her sences suddenly started to improve and when she thought to much of the wolf she had seen, she suddenly turned into one. She is extremly good at controling her changes and helpes other wolves fight their changes.

blood (which is wierd for a werewolf)
caves (she just doesn't feel right, when she sees one)

fighting (she's amazing at throwing knives)

Father, mother and two older brothers.

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Relationship Status: Single

Other: I decided to post her here, too, since a werewolf is half human, and I don't think many people look at the werewolf threads!

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Approved! Wanna rp?

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ella  (katarella) | 97 comments YES!!! :) Where to? You decide!!!

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Ok, um how about the OUTLANDS, Under hills? I'll post first.

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ella  (katarella) | 97 comments kk see you there ^^

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Belladonna (~Miriam Daisy Rose~) (miriamdaisyrose) | 65 comments First Name: Rothus
Last Name: Salazar (Only people who knew him from way back know his first name. He commonly goes by his last name alone)

Age: 20
Gender: Male

He's a Ranger!

Personality: He is intense. His dignified, serious demeanor and weighty presence inspire respect. He presents a deep aura of foreboding, legend, mystery. He keeps his distance, but naturally feels the need to save someone in peril. His every action is with purpose- he does not just fling his arm about in random gesticulation, he does not just twitch. He is cool, controlled. He has command over his feelings, his voice, his body language. Selfless, he is bound to do his duty. A slave to other men's needs by choice.


Hair: Thick, black
Eyes: Deep, penetrating, brown
Weight: Average for a fit, muscular male of his height... I don't know what that would be!
Height: 6'2"
Distinguished Markings (If any):

Backstory: Almost legendary, he lives in the forests. No, he presides in the forests. Flickering from tree to tree, from accessibility to the utter incapability of being found, from the orbit of one peoples lives to another, as a shadow, a haze, a whisper. Sometimes he will show up in one village, or another; in a king's library, or a Royal's stable. Everywhere, always, wherever he goes, his presence is felt or undetected as he deems. Whispers on the street precede his coming. One village may know him as the lonely ranger, another as the secret forester. All try to comprehend what to them is his incomprehensible presence.

Weakness: His legendary status and lonely life somewhat bar him from the comfort of simple, compassionate human connection that most experience each day- a simple chat over a hot bowl of stew, a kind greeting and smile as you pass a friend on the street. He is known- and often needed- by so many, yet he is so alone.
He is so used to being able to save everyone that call upon him for help, he can hardly understand, well, that he cannot save everyone when someone close to his heart is in dire need.

He sees everything. His eyes peer into a person's soul. His mind makes connections from one thing to another, and he sees the way all the pieces of the puzzle fit together to reflect the bigger picture.
Literate in many languages. Quick, cunning, agile, adroit, dexterous, etc, etc.
Skilled in combat, knowledgeable on many subjects.

Family: None at the moment. If it makes sense later, I'll add some.

Sexuality: Straight

Relationship Status: Single

Other: He may not be nice, but he is good.

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Approved!! :)

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Caramel Cat Universe First Name: Neko (Cat in Japanese)

Last Name: Shiki (She took Valshe’s last name since he is her master)

Age: Unknown (but around 20)

Gender: Female

Species: 1/2 cat and 1/2 human

Personality: She is obedient to everyone and will do anything you say unless Valshe says otherwise. She likes milk and sweets. She is nice and sweet when she does talk. She doesn’t talk much and usually answers in same answers. She loves Valshe like a big brother even though they are not related. She always has flowers in her hair. She likes other cats and most the time has a cat with her or following her. She likes to be petted too.

Monster cat: [image error]

Hair: Black
Left Eye: Blue
Right Eye: Yellow
Weight: 120
Height: 5’4
Distinguished Markings (If any): Her eye under her eye patch is yellow.

Backstory: She grew up in an orphanage and meet Valshe one day who said he would take care of her. They then lived together and she thanked him for saving her to become his servant for the rest of their lives. She has been used for her looks on girls and boys alike because of this. She then joined the host business for money too, just like Valshe. She will always be on the same side as him. She isn't someone you would want to anger since she is a talented assassin and turns into a car monster.

Weakness: Water, Valshe (because he is her master), and being used like a doll.

Strengths: Cute, attractive, manipulative, and pervasive, killing.

Family: Valshe (master)

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Relationship Status: Single

Other: She doesn’t really have emotions

Amy *-MY SHIP IS SO HEART BREAKING-* (MewsLegacy) First Name: Alice

Last Name: Deadaway

Age: Sixteen

Gender: Female

Personality: Alice is the shy type, but when you get to know her, she's crazy. She loved to be in the woods and hates to be kept inside. She loves to read, but would rather do it outside. Shen does not believe in God or any God. (Sorry her personality is so short, I mainly just right a few words . . .)

Appearance:, longer hair, more freakles

Hair: long, curly, dark brown hair
Eyes: violet with dark blue specks
Weight: 55 kg
Height: 5'3
Distinguished Markings (If any):

Backstory: Alice's mother died giving birth to her, her dad had died before she was born so the family her mother worked for, took her in as a maid. When Alice turned five, the oldest son of the family taught her how to read. The youngest sister brought her injured animals to try and help, their mother taught her how to cook, the father taught her to hunt with his secound oldest son. Most of the time she'd be out hunting, wearing mens clothes and holding a bow. The third son taught her to ride horses.

Weakness: She's small and not a fast runner

Strengths: Hunting on horse back

Family: All dead

Sexuality: Guys

Relationship Status: Single


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both are approved!

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Daeriin | 62 comments First Name: Dae
Last Name: Ilfirin
Titles: The Traveler, Black Keeper of the Labyrinth

Age: In his mid-twenties
Gender: Male
Species: Half-human, half-unknown

Hair: Dark, usually short, but didn't attend to it much during travels.
Eyes: Brown-green
Weight: Around 80 kg
Height: Around 185 cm
Distinguished Markings: Vertical pupils of his eyes
Personality: Not very talkative, but very reliable in general. The man of actions, not words. Sarcastic at times. Generally his a very nice guy, but him being not so social can make a bad impression at first. Has no alliances, but stays loyal to his duties and people, for whom he runs some errands, if any.
Backstory: Son of a despotic ruler, who soon had to leave his land and leave his children behind. Mother died during an assassination attempt on his father. Was adopted by his mother's family friends. During the time of mayhem in his original realm was enlisted into army, fought in many battles. After the war was over his military unit was considered out of law and hunted down. Ended up on an island of the Labyrinth, former home to demiurge. Since not much visitors there, left his realm to travel. Still trying to get away from his persecutors and his past.
Weapons: When traveling through unknown realms away from Labyrinth, carries an old Asian katana-sword and a dagger made by Western blacksmiths
Strengths: Physically fit, strong, fast, underwent a good military education. Has a good healing factor.
Weaknesses: Haunted by the memories of his past. Tries to show that he's not affected, but it's a deep trauma in reality. Although was introduced to many people and high society back in the days, his military career made him quite unsocial and somewhat uncomfortable around people.
Likes and Dislikes: Loves his sibling sister from back home, thinks about her often. Did get a good education back in the days, so still loves to read a book or two and to listen to a good conversation. Does not like annoying and unfaithful people.
Family: Has a sister back in his original realm, as well as some other possible relatives he's not much acquainted with.
Sexuality: Hetero, generally
Relationship Status: Single

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Sage of Souls (sageofsouls) | 1203 comments Mod
General Information

First Name: Steven
Last Name: Alexander
Age: 25
Gender: Male

Titles: Guardian Knight, The Rogue Knight, Mortal Sage

Family: All Deceased

Sexuality: Heterosexual
Relationship Status: Single

Personality: Steven is a strong-minded person. He cares greatly for the wellfare of others and does his best to ensure that everyone is safe from the war that is currently raging. He will do anything he can to protect those he loves and will stop at nothing to ensure their saftey and good health. Steven has a good heart and never neglects anyone who needs help, regardless of race, so long as they don't have any intention to harm anyone of any race.
Steven is a good leader and knows how to avoid conflict whenever possible. He is a great strategist, but he prefers not to have to fight if possible.
Steven tends to distant himself from others, so-as to make sure that he doesn't let his emotions get in the way of his purpose, but can easily make friends and can carry on conversations just as well. He is a quiet person, but does not hesitate to respond if someone speaks to him or try to avoid people to avoid conversations, altogether.
Steven is young, but very wise. His wisdom makes his leadership abilities equal to that of a General more than double his age. He is also capable of understanding others' problems and giving advice to aid them in their problems.

Appearance: [Minus the shield.]

Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Weight: 130 lbs.
Height: 5''10'
Distinguished Markings: None

Backstory: Steven was born as an orphan. He was taken into a family of nobility and raised to become a Knight. Trained by the best of fighters, he became one of the best fighters in his family. However, while he was out gathering herbs for his studies in alchemy, a group of rebel soldiers assaulted his house and slew his family. Returning to his destroyed home and slaughtered family, Steven ran away in a sort of denial. After spending a week in the forests near his home, he brought himself to accept the terms of his family's death and made an oath to never allow such a thing to happen to anyone he loved ever again, so long as he had the strength to protect them. Ever since, he has devoted his life to protecting everyone who needs protection from the forces that would see them dead.

Military/Combat Information

Class: Knight
Rank: None (Rogue)

Weapon: Elanier.
Basic Properties: Broadsword.
---Hilt: Padded hard leather hilt wrapped in purple cloth.
-----Special Properties: Increased grip.
---Blade: Steel.
-----Special Properties: None.

Weapon Appearance:

Armor: [Layers listed from most inward to most outward.]
[First Inner Layer]
---Head: None.
-----Special Properties: None.
---Torso: Fitted and padded leather armor linked with steel chainmail.
-----Special Properties: Increased resistance to piercing attacks.
---Leggings: Fitted and padded leather armor.
-----Special Properties: None.
---Hands: Fitted and padded leather armor.
-----Special Properties: Increased grip.
---Feet: Fitted and padded leather armor.
-----Special Properties: Increased balance.
[Second Inner Layer]
---Head: None.
-----Special Properties: None.
---Torso: Steel plate body.
-----Special Properties: None.
---Leggings: Steel plate leggings.
-----Special Properties: None.
---Hands: Steel gauntlets.
-----Special Properties: None.
---Feet: Steel greaves.
-----Special Properties: None.
[First Outer Layer]
---Head: None.
-----Special Properties: None.
---Torso: A white full-body cloak.
-----Special Properties: None.
---Leggings: None.
-----Special Properties:None.
---Hands: None.
-----Special Properties: None.
---Feet: None.
-----Special Properties: None.
[Second Outer Layer]
---Head: None.
-----Special Properties: None.
---Torso: None.
-----Special Properties: None.
---Leggings: None.
-----Special Properties: None.
---Hands: None.
-----Special Properties: None.
---Feet: None.
-----Special Properties: None.

Strengths: Steven is an expert strategist and tactician and a powerful fighter in battle. Experience in combat in attempt to protect others has allowed him to study and master many forms of fighting. His strong mind and heart allow him to remain focused even in the most chaotic of situations and allows him to keep his priorities straight. His strength and stamina allow him to fight to his last breath to protect those he loves.
Weakness: Steven's refusal to neglect any being in need of aid can cause him to become susceptable to manipulation and betrayal. His devotion to protect others around him causes him to put his own life on the line more than he should, which weakens his body greatly the more combat persists.

Powers: None.
Special Abilities: None.

Other: None

[Please note that the images used are NOT directly proportional to the information given for appearances. They are used only as similar references or basis references.]

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Sage of Souls (sageofsouls) | 1203 comments Mod
(( The backstory for Steven has been made. ))

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Sage of Souls (sageofsouls) | 1203 comments Mod
(( Gracias. ))

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no problemo

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The Phantom (zerosummations) | 605 comments ((You have such detailed profiles. No wonder you repeat your charries...))

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Sage of Souls (sageofsouls) | 1203 comments Mod
(( Gracias. ))

Amy *-MY SHIP IS SO HEART BREAKING-* (MewsLegacy) First Name: Nathaniel (Nate)

Last Name: Deadwood

Age: Going on Twenty five

Gender: Male

Personality: Nate cared deeply for his family and the girl they adopted after her moter died in child birth. But everything that happened, with the war, has turned his heart to stone.
Before the war, his father taught him all he needed to know about hunting and riding.

He has
Hair: Dark Blonde
Eyes: Dark Grey
Distinguished Markings (If any):

Backstory: Please make it at least 10 sentences





Relationship Status


I'll finish qnother day

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Andy | 56 comments First Name: Tory

Last Name: Carvari

Age: mid 30's

Gender: Male

Personality: Mischievous would be the go-to adjective to describe Tory. Untrustworthy wouldn't stray far from the mark. For all of that, he is not without a heart. He simply prefers that others not realize that fact.


Hair: Black
Eyes: Black
Weight: 140ish
Height: 5'9"
Backstory: Allow me to begin my tale when I was but a youngster, living in squalor with my mother. A dear woman and the only parental figure I ever knew. She worked as a courtesan in the city streets, flaunting her wares to put meager food on our rickety table. She never complained about our lifestyle, simply did what had to be done. My mother disciplined me with a firm hand, of this I was well aware. Encouraging me to do the best I could in school so that I did not repeat her failures, or my father's. She never did speak much about the man, and when she did, it seemed to sadden her. I only heard him to be something of a ladies man, who made a living as a painter.

Though my mother supported me and saw that I got an education, I did very poorly at it. The assignments were tedious and dull. I had no interest in the teacher's lessons, often daydreaming in class about sword fighting or something dangerously exciting I had read in my mother's collection of adventure stories. I only stayed in school to satisfy my mother, guilt stopping me from pursuing shadier diversions.

Try as I might, I could not keep away from the life of crime for long. I started to run with a band of bad fellows, committing various acts of robbery and getting away with it. The more unseemly the act, the better. During this period of my life I honed my skills as a rogue. Confident I could steal from anyone and flee the scene without ever being recognized. Even if I was observed doing something law-breaking, I would be mistaken for someone that didn't exist. I learned the craft of disguise, appealing to all sorts. I could be a portly merchant with a particularly suspicious looking wig. The foppish lord with an eye for the ladies who owned a most precarious laugh. I could be anyone and do anything I wanted. I was hooked, the adrenaline rush I got from doing these things kept begging for more.

As a young man I joined a traveling carnival and it was there that I added acrobatics and a few sleight of hand tricks. It was great fun and most of the circus folk were not law abiding either, so my talents were appreciated.

Eventually I returned to the place of my birth. There I supported my mother who was at an age where her natural charms were dwindling. She was always happy to see me come home. Always when she asked me how I had managed to come by the coins I placed in her hand, I would make up some fib or another, something honest she would be proud of. I cannot deny I felt a pang of guilt for not being the son she wanted me to be.

By now I had gained something of a reputation on the street and caught the attention of the local thieves guild. I was aware of it, of course, and had worked with a few members from the guild, but no one ever felt the need to elaborate on how to join - till now. I joined the guild soon after, climbing my way to a prominent position within the order with every completed job. There my tale ends, or perhaps it begins? We are in the present and all possibilities are open to discovery.

Family: Tory has a mother.

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Relationship Status: Single

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sᴀʀᴀʜ | 633 comments Mod

message 31: by Andy (new)

Andy | 56 comments Thank you! See you guys on the flip side. ;)

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sᴀʀᴀʜ | 633 comments Mod
Welcome! :) Would you care to role-play? i have a girl Evanescence.

message 33: by Andy (new)

Andy | 56 comments Sure. I'm down. Let me know when & where. ;)

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sᴀʀᴀʜ | 633 comments Mod
How about the Shade forest? Now?

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Andy | 56 comments Lead the way!

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Lord Ghirahim (lordghirahim) | 136 comments First Name: Rowan

Last Name: (I'll fill this in when I think of one)

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Personality: Rowan is a man who is used to pain as well as administering it. He has tortured people before. His military status is General of the White Knights (if that's okay), and he was the leader of a force of soldiers, but they were all killed many years ago in a battle. Beneath his cold exterior however, is a kind-hearted individual who is willing to help and fight for what he believes in. Because of this, he currently has no true alliances with either side.

Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Weight: 145 lbs
Height: Around six foot
Distinguished Markings (If any): He has many battle scars and such from being in the military.

Backstory: Rowan was once a General for the White Knights, but he was exiled for essentially being responsible for his men's deaths. Bitter and angry, he turned to torture as an outlet, and is now a very dangerous one. Given enough time, it is inevitable that he will break the person or being he is torturing. Rowan is a deadly swordsman, as he was taught to fight while blindfolded. Because of this, he can fight just as good in the dark as he can in the day.
Seduction is also something he is adept at.
Due to Rowan being banished, he has no allegiance to either Gildenstar or the White Knights, and he would prefer to not be a part of the White Knights again. But since he was a General of the White Knights, he knows some inside information that could potentially help Gildenstar. It's just difficult to sway him... However, once he finds a group that fights for what he thinks is right, he will protect his comrades with his life and is loyal to the death. ((I may add more and/or change a few things later on))

Weaknesses: He can be manipulated if approached in the correct way.

Strengths: Fighting, seducing, leadership, tracking etc.

Family: Deceased

Sexuality: Straight

Relationship Status: Single

Other: This character was originally used for a Legend of Zelda roleplay group, so most of his backstory I can't use... But I'll hopefully think of something. :)

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Sage of Souls (sageofsouls) | 1203 comments Mod
(( I will approve it once the backstory is made. You'll also need to include the information regarding his General status. This role-play does have factions (Gildenstar, White Knights, etc.), so you'll want to put down information according to this role-play's world. ))

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Lord Ghirahim (lordghirahim) | 136 comments ((Okay! I'll see what I can do. :) ))

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