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In the fort where the royals have dinner and speeches are held

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Elizabeth rolled her eyes and grinned. "Why yes, I saw them this morning," her tone changed from sarcastic to serious. "No, I haven't. They don't seem to want to leave their rooms."

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Elizabeth nodded in agreement. "Really? What did you do?"

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"Really?" She asked, her eyes wide with surprise. She leaned over to him and whispered, "Who? If they weren't of noble blood, goodness know how Father would react. Not to mention Cliffton..."

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Elizabeth sat straight as a rod, trying to keep a straight face, and gently picked up her goblet of wine, taking a sip. She shook her head at Dimitris, and suddenly couldn't contain her feelings anymore. She burst out laughing. "You nutter, Dimitris!" She exclaimed. "I won't tell, I promise."

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"Yes, but Father would go berserk. You know him even better than I do," she said, still laughing.

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"Thank you," ELizabeth said as the servant gave them their food. Turning back to her brother, she said, now having stopped laughing, "But Lord Cliffton! What would he say?" She looked at her brother in the eyes. "He has more power over us than anyone else, Dimitris, you of all people should know that."

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Elizabeth cut off a piece of chicken, chewed it thoughtfully and swallowed it down with some wine. She rolled her eyes and said, "You should be happy you're so free."

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Elizabeth crossed her arms. "What does Cliffton's son have to do with me? And no, he's not handsome. E-ew!" She made a face. "Imagine if I were to marry him! He's years older than me!"

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ELizabeth made an irritated. "Why can nobody understand that the only thing I want is my freedom!" She exclaimed. "What if i married him. What if he made me do it with him, as you put it! I can't bear the responsibility of a husband or a child!"

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ELizabeth put down her fork and leaned back on her chair. "I know," she said in a very small voice.

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Elizabeth raised her eyebrows. "13, but I'm turning 14 in a month," she snorted.

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"I know archery," she said. "Why?"

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Elizabeth blushed fiercley and snapped, "That is no concern of yours. NO, I don't."

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She stuck out her tongue at him and said sipping her wine, "You don't know the limits to privacy, do you?" She made to swat away his arrow. "You are NOT cupid," she retorted.

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Elizabeth put down her goblet. "I saw that," she snapped. "Oh, and here we go again, Prince Dimitris wants to do something. Like what?" She raided her hands and let the fall to emphasize her point. "Like what?" she demanded again. "There is NOTHING to do here."

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She eyed the soles of his dripping wet boots with discontempt. "Why," she said, unable to believe her goody brother, "WHY in the WORLD would anyone want to do that?"

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"Fine," she said. "Sure." she looked him in the eye and said, "The bar idea is fine with me. Raiding houses is not, although the country is our enemy, we do not want War."

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Alexander walked through the great hall.

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Elizabeth walked into the great hall, not noticing her father. She sighed and sat down, still thinking about the grave argument she had had between her and Dimitris.

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Alizarin Garon entered the Hall with his head down, examining some boring scrolls. He'd just spoken with the High General about something trivial, but he couldn't stop thinking about his argument with his father. When he looked up, he saw that the king was on one end of the Great Hall, and his sister was all the way at the other. Without thinking, he went towards her. "Are you alright?" he asked, noticing the redness under her eyes.

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Elizabeth looked up as Garon walked up to her. She sniffed a bit. Normally she would have been thrilled to see her eldest brother, but right now Dimitris was on her mind. She shook her head sadly. "I just had a fight with Dimitris." She whispered.

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Alizarin "Ah." He sat down next to her and placed a comforting arm around her shoulders. "Whatever he said to you, he probably didn't mean it. He was drunk. Wasted. And he's an ass."

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Elizabeth liked his comforting bear hugs, but she couldn't help but think of what her brother had said earlier. She snuggled up against him and said sadly, "But he was right, that's the problem."

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Alizarin "'No one can make you feel inferior without your consent,'" Garon said, quoting a phrase that he'd heard from somewhere. "How? What did he say to you?"

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Elizabeth ticked the list of things off her fingers as she spoke, leaning against her brother. he was like a second father to her. "I'm childish, I need to grow up, I need to piece myself together out of my fantasies and become a real princess, because that's what I am and what i will always be." She siad the last in a very small voice.

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Alizarin Garon had a sinking feeling that he wasn't the only one who knew about their sister's impending marriage. His brow furrowed. But while Dimitris had told her to suck it up and deal with it, Garon resolved to fight their father on this, every step of the way. "Elizabeth..." he sighed. "I can't tell you that he's wrong. But I can say this: think of his words in a different way. Grow up the way you want to, not the way they want. You can be strong and independent. That's what a real princess is. That's who you'll always be. Not some stuck up lady locked away in a castle."

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Elizabeth looked up at him with her emerald gaze. "Thanks for the advice, Garon, but I'm not sure if it'll work so well..." she voice trailed off in thought. "You really think I can do that? I'm given so little freedom these days, especially with Lord Cliffton's and father's new restrictions." She sighed. "I barely even have time to go riding. I have a vague feeling that everyone in the castle sees me as a complete and utter disgrace to the royal family. The only person who might not think that is Cliffton's son. He's already sent me countless love letters." She shuddered. "Boy, how I hate him."

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Alizarin He looked down at his hands, thinking carefully about his next words. "Look," he said finally. "I can't promise that life is going to be easy. It's probably going to get a lot harder. War is coming. We all have to do our part. I know that these aren't the words you want to hear, but I don't want to lie to you. But whatever happens, no matter what, you need to stay true to yourself. Can you promise me that?" He looked at her, dead serious.

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"I can promise that. I promise, i do, Garon." She smiled, then rethought his words. "Wait a minute- WAR! War is coming?" she looked down at her hands, shaking, repeating the words, 'oh no, this is bad, really really bad.'

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Alexander heard the words war and turned on his heel and walked to Elizabeth.

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Alizarin Garon sat back, his mouth a thin line as he saw his father marching towards them. The news was common knowledge inside the courts; everyone probably knew but Elizabeth and the other children. Even the commoners had their suspicions. "You're probably the last to know," he mouthed to her. "But you're not a child anymore, as our dear father so strongly insists."

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He walked over to them "are you talking about war."

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He walked over to them "are you talking about war."

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Elizabeth glanced up to see her father walk over. She dipped her head. "Yes father. I'm sorry, I shouldn't be."

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"This possible war is none of your concern."

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"Yes, father." ELizabeth was longing to know more, but she knew not to test her father- he was dangerous and powerful and could abuse her pampered life just as easily as he could shoot a deer down dead. "I'm sorry," she apolojzed gain, hanging her head. "Please forgive me."

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"You are forgiven." He said and turned heel and walked away.

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"Wait!" ELizabeth shouted, then, remembering her manners, added, "I would like to ask you one more wquestion before you leave, father. Is there something going on with Lord Cliffton and you?"

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He turned and walked back hastily "what." He said snappily.

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Elizabeth repeated the question, slightly afraid of her father's tone. "Is there something going on with Lord Cliffton and you?"

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"There is nothing and will be nothing." "hopefully." He added under his breath.

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Alizarin Garon said nothing throughout the encounter. If he had anything to do with it, he'd make sure it was nothing.

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"Yes, father, forgive me for asking." Elizabeth stood up, and, completely lost in thought, forgetting she was a princess and he the king, gave her father a perfect bow.

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Alizarin Garon looked away as she prepared to leave, hoping that she'd take his advice. He resolved to grill his father on the details then, so he'd know just how to stop such a disastrous union.

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Elizabeth straightened up and stalked out of the hall, angry at her father. 'Why does he need to keep everything a secret from me?' she thought to herself. She snorted in a very unladylike manner and turned around a corner, disappearing from sight.

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Alizarin Garon looked at the King. "I am sorry for doubting you, father," he said. "But would you tell me of this business with Lord Cliffton? Help me to understand."

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He sighed and said "if I don't you're going to ask time and time again I might as well tell you now, as you know the war is almost inevitable unless we marry Elizabeth even then it might not work I am preparing for war and the worst, The Lord claimed war so I'm taking a chance to see if the marriage will help settle any thing."

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Alizarin "And if it doesn't," he asked brow furrowed. "Why would Lord Cliffton wish to incite war merely to gain Elizabeth's hand for his son? Does he have any other motive?"

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"I believe he hides his true motive behind the curtain of marriage."

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