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Pennie “ᙓᕓᙓᖇϒ〇ᘉᙓ’ᔕ ᙧᙓᖳᖇᗪ‚ ᖳ’ᙨ ᙪᖳᔓᗩᖇᖇᙓ” Ben rolled the barrel, clenching his jaw shut so he wouldn't shiver against the wind. He was cold again, his shoes were wet... the sole of his feet numb. He hated winters. He hated the cold. He cursed under his breath.

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Lackshana roamed into the village, wearing a very plain and simple dress. Her brown eyes swept the area, taking in all the sights of this human world. She didnt have any shoes, but thankfully the dress she was wearing was a hair too big for her small frame, so the hem brushed the cobblestones with each step she took, hiding any of the stray golden scales left on her skin after she transformed. Her features were alive with excitement, she was actually here now, in the human world. She hummed softly to herself as she walked

MOVED - CHECK BIO (izzylightfleur) Quest walked down one of the villages roads, ignoring the cold best she could. She knew that walking around a village probably wasn't the best way to avoid people, but she didn't mind. She was hiding in plain sight. She shivered and rubbed her hands together as she walked.

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Lackshana was paying attention to the horses on each side of the road, smiling pleasantly at them. They were so content, horses, with just walking around all day. She thought it must be pleasant to be a horse. She was lost in her aimless thoughts when she walked into someone, and let out a surprised squeak sort of sound "oh!" She looked at the girl shed just knocked into and started to let out a string of apologies "I am so sorry ma'am I wasn't paying attention I should've known better I'm terribly sorry are you alright?"

MOVED - CHECK BIO (izzylightfleur) Quest took a step back when she was bumped into, but regained her balance quickly. She looked at the girl and nodded. "Yes, I'm fine," she said, managing to be polite. Silently, she estimated that the woman in front of her was as old as she was: 19. She smirked slightly. "Taking in the village?"

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Ithuriel was out of his castle again and now he was wandering in the enemy's territory he was taking all the scenery around him it was so pleasant to be out again there were trees and he suddenly heard someone squeal and saw two girls collided he ran towards them to help them

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"are you two alright ?" he asked them and couldn't take his eyes off lackshna she was beautiful in her ways he was still staring her past being noticed

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Lackshana let out a sigh of relief when the girl said she was alright, she would've been distraught if she had harmed such a kind girl! She nodded eagerly "oh yes, I just arrived today" she said, and noticed out of the corner of her eye a young man running toward them. She smiled brightly at him "thank you sir, but we're quite alright" she said softly

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"ahh good I just thought there might be some problem bt you two seems good" Ithuriel sense a little sarcasm in her voice and felt relieved that they didn't recognized him

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((guys you there ?))

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(Ya sorry I'm baking and rping at the same time >.<)
Lackshana smiled at him "well I thank you for being so kind" she chirped "my name is Lackshana, it's nice to meet you"

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(( it's ok ))

"lackshna ?" it wasn't a English name something in some foreign language bt he quiet can't see the threads and she also looks exotic " pleasure was all mine btw I'm Smith" he lied and extended a hand towards her
although he wants to trust her but he was in enemy's area he needs to be cautious......

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Quest stayed silent, watching Lackshna and Smith. She didn't trust either of them; Then again, she didn't trust anyone she met. Ever. While she watched them, she thought about her chances of being able to slip away unnoticed..Probably small. Great. Had to go to a village, didn't you? she thought.

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Lackshana looked curiously at his hand, trying to remember what to do in response. She could remember a story her grandmother told her, in wonderful detail, of how humans conversed, she guessed this was part of it, but he was looking at her expectantly. Then it popped into her head, shaking hands! How could she have forgotten that one, silly silly. She softly grasped his hand in hers and shook it three times. Was that too much? She couldn't remember, so she simply dropped her hand back to her side "That's an interesting name you have, Smith" she said, the common name sounding foreign on her tongue.

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Ithuriel seeing quest watching them he beams toward her and asked her name....although he doubts she will tell him the name with the strange looks he was getting from her

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the moment she shook her hands with him it was weird like someone doing it first time in their life like a child just learned to shake hands or was it his imagination perhaps he is being dreamy although one thing struck him "why she said Smith is a intresting name It's a common name here" he thought to himself so he made up his mind and asked her "lady are you new here ?"

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(( was typing lmao ;) ))

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(Yeah sorry I'm sucha derp >.<)
Lackshana felt her cheeks heat up at his question, she must've made a mistake. But she nodded, she couldn't lie to him "yes, I just arrived today" she said. She wasn't sure wether he would be angry or annoyed or what

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Ithuriel was relieved as he was worried regarding his identity he smirks at her and asked "visiting someone here ?" and he noticed how lackshna have blushed it looks so foreign he was sure that she is from far away land

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Lackshana shook her head "no, to
Be honest I'm not really sure how long I'll be anywhere." She admitted "I'm traveling" she added quickly, attempting to explain it without telling him what she was, he would surely be horrified

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He walks into the village and sits on a nearby bench.

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"ohh then you're nt a guest of guildenstar I guesses but then where wil you be staying ?" Ithuriel asked her in a hurry he doubts that she understood him so he quickly added politely "if you wants a tour I can show you around here" he was little curios now about the stranger and worried at the same time "a girl alone in a strange world something not quiet fitting" he thought

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Lackshana shrugged a little bit "I don't know yet, but i arrange something..." She said softly, her eyes lighting up at the thought of having the nice man as a tour guide. "Well I wouldn't want to impose, but that does sound nice" she chirped hopefully, but she didnt want to bother him

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he lit off at the suggestion he was wishing in his heart that she will maybe say yes to him
"ok then let's start our little tour" he said to her taking her hand in a friendlier manner so she won't mind

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John wrote: "He walks into the village and sits on a nearby bench."

((John I don't wanna sound stupid bt isn't your character female ?? other member may have problem if they aren't well informed you know what I meant )

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She smiled brightly at him and nodded, cupping he thank in his lightly, not bothered in the least by the gesture. Her eyes resumed wandering around the village, taking everything in "what is this town called, Ithuriel?" She asked

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( I told you my name Smith lol ))
"ahh this village is called guildenstar" he told her politely he is liking lackshna more as time passes "that's the way leading to the neighboring territory of white knights" he said pointing to a way leading into the jungle

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((Depends on this character this one is the elf which is a male I'll use his name from now on))

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John wrote: "((Depends on this character this one is the elf which is a male I'll use his name from now on))"

((did Sarah allowed multiple characters ?? I don't think so sorry if I'm misinformed ))

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(Ugh. Ya know I even made sure I knew how to spell it right >.< I'm just dead today don't mind me >.<)
Lackshana peered down the path Smith was indicating to, a curious look on her face "that sounds so regal! Is White Knights much like this Guildenstar?" She asked him

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(don't worry about that)

"no both are differents from each other and enemy from a long time most of the knights are greedy" he shuddered after saying this and quickly added " though king is a good person he listens to wrong ones and same.with the guildenstars they are good but Lord i,e Lord Clifton is a bad guy" he told her

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suddenly he saw the castle pointing upwards and point out to lackshna "you see that castle ?? this is the royal palace of Guildenstars' members"

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"Oh? It must be hard to have an enemy so close..." Lackshana said, staring down the path "so the White Knights, I shouldn't speak to them? And why is The Lord bad, if his kingdom is good?"

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(Merp just a second)

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Lackshana tilted her head upwards to look at the castle "wow" she breathed, staring at the humungous structure. She'd never seen anything like it before "it's beautiful!"

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"not every one is bad in knight's kingdom for example king and his daughter Cassandra neither Adelaide but you know with wealth came greed so the case with guildenstar's Lord" he told her matter of factly and get a little lost in his thoughts
she is so simple to talk to he thought to himself and smiles at her

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"yes it is beautiful and interior is much more beautiful you will love it" but he was horrified because he still remembers his last visit to the castle

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Lackshana nodded in understanding "oh yes, greed is a terrifying thing. Sometime I wish it didnt exist, but I suppose it's part of human nature, isn't it?" She said, looking at the castle still "I'm sure I won't see it, why would royals want me in their glorious castle?" She wasn't really saddened by it, just seeing this world was enough to keep her happy for weeks

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"I agrees with you lackshna greed kills the feelings of people it shouldn't be supposed to exist bt that's how world works....." he trails off as he was horror struck because he saw the hanging square ahead and he doesn't wantd the girl to watch it so he changed his direction and took a abrupt turn toward his left......certainly lackshna was confused but he kept on going and said "surely they will take you inside if you knows someone there"

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up ahead he saw the golden pony pub and smiles to himself Atlast he was there now all he wish is that lackshna won't mind entering the pub with a stranger

(( Ella I.have to go we cn continue from here next time if you wants ))

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((That sounds good, see ya then c:))

Lackshana nodded in agreement and looked confused as he turned abruptly, but she didnt want to be rude and ask why, he surely had a reason. She followed him along the path "I probably won't meet anyone from a castle" she said, sounding almost baffled by the thought of it

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Quest pushed her hair out of her face, continuing to walk around the village. She mostly stayed by shadows and went unnoticed. Just the way she liked it. While she walked, she kept an eye out for anyone that could cause her trouble. So..everyone.

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Michi Reads Fiction (michireadsfiction) (( Quest and Gabriel Thread ))

Dressed in peasant garb, Gabriel came out from behind a house followed by a beautiful peasant girl. The girl's hair was a mess and one of the buttons of his shirt was undone. It was obvious what they had been up to.

They kissed one last time before the girl left to return to the tavern. When she finally left, he pulled out a handkerchief and wiped the lipstick on his lips.

He looked up to find that he was being watched.

MOVED - CHECK BIO (izzylightfleur) Across the road, Quest watched the boy and the girl appear from behind the house. Good grief, she thought when she took in their appearances. She kept her eyes on the boy, ignoring the girl as she walked away. He didn't look like a threat..But that's it. Looked.

Michi Reads Fiction (michireadsfiction) The moment he found out that he was being watched, he smiled and turned in the the charm. He wasn't too concerned by what she saw. As long as that was the only thing she saw. He walked towards her and laughed a little as soon as she was within hearing distance.

"Quite friendly that girl, isn't she?"

MOVED - CHECK BIO (izzylightfleur) Quest rolled her eyes when she heard him. "That looked a lot more than 'friendly'," she responded to the boy, not caring very much about how she came off as.

While he walked towards her, she discreetly studied him. He looked around 19, which was how old she was. He also looked like he had way too much spare time.

Michi Reads Fiction (michireadsfiction) He just grinned. "I don't know what you are talking about. Where I come from kissing is normal for greeting friends," he teased. "Would you like one? I am sure we can be very good friends too."

Coincidentally, he was studying her too. He thinks he may have mostly figured her out but it wouldn't hurt to find out more.

MOVED - CHECK BIO (izzylightfleur) Quest held up a hand in front of her. "Just give me one moment to gag because you suggested that," she said, her tone saying that there was no way in hell that she would do so.

So he was one of those guys. Joy. Just her luck to bump into someone who was nearly the exact opposite of her; Add to that the fact that he was probably human and she wasn't.

Michi Reads Fiction (michireadsfiction) Also the fact that he was a prince.

Not able to hold it in any longer, he bursts out laughing and shook his head. He seems to hate him for the girl, which meant that was probably the only thing she saw. He was safe.

"Are you sure? You don't know what you're missing." He should probably stop teasing her soon. He had another appointment soon.

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