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Beta Needed for YA Romance Novel!!

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Looking fora beta to read the first 23000 words of my YA Romance Novel.

Rough Summary:

Lexi Peirce had her whole life planned out. From the shoes on her feet, to the college she would attend and the major she would pick. Her life seemed perfect to everyone else, but to Lexi it was far from a fantasy. A huge mistake leads Lexi to runaway. Only to become lost on her drive to find refuge in Alamosa with her best friend; the only person who understands her. She runs into more problems than she is ready for when she realizes she is far from her best friend. It isn't until an unlikely stranger comes to her rescue in more ways than one that she seems to get the help she so desperately needed.

Jason Bradley didn't have anything figured out. He was a lost soul dealing with demons of his own. He lived each day as it came and never planned a thing in his life and that was how he enjoyed his time, or so he thought until a pre-planned perfect princess stumbled into his free flowing life making him re-think everything he thought he was so sure about it for his unplanned future.

When an unplanned turn of events leads Lexi to Jason, their worlds become united as they learn they both are dealing with issues hiding in their closets, one running from her past, the other hiding from his future. Their heart strings tug as they unknowingly realize how much they desperately need one another, learning slowly how to push aside their troubles and let love into their lives.

Will Jason find out what is plauging Lexi's past that's making her run far away from the only home she's ever known? Will Lexi figure out what Jason is so deeply afraid of and what is looming over him and his future? Will the two find a way to trust in eachother and find a way to make the love that is tugging on their hearts work or will everything they've kept hidden from one another tear them even further away from the only thing in their lives right now that's keeping them sane...being together.

Looking for beta to look at Characters, plot, and making sure the book is flowing well. Grammatical Errors would be a plus, but not necessary at this point.

This is the first beta viewing, just would like to get some honest feedback! :)

If interested please message me below and I'll email you what I have!

Thank you!!!

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Tonya | 26 comments id love to beta read for you. email is

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Thanks Tonya!!! Just emailed you! :)

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Dani B | 19 comments If you need another beta, I just completed 2 others so am free to read another.

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That would be great! What's your email address?

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Jodie | 3 comments If you need another beta I would love too

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Jodie, would love to have you read too!!! I'll email you! Thanks!!

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Jen I would love to beta if you still need anyone. My email is

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Letícia Dias (leticia_dias) | 2 comments I'd love... Email

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